LINK is about to moon. pssssssssst

LINK is about to moon. pssssssssst

oooooooooo half circles

What does this graph mean user ?

Cup and handle dumbo.

It's still link tho so dont buy it.

hmm thanks just sold 100k

Take a look at this dude... oh nonono no HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHHAHHAHA

TFW don't have pink wojaks on my hdd. I'll add this screenshot instead.

Kekd hard. Thanks.


im not a stinky linky but please leave biz forever if you dont know one of the most common TA patterns ever.

Yeah is dropping 1000sats part of the signal too?

No u

but but half circles

TA doesn't apply when the black swan flies. A functional clone with partnerships, money, more than a two man team, and grit. Enter, Oracle Chain my friends. Thank me later.

God I love people like you.
You see a red candle or two and start crying like a baby who thinks its mom disappeared after she hid her face in her hands.


>Muh tenical alanasyyys

fuck off shill

whoah that logo looks way better than links

Logo looks like loo for poo, or vagena.

Nah I just know I should have sold the top instead of watching my money evaporate while Sergey gives us two months of silent treatment which is his modus operandi if you hadn't noticed.

If you hold shit like this on the downs you are just loaning your money out to traders.

>watching my money evaporate
Yeah, it's gone alright. Better sell right now before it disappears some more.

Also it is literally one red candle eating the entire days of gains in a few hours. Are you really telling me you are holding this because a big pump is right around the corner? We are to to the .40c range until the fucking bitcoin superconference.

Yeah lost another 200sats in the time it took you to smell sergeys farts

>Also it is literally one red candle eating the entire days of gains in a few hours.
Yeah, it's really bad alright. Man, think of all that money that just disappeared.
Really stings, you know? Gone. Poof.
Better sell all your Link, this thing is so done.

It's going to take another three months to get back to 70c. There is literally no reason to think it's going to be any different than November. The buy wall is fake and about to be pulled then the true free fall begins.

Have faith, child. The price singularity will come, as was promised by the great prophet AssBlaster

>It's going to take another three months to get back to 70c.
Oh man, if it ever does, right?
Sell sell sell, my man. This coin is officially dead, no doubt about it.

increased my link stack by 500 just swing trading in 2 hours, kek


dead cat bouncing. 3k sats buy 4pm EST cap this

It's coming back!
Buy while you can!!!


No one is calling you dumb brother, but for people who want to increase their positions these are hard times to hold abd I have been holding for months and the amount I could have accumulated from selling highs is really haunting me

>the amount I could have accumulated from selling highs is really haunting me
Think of how you'll be haunted if you fail to sell before Link completely crashes into the ground.
It's having a dead cat bounce right now, this is your last chance. Sell all your Link right now, bro.
Like you said, Sergey isn't going to talk to us for a while more. Go ask Steve or Rory or Hodges in the Slack or Gitter, they'll tell you that the Chainlink team has zero communication about anything.

r8 my forecast.

I'm going to give you a life-long hint. Every time you see a concept related to Technical Analysis, search it in

That way all the time you lose lurking and shitposting will be useful and in one year from now on you will be a much more educated shitposter and will be able to call faggots that ask random questions like
>What does this graph mean user?
names like faggot, stupid, retarded... etc

This, they basically confirmed sergey completely oversold the progress in his EOY blog post and they're acually still interviewing for the first GO programmer (Steve is still learning). It's gonna be a while until anything new comes out. I would sell then check back in in 3 months.

thanks daddy

>if you hold (don't sell) you are giving your money to traders

Will i make it stinky linkies? In cold storage awaiting the singularity.

Site is in hieroglyphs
No thanks jeff

you will

Look here user, this is a nolinker, every day he wakes up and thinks about chainlink, we're living in his head rent free, damn does it feel good

if that's a legit toilet bowl formation, i will shit myself.

Many such cases. Sad!

Meme lines in crypto only work to the left.

Ackchually, that's a stinky linkie trying to fud


>dumps 1000 sats

>not using 1m time scales

>1000 sats
How much is that in money, user?

>literally goatse