Comfiest altcoin right now

Comfiest altcoin right now

Cuck whale killed momentum, again. Lmao

did he? God what a fucking twat.

>bagholding intensifies

I almost want this coin to fail just so that faggot takes a massive loss

ty bought 100k

You guys understand this coin will be horizontal for a month, minimum... right?


When is this ever going up.

I have 3k coins I bought at peak

>living in constant fear of the BNTY whale dumping on you

No thanks!

HST is the real comfy coin.

I mean, faggot has been accumulating for almost a week fuckingn straight, he probably has like 50% of the circulating supply cus weak handed, skinny wrist newfags on biz keep giving it to him at their loss. This massive accumulation almost means this thing might not be able to take off until he wants it to

Can we set up a Bounty to dox this little shit head whale?

I thought this was a shitcoin but it didn't even budge in satoshis when bitcoin surged, going to hang onto mine

Since he's accmulating so fucking much, he will very likely pump it to alpha centaury once he's done. Iron hands.

Comfy confirmed

930 here bought at .27


How can you know it's a he? Could be a fucking elf or a hamburger, filthy cis scum

Gonna sell this to get more PFR.

Probably in a few months. If you're too ADD for this game you better get out.


rule 1 on Biz if someone says something is comfy they're sweating the thickest sweat

Lol he back