BTNY now on EtherDelta and Token Store

See you at the moon

Should finally see an uptick in trade volume pajeets

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see you at the saloon bucko



20 cents it’s mooning bitches

Fuck u whale

When are you planning on selling? At what $/sat/eth?

Is it really? I’m on mobile right now and blockfolios fucking down

Mooning right now.

I'm back, partner. With a vengeance.

Feeling very comfy right now. Hope that whale goes bust.


I can't login to Kucoin god damnit! Wait for me cowpokes.

Me too user.

me too man fuck this exchange is so ass

Feeling extremely comfy right now. And also, FUCK KUCOIN I HATE THIS FUCKING EXCHANGE

I told you so many times to just hold.

I wrote fucking essays on crowdfunded bounties and the lazytown nudes...

lmao you idiots really think it being featured on these two cringy exchanges will do anything. this whole project is fucking useless - what does it even need a blockchain for, its the definition of a blown out of proportion shitcoin. enjoy your bags pajeets

There's still plenty of time. Anything under .50 is going to be good.

>Doesn't know anything about a coin
>Calls it a shitcoin

The absolute state of newfags on Veeky Forums

sold with 100% gains after this shit coin pumped out of ICO, enjoy your bags

Once again,

>Doesn't know anything about a coin
>Calls it a shitcoin

I'm sure you would've said the same thing about Ethereum a year and a half ago, retard.

That's why i'm screaming i've had iron hands all week, and then i see an increase in PRL which i tried to hop on. All funds are either in BNTY or DBC so i had to pick :((((( Fuck me

The exchange is almost dead atm, I logged it but I can't access anything.

Yeah Kucoin is unusable right now. I finally got logged in then it just logged me out in 2 mins

ethereum isnt trying to solve a problem thats non existant you fucking pleb trying to convince yourself that this is anything but useless XD

>ethereum isnt trying to solve a problem thats non existant

A decentralized Fiverr isn't a good idea? You have the research and analysis skills of a hamster. Actually, that's insulting to hamsters.

bags. you. holding them.

Bnty has been on etherdelta for weeks, retard. Got in at $0.5, jelly?


Wow what kind of a faggot would miss a zero? 0.05

>iron hands
>selling less than 2 weeks in
pick one

most of you faggots honestly deserve to stay poor as fuck. you can literally just play video games and do whatever you want with your time while getting rich BUT NO, you have to be autistic day traders monitoring the exchanges and charts 24/7 because you think you can beat the fucking odds.

i'm literally an apex predator in the crypto world just because i'm too fucking lazy and dumb to day trade shitcoins and will do a week of half decent research on Veeky Forums and hope for the best. it's a joke.

People like you were saying the same thing about RaiBlocks months ago, lol.

Good ideas will prove their worth over time. Not all of us are in crypto for the latest and hottest pump n dump shitcoin.

I bought it on ED like a week ago.

Oh shit BNTY mooning soon!

HOTTEST hold atm buy BNTY

>people still hold these bags

fuk off you smelly pajeet, missed the ICO and the cheap BNTY??

go back to plebbit, you normie

my BNTY stack just got bigger

Use the KuCoin app

took by 300% gains and left. Truly style over substance low cap shitcoin. Enjoy your bags fags.

The wakening.. ITS NOT TOO LATE

thank me later
Sceeen cap this
Fuck smelly pajeets

Woohooo!! TO THE MOOOOOON it goes!!

cowboy gang cowboy gang cowboy gang cowboy gang

My BNTY stack just got even bigger,

Thank you user


Strong hands, mooning soon!


6 ETH Wall eaten in minutes... the omen is good


I just got my wage cuck money today. I want to put even more in.

can't though

so comfy holding 150k been buying the dips
I think it will go up to $.50


Lets get rich together! Get your moon boots ready

are you planning on selling when it gets there?

Seems a waste if you do

keeping half my BNTY because its good long term hodl and then I am going to pump and dump XRP

Those normies on plebbit are talking about BTNY now!

fuck you pajeet, shoo shoo!

BNTY to the MOON

MASSIVE BNTY buys right now

Those pleddit normies have caughten wind of BNTY rocket

i am off to the gym for once and this happens. dumping all and expect 17 cents again.

Listen to pascal, the founder of bnty, and don't invest in shitty ico's

Sorry brother, we can get rich together on the next moon mission

If you havent already, join Kucoins under my referral 1d721 and get 10%

yall deserve to lose your money for this pajeet coin

fake NEWS

go away pajeet

check the subreddit for bounty0x

All you need is the token address, OP and you're good. It was literally listed on marketcap, idiot.

Fuck all has happened with the price so far, I still have 3/4 of my stack and i bought more at the hopes of something happening within this week so i can throw more at DBC. I'm still fine and i didn't really lose anything since Kucoin shat itself over a programming flaw.

i remember my first crypto purchase.... he was 12 around that time

Stay poor

BNTY has great potential, more than they other coins out there. Its going to moon, dont pajeet and miss out.

I just put in another buy order for BNYT

honestly i hope you guys make it. I took this slight uptick as a chance to get out (i bought in at .22) and put it into kucoin shares for the time being just because the more I look into this company the less I like it and I'd rather not invest in pump and dumps. not a single person buying this token plans to use it (to stake bounties, or determine their legitimacy) and are only looking to dump it once it gives them a decent return. so many better projects you can invest in that will make a much better return.

How the fuck does this random ass guy being a reddit mod mean that he's the founder, you absolute retard?

look into his comment history, it's clearly Pascals account. It's a little worrying but he's just the PR / social media guy so it's probably ok.

Lol, it was kind of mooning and then Kuckkoin and EtherDelta took a big shit. They need to get on a real fucking exchange.

Well, if he's just in charge of marketing I don't really give a shit desu. He probably co-founded it and is just there as the CMO for namesake. All the important people seem bretty gud.