B-bbut guyz

b-bbut guyz

when 8k ?

>It's another episode where alts go down because of the obsolete and overpriced fossil rally.


Bull trap and dump to 8k

i love it

Futures is back at it before another dump to 12k

Someone is converting their ripple to BTC.

>every single alts value is still measured in sats


>Transaction times


>not measuring in USD

Fucking autists I swear

>not trading eth pairs
what are you a faggot?

Trusting your money with a skelly autist

Not to mention a GAY skelly autist

You think wall street listens to retail traders?

seriously I have to convert btc to eth on exchange 1 and then sell to BTC on exchange 2 to make quick arbitrage trades its so fucking stupid

unironically this
zoom your charts out, plebs

that's precisely by zooming out that you realize we just went out of the downward triangle with a lot of momentum

who the fuck is still holding this?? baka

fuck your triangles and JUST memes.

Daily period MACD and RSI and Volume all look bullish. Market cap and dominance spiked hard. You can always re-enter the alt market, but BTC will be bullish over the next few days.

holy fuck this shit is exploding