Stop loss faggots


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holy shit someone is going to be fucking livid.

can u explain how this happened

They deserve it for being weak handed faggots.


This is why we don't use stop losses kids.

the ultimate weapon of the whales

Bitcoin is back on the run baby

Whale puts shitload of buy orders at low price and then dumps his stack to trigger stop loss of retards actually using stop loss. Easy money. Same happened with ZCL, except that whale was a retard because ZCL owners are hodlers.

>stop loss in crypto

desu i really dont even know how stop losses work and never touched them

>setting stop losses
its like YOU BEG to get fucked by whales

Tell it, preacher man.

It's just a conditional sell order, if price goes below X sell for Y

>1m chart
>flash crash of any relevance
lmao amateurs


algos are built to run retard stop losses

if you use a stop loss you are a fucking rube

ah i see lmao

Basically never fucking use it in crypto. It's easily exploitable by whales.

>have stop loss at 10k
>fuckton of buy orders at 10k
>my stop loss gets triggered and a lot of people get cheap coins

its almost at if youre the amateur here


In a perfect world stop losses would be smart. But in crypto if you use them, especially tight ones, you are a fucking retard.

>mfw i bought in at that price
instantly reversed my losses once it corrected


..Do you even know what this thread is about?
Fucking brainlets I swear to god.


I make such easy gains exploiting these wicks desu. I don't care if whales are milking noobs while doing it.

I came in this thread for the lolz, but seriously, you're really dumb

lol, retard