How to invest Deep Brain?

I signed up to Kucoin using one of the referal links given by Veeky Forums friends.

But now I am lost on how to invest in DBC.

Can anyone help me out with how to do this? I want to invest in DBC as it sounds like a solid plan but just not sure how.

Thank you friends of Veeky Forums

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I guess Veeky Forums moves pretty fast sorry to have to bump but really wanting to learn to invest in this so we can all make it.

click on markets
click on DBC

What do I use to buy it, can I use money or do I need some kind of coin?

Someone said buy eth then buy DBC with it but not sure how that works, can I just buy DBC out right with money?

Thanks for your help in this friend!

so when's this shit going to moon

You need to deposit ETH, NEO, or BTC. Then buy DBC using one of those.

Also, I don't think now is the best time to buy. I will most likely dip further from where it is at right now before recovering, when it launches on the chinese sites.

Sorry again which market do I use, I see neo, eth, btc etc?

but two have dbc in them.

oh man... DYOR just like everyone else
have some eth on Kucoin then buy dbc using eth

So wait, which do I deposit into? Eth, Neo, or BTC?

How many of DBC should I buy?

in all seriousness, do research first before you invest, sounds like your first day on Veeky Forums and investing in the most shilled coin

Any links to do research?

Day off work so got time to read and learn.

This is like my second day on Veeky Forums so I am all ears and ready to learn and read.

YOu have to buy ETH from coinbase...or buy btc from somewhere and make it into ETH then transfer it to Kucoin. Once in Kucoin you can then use that ETH to buy DBC. No you cant just buy DBC with a simple debit card exchange.

Look up youtube videos brah, you need to start an account on Coinbase, then start an account on Kucoin which is an exchange my fav coin to use is Ethereum. Make sure to research any coins before investing, make sure they look professional and that their idea is actually worthwhile

Buy ETH on coinbase
Transfer ETH to kucoin
Buy DBC with ETH

It took me 2 weeks of lurking and exploring before I was able to, or should I say willing and able, to invest in an altcoin (of which my first was DBC)

so be patient, don't FOMO, and lurk

If you're really this clueless you shouldn't be investing anything you dumb cunt. Make a coinbase/GDAX account, get verified, do research and figure it out from there.

Dbc is going to make biz rich as fuck

Sign up to Kucoin using my code before the FOMO hits. I'll give 1k DBC to the first 5 people


If you don't have any Bitcoin at all, you need to buy it with USD. You can do this from an exchange like Coinbase or Gemini. When you have your Bitcoin, you need to set up an account on Kucoin and then transfer your Bitcoin to your Kucoin Bitcoin address. When the Bitcoin arrives, go to the DBC-BTC market and place an order there.

Have you ever traded before? Is DBC your first crypto purchase?


Yes indeed it is my first purchase friend, how many should I buy? 5k?

Thank you for all the info Veeky Forums I hope and pray we all make it and can relax with our loved ones more and not struggle in life. Happiness to you my friends.


this isnt even my code but the biggest refrall pool im aware of, ive had a kucoin account for a whil and but this is the way to sign up if you are thinking about it


day 15

So when yall say to the moon DBC, what do you mean, 1 dollar? Is 5000 DBC enough of a purchase?

Anyone else having issues logging into Kucoin?

yes friend it seems to be swamped took me an hour to sign up thanks to Veeky Forums friends I waited and kept trying.

Login to Kucoin taking forever today.

Don't buy BTC. It sucks for trading if any transfers are involved. Buy ETH. No shill.

This shitty chink website is slow as fuck

so when I buy ETH and transfer it to kucoin which market do I use, I see, btc, eth, neo, etc. and more than one has DBC so do I buy the dbc from neo with my ETH or somewhere else?

>Shill larps as normie retard
>other shill explains him everything in detail
>clueless normies actually follow their instruction and get into dbc

use the ETH market...

Which do you suggest getting into my friend? Why do you think its a shill coin?

Ffs bro...

You buy eth to transfer to the kucoin ethereum wallet, you OBVIOUSLY use the DBC/ETH trade pairing to make your DBC purchase.

Do your own research, watch YouTube videos, you will spend 20 minutes and learn something of value that you can apply to your experience rather than asking the same question over and over on biz

DBC gets me hard

at the end of the month

>Buy BTC
>Send BTC to Kucoin wallet
>Exchange BTC for DBC

Pajeet just stop it already lol