What’s going on with link?

What’s going on with link?

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Just how new are you?

Day 3 :)

who told you to buy that crap?
seriously... who told you?

Standard operation p&d which has run its course.

Always do the opposite of whatever seems 'popular' on this board.

The bad men apparently - still selling for a profit though.

>absolute newfag detected
okay, we all were at some point. No big deal. So.. what's going on with link? Nothing. The question is: what's going on with BTC. Take a look.

btc goes up, alts go down
btc goes down, alts go down

fun fun fun

I made no claim to the contrary - day 3 - but I’ve roughly doubled my initial investment so far.

I’ve got xlm (like 80%) - then fun, iota, link(just dumped it), Trx

>just dumped it
I'm not going to talk to you any longer. Good bye.

Well shoot

stop what you're doing.
and pay attention.

Well double shoot.

Keep a little btc or eth on the side so next time you can buy the dip

Do yourself a favor newfriend, and look into OCT, Oracle Chain. It's the chinese chainlink, but they actually have confirmed partnerships, a 10+ man team, good communication, a road map, real advisors, and an office that isn't a nail salon.

It's everything you love about Chainlink, everything Sergey should have done. Rumor is Sergey's going to disband SmartContract and go to work for them and take Ari and Steve with him. Rory is blocking anyone on Slack who brings it up. Buy OCT.

Does this have an English whitepaper? I couldn't find it. Looks interesting.

of course :)


Exit scam

Odacle pdobdem

fuck off shill

Sergey is planning on going on another expensive vacation, so hes dumping 0.01% of his massive dev wallet

"The chinese chainlink"
Holy shit, I dare anybody to make a more disgusting investment prospect in three words

alts are going down bcz bitcoin is going up. just hold user, bitcoin will go down again eventually. also never buy in high again newfag.

pajeet level ripoff
0 institutional parternships

Look at that branding, you have a be a dildo to think LINK can compare to that shit. Fuck technology aside, you bring just the logos to the market place and this one will win.

How is he a shill? OCT is years ahead of LINK in tech and developement

Cool beans - I’m still way up - I think i pulled a huge newfag move though and got scared and dumped link for no reason haha.

Indian BNTY