>you missed BTC
>you missed ETH
>you missed XRP
>you missed IOTA
>you missed XRB

For the love of god, do not miss XBY

Not even in top 100 yet

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XBY is the next 100x investment. 20x easily before end of q1.

not even on good exchanges yet. this is the next XRB

Shill me on it

The ETH of raiblocks

Neither XRB nor XBY are on Binance. Why whould I even consider it paijeet

If it's on Binance it's already too late

Imagine ETH and Raiblocks super saiyan fusing together to make the ultimate crypto network.

That is XBY, and its the future.

So where am I supposed to give you money paijeet? On your own home server ran website that will coincidentally crash as you cash out all my BTC?

10 000 tx/s
51 % attack resistant
new consensus algorithm PoSign
80% of supply will be locked in static nodes (like masternodes) after testnet completes

XBY will slaughter them all.

Anons are 107k xby enough for retirement...... all I need is 1-2 mil $

God bless us all......

I hear it's coming to kucoin. When?

applied for binance and kucoin

>Instant messaging

Fuck, I'm all in

So why am I supposed to give a fuck about this coin? someone shill this to me

It would suck if it went first to kucoin.

>only have 33k

What exchange is it on?

In case you missed it, verge is a house of cards held together by chewing gum.
Your IP isn't secure and wraith doesnt work at all as we were told.

This is the comfiest of holds. Looking for the next Raiblocks? Here it is.

What does verge have to do with anything?

Like I said, XBY is fucking Vegito. It is the STRONGEST OF THEM ALL.

This coin already 50x'ed.

XBY Xtrabytes, not XVG

and its going another 100x

dont miss it

Sorry I only buy virgin coins, not roasties.

Wait WTF.

This shit has already mooned. It shot up to 0.50 a while ago. How am I supposed to buy 100k?

see you at $5.00

What exchanges is it on? Is cryptopia a shady one?

100x less shady than bitgrail was

isn't this a scam pajeet coin?

The pump is in "5 hours". Get in user. The best part is the coin will be announced to all at the same time.

No time advantage to higher ranks unlike other groups._

discord dot gg/rWvbMpg

Still not in top 100 market cap

i get the confusion, the logo is almost the same.

suck my cock pajeet

So has every small cap ever made once it hits top 200

So do i buy this shit now or wait for the dip?

aint gonna dip yet bro

Nvm me i'm retarded

For all the newbies seeing this for the first time, take my advice and DO NOT buy this. It is a SCAM. DYOR please.

Might be a dip once C-CEX opens again on the 20th, but maybe not

Lmao at you pajeets creaming your jeans about a project that has absolutely no product/code/anything

There is no PROOF any of these xby features even exist. Just slick marketing by the XBY team.

exactly why i got out.

see you at $5.00

>not feeless

Straight from their bitcointalk thread: "50 XBY transaction fee per transaction"

Is that true? That's fucking crazy. $100 gets you ~50 right now. If you try a transaction, that's your entire investment! How the fuck do they expect new people to buy in?

Can someone please help me clarify this if I'm understanding it wrong?

xrb isn't on a single good exchange

They think it's gonna be $10 by Q1.

that is the point

$100 gets you 200 user. learn to math

if you wait for good exchanges you're too late for 50x

You're absolutely right. My mistake.

I do think that the fee is still pretty high though. That's still a quarter of an as ambitious investment for some people.

I bought this a few months ago for $100 cuz some user told me to. I now have $40k. I'm ready to pull out if its a scam but who says you can't make money off scams?

Veeky Forums newfag here. Can someone tell me what exchanges are the best for altcoins. Do I need other crypto to fund it or can I use bank account/debit card?

Did you buy at .01c or something?

>team is in talks with cryptopia to reduce fees

What if I told you
It's not a scam

tfw when OP says it's not even in the top 100 and an hour later it is. Don't miss your chance


Cool, thanks!

they ask for binance, soon it will be on it

i bought 132 as a cheap high risk/reward

where do I buy this shit?

Lucy faggot, you're not be insanely rich in two months.

The fees will by decreased drastically once the new wallet releases. Just read the FAQ


No thats withdrawal fee, new fees have not been updated yet as nobody was expecting this sudden surge in price until tech was released. XBY gone moon to soon, but thats a good thing. With tech easy x10


You may be able to make some money in the short term but do not hold above .98c!


Forgot to mention I'm Australian so it's probably .01c in usd

Still calling it a scam, lmao

I meant you're gonna be insanely rich in two months. This coin is going places.

Omygod, so many normies!
> This is literally Verge v2.0, delay the shit out of your project.
> Team user, whoopsie
>Huge whales in this one, whoopsie
>Did I say keeps on delaying?

Nothing has been delayed yet. They always deliver on time. And when they can't make an ETA they don't give a date. Easy as that. Guys are working hard

strapped in and ready to go lads

p.s. thanks Veeky Forums for shilling this when it was fractions of a cent

Nigger XVG duct taped TOR to bitcoin and hit $2 billion market cap. Short term this is money even if long term it's doomed


CCR said they would file for business registration today... still nothing. They have a few hours left.

And I guess you weren't around when they said 'whitepaper will be released soon' for 6 months

Yes don't buy it. I need to load up more before the next moon mission. Biz never learns, keep buying high and selling low