Hahah weak hands selling

hahah weak hands selling

indeed. HODL TO WIN

Hope the dip will be huge so I can buy more while retards make a few kopeks with BTC

rocket hit the ground
trajectory snake dead
will be revived at the new plateau at around 48c
fuel already being delivered

as of now (24h low/high) BTC/USDT has risen from 12890 to 15400 which is rougly 20%
XLM/BTC has dropped from 4300 to 2600 which is roughly -65%

fucking weak hands, panic sell...
btw saw some xlm sales that are at least 1000 sats lower than market price. wonder if someone has panicked that much or it was on purpose.

Convince me not to sell. This could easily go back to 5 cents

sold at 3800 to buy more later

meant 4300sats to 2600 sats

Going back up. It's going to be okay after all

I'm nearly all in on XLM, woke up very happy this morning and now I'm freaking out.

Someone talk to me?

Should I have sold a few hours ago and bought back now? But how would I have known? I should just ignore this shit and continue to HODL right?

no one is going to convince you faggot. please sell, so that someone with a brain is able to hold it.

Sell? Lol I just bought

Just bought more thanks

Show me your hodl faces

Sell this shit you dumbass. BTC is going to 30k. Your XLM will lose half its value. It's gone 1700% since November. It's due for a big one

come on dude, this is part of the game. dont look at the charts if you actually get freaked out by a 20% loss. just hold until eo 2018 and youll be able to buy a great new volvo.

sell because someone who isnt a pussyhands deserves money more than you


Lol thanks, yeah I admit I'm weak at this and driving myself insane lol, slowly but surely though I'm doing better...I'll do my best to check way too often

Lol, I'm not going to, just wanted to be reassured by intelligent Veeky Forumsbros.

how much do you have invested? maybe spread it out a bit if you get freaked out this much, or just dont invest that much. rule #1 is you should be able to handle any loss.

Hold, normies are buying bitcoin to buy stellar and ripple, the price is surging so everyone is dumping and trying to get on the train, this is the final bubble before btc crashes. Accumulate while it's cheap, the other coins won't simply disappear over teh next year.

nice, accumulating

As if anyone still cares about the value in sats.

sell motherfuckers i want to buy the very bottom of the dip, pussyhands do not deserve to profit anyway

That recovery was incredible.

It’s just people bought BTC to buy alts. You guys are funny. BTC won’t moon anymore.

I'm not truly freaking out but it was nice being up a few hundred bucks before and now I'm down lol but I know what to expect, I'm just shitposting. I have about $2K invested in total, some in BTC and then about $1K in XLM. I do plan to leave it in there though

Bought 500 at 2800, right at the lowest point of the dip.

So damn happy, will see where the market settles to see where I'll sell.

And everything is back up. I really need to not check my phone all day lol.

Zoom out you fucking cucks. Its been literally the same pattern for a week straight.

You don't have the capital to pump this pajeet.

please sell. weak handed faggots dont deserve money

look at 30 minutes. its about to hit 100 day moving average. if it breaks then we might be in for a down trend