This bitcoin pump looks promising

This bitcoin pump looks promising.
I'm thinking it'll go as high as 16k today.

Give me source for that thot now

nice gril
22k by 20th

Shes got a mutt face

Also, who takes a picture like this? These bitches need to find something meaningful to do with their life

she cant be real
she cant be real
she cant be real
she cant be real
she cant be real

Give it to us OP.

>100k EOM

Rebecca Holly instagram. I hope you like pregnant bitches.

Actually 16k is target price for bull run indicator.

At what price should we expect the next crash to happen?

Somebody needs to do a pepe pic for this bitch like the one of the bitch holding the cellphone. You know the one.

I do now


Comfy as fk with bzc

If you fuck a pregnant roastie does the baby move around inside and start kicking and shit?

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ecks dee

fapped and saved, nice work

Beautiful! Saved!



Where should we expect the next ATH?

You guys are blind right? It’s not mooning at all.

Audibly keked.