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Bitcoin is literally on par with the beanie baby bubble and any other form of 'coin' is the exact equivalent of a penny stock pump and dump.

ambassador, tell me what exchanges I can buy altcoins on with my bank account or debit card.

Don't waste your money and instead learn to properly invest it. Veeky Forums is currently filled with underage teenagers investing the money they got from working at Subway, not business savvy executives.

None. Shitcoins are a waste of time and rely on a massive amount of backstabbing neckbeards to work.

so just stick to ETH and BTC?

Pretty much, but wait for ETH to drop first. BTC is growing so buy now

I bought ETH back at sub 200

Don't invest in Bitcoin. It's currently perfectly mimicking a bubble and about to crash.

Here's the thing about BTC. It's a fiat currency with no genuine worth. People only buy it to hold it like a stock and then convert it back to USD. This makes it incredibly volatile to the point where no one actually uses it as a fucking currency anymore.

>But isn't the US dollar also fiat?

It is the currency of a global superpower and also used in the form of the petrodollar, making other leading powers dependent.

To add on, there's no mainstream appeal to Bitcoin. It'll never 'take off.' It's an anonymous currency primarily to be used in online blackmarkets. Most people will get along just fine having the US dollar in their bank because the value of it tomorrow will still be 99.99999% of what it is today, while who the fuck knows what this coin will be?

**Don't invest in ANY coin.

People should learn to properly invest their money and not fucking buy pump and dump beanie babie scams

kys this is a whole new paradigm.

Go away, crypto Jew.

i have 3,000,00 bit beans

Sorry, but you're dumb. No one uses it as a currency like I just said. Maybe if they did, it would be. I KNOW you don't use it to buy anything and instead are just holding it to reconvert it back to USD like the majority of people who use Bitcoin.

It's LITERALLY like the Beanie Baby bubble. No one gave a shit about it and only bought them to reconvert to USD.

No, Stellar Lumens, BTCash, Ripple. Btc is outdated, eth is running out of growth

I bought 6 back at 20$ a piece

Amazon was making moves that make it look like they might start accepting it as payment

Where can I get XLM with debit?

or bank account.

>BTC is growing so buy now
You would say that, worried because central banks are now going to start making their own versions.

Bank of England is starting it, then the Federal Reserve and then well, the rest of the worlds central banks will start doing it, phasing out the need for bitcoin, giving incentives to customers who use their version of e currency.

Yeah stop shilling, bitcoin is coming to an end so I'd cash out now, not invest.

If you're stupid enough to get into Crypto at least do Ripple, get on their hype train

You do realize that coins like stellar lumens are used to facilitate simple exhanges between currencies right? They have use, you are just too stupid to grasp that since you can't buy tendies and love pillows with it, its useless


>penny stock pump and dump
Ah yes I remember the mid-2000's. First time I got kiked.
>Be 19
>mfw I bought a microcap Alternative fuel company
>mfw they did a 50:1 split and no change in price.
Never ever buy (((stocks))) on OTCBB or Pink Sheets /pol/

Not sure desu you can try poloniex. I used changelly to convert 2 ETH into 7500 xlm and have been wanting to get more but changelly isn't working right anymore

uh, ok? How fucking dumb are you? I already wrote that since no one uses it as a currency and only buys it as a form of stock, it's incredibly volatile.

There's a thing called stability when it comes to things like currencies. Maybe you've heard about it.

>Cool, this is on sale and is only $20. I'll buy $20 worth of Bitcoin
>ten minutes later
>Oh damn, it's worth $15 now

Yes yes, I'm sure your new coin will become the next thing. Just like the countless number of coins that are so unique and different!

There are beanie babies still going for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in auctions.

Beanie babies cannot be transported around the world in any quantity without being subject to regulatory barriers or physical intermediaries though.

I'll stick with regular shekels thanks.

Wow, hundreds of dollars? Man, you're dumb. No one buys them. There is no demand for Beanie Babies and you clearly don't even know what I'm talking about when it comes to how they crashed and burned.

Even if an 'investor' bought many beanie babies and saved them for these fantasy auctions you talk about, he'd more likely have lost more money than he'd earn and only sell a few which have a total manufacture count in the single digits only.

Look people, don't jump on a single coin. This is just like stock market investing. Diversify your portfolio

fuck I only have 50k, will post portfolio in a sec

Well its already made me 3k so shit on it all you want but its already made me 3x what I put in

nocoiners get in potcoin or stay poor forener

Post blockies.

Nice dude, this is from 1.8k$ invested. I just wanted to get my feet wet so I didn't invest a ton but now Im wishing I had and not spent it on a home

Veeky Forums created more millionaires in the past 2 years than any other business forum on the internet
they turned NEETs into millionaires
now Veeky Forums is 90%+ shilling but up to this point they did amazing things against all odds

ITT: butthurt nocoiners trying to make themselves feel better

I bought a house last month with 1/3 of my ETH, try and tell me it has no value now fags, I'm living in it

It's dumping at 16k-16.5k screencap this


Peter Thiel is buying massive amounts of Bitcoin

Mark my words either XRP or REQ will make some people on here millionaires

It’s bean cash!

That was last year you absolute fucktard.