Who here portfolios more then 50k+ aka tuna

>who else is a tuna here?
>how long are you in?
>when did you start?
>what are you planning to hodl in 2018?

Started December 2017 with $43,000 from the sale of an old car I had been working on for years. Unless you count the DOGE that I mined in 2013. Thought I could have a chance at really making it if I got in with a substantial amount, and so far it seems to be working okay. Going to hold REQ ICX and XMR for 2018, maybe increase my ETH and put a few grand in STK at the end of the month.

tuna is like 10-21 btc

50k isn't even 5 btc dude

5,5 BTC shrimplet checking in

>tuna is like 10-21 btc

do we have an official ranking for bitcoiners btw?
if yes please post senpai

50k is tuna. small tuna, but tuna.


I just thought it was appropriate not literally meant

So maybe a shrimp then idc

What app is that?


Less than .1 BTC what am I? Plankton?

started July with ~$20k and am at $150k now.

Apart from 2011 mining, the best starting point was the end of the bear in August 2015 when BTC was at $200.
Given BTC was around $2000 in July 2017, people like me starting there missed out on 10x.
My point is that this isn't so much after all. I feel lucky I could go in with $20k.

What's X/200, where X is was value of BTC when you started?

Exactly 50k
5 months ago
Started with 1k
My first big wins were Signatum and Elix PnDs.
Now Im holding Link, Req (2 years hold) ODN (6 month) and Posw (2 months)

I sold my Elix today for a nice 8x, might buy again if it goes down to 3k. I dont think that will happen tho.

thx dude!

delta portfolio

is it better than blockfolio?

I'm a 10k baracuda, or was until btc had it's day. Oh well, iron hands

I finally joined the 6 digit club today

Inb4 you make fun of my holds
I know i have too much litecoin alright
(Or do I? hmm...)

Just hit 220k, started with 10k in May 2017. All-in on NEO gave me the first boost. Now all in on DRGN for the ride to $10.

congrats user!
those disgusting LTC are really a stain on your portfolio though

I will reduce its weight at some point

you know

once it moons again

>once it moons again
Who's going to buy once literally any other coin gets added to coinbase?

we will see

tfw shrimp
how do i gain more lads