ITT: Your Billion Dollar Ideas

>create jogging app
>you get a coin (like, runcoin or something) for jogging
>you can buy and sell this coin on exchanges and use it
>make money by running
>suddenly all yuppie normies wanna get on runcoin
>runcoin profit 5000% through the app

Gps spoof

Thanks just bought 100,00k

>shake device up and down
>infinite money

>Pajeet starts to GPS spoof your app
>Pokemon go the fuck our of here

Uber fixed gps spam, whats the problem ?
>user if u got discord id add u

a gambling site that has a fixed 99% return rate so gamblers would launder their millions with it. profit big off the 1%

a website (possibly crypto?) that makes bets legally binding so if someone wins and they don't get paid they can sue. profit off commission.

>create refugee coin
>pander to SJWs
>show starving little children in the marketing materials
>collect $20 million for ICO
>take monies and spend the rest of your life in the bahamas


Cool idea OP. Youre fucking stupid for throwing out ideas where people can steal them though.

Already exists. Sweatcoin

Nice try pajeet.

Back in August there was "FATcoin" which is exactly like this

>create porn app
>you get a coin (like, cumcoin or something) for cumming
>you can buy and sell this coin on exchanges and use it
>make money by cumming
>suddenly all NEETs wanna get on cumcoin
>cumcoin profit 7000% through the app

>Give away coin for basically free
>People want to cash out
>People buy coin because ... ?

Maybe you could also allow businesses to spend runcoin to reward people for running near their shops.

Alright, check this out. The next billion-dollar idea. I have the perfect idea, just need some investors.

I figured out how humans can achieve flight without any special equipment. It's a technique that I'm willing to sell as a teaching service. Okay here it is.

Say you have two really strong guys, right? Okay so one guy stands on top of the other guy's shoulders. They have to be REALLY strong for this to work, though, got it? And then he grabs the guy below him, and pulls him up... throwing him above his head. And while they're both in midair, the guy who has just been thrown above his head grabs the guy below him and throws him above his head like what was just done to him. And they just keep doing that.

I'm expecting this will be the future of traveling. I need about $250,000 to start, though. Any takers?

Blockchain connected to passports to track peoples movements. decentralised so you arent dealing with shady countries lying about where their pajeets have flown to recently.

Paint mixer.


You get a coin every time you poo in the loo

Do you accept chainlink? This is a fucking revolutionary idea.

There's a coin for that
There's a coin for that
There's a coin for that

I want to set up a page selling cryptocurrency t-shirts but I'm afraid of getting sued.

make a decentralized amazon for it and make it anonymous

>coin on a single exchange you can't sell for a lower amount of BTC/cash
>it's literally always green on CmC
>everyone buys it because it's literally a 100%sure deal
>if nobody buys it, coin owner just pump it, as there is literally no risk
>name: PonziCoin

so, btc with tethers?

No, it's on a seperate exchange, purely BTC/Ponzi. It's automated to have at least 0.01% increase in both satoshi and cash: a bot pumps it if necessary, as it would cost literally nothing.

I'm dying

Hook a battery up to some magnets and stuff
Propel yourself around while riding the earth's magnetic field.
I call my invention: the hoverboard

Oh to make it even beter: it's a single coin that if unsold for 24h gives a 1 BTC Edward (huge countdown on main site), but your coin is automatically put on sale for 0.01 BTC above what you paid for it. A bot buys it after 23h59min ofcourse. Literally a winwin. The PonziCoin goes to 192 BTC in a day or so, you exitscam and live happily ever after.

use gyro plus gps

Open Bazaar you morons

>>you get a coin (like, runcoin or something) for jogging
A coin from whom?

I know you don't have the initiative to do this, so I'm going to do it and not give you any credit

Is there anyway to reach some crypto-team and give them an idea?

They have this on YoBit, they call them "rise only coins" or something like that.

All you have to do is figure out antigravity, and you're all set.

Uber: Escorts.

Need I say more.

Wtf... ROM COIN .

Chinks are literally god tier.

God damnit OP, I have heaps.

Build4Bitcoin: A not-for-fiat profit Charity that unlocks the capital markets of bitcoin by connecting businesses and individuals who want to work for bitcoin with businesses and individuals who wish to build a project but have no money. Helps with lending, fees, transactions across different currencies/cryptocurrencies, tax etc. Currently trying to think of a way to be tax free if declared a charity. The entire thing would be dedicated to building socially conscious homes for underprivileged people (Social housing).

PajeetCoin: We make a coin for the Veeky Forums board. It's probably the only coin I would shill my heart out for. Can someone please do this?

>make coin literally called shitcoin
>you can bet on which other coins are gonna flunk via smart contracts
>you get the negation of their net worth change wrt to your bet
>advertise on Veeky Forums, tell angry posters to back up their words by buying shitcoin tokens or gtfo
>shitcoin marketcap hits millions in a couple of days
>Veeky Forums is now 100x better
>quietly get rich

Need not, but bonus points if they except my crypto gains as payment for their services

Answer please, I couldn't find anything by googling. Except creating a cryptocurrency myself or partnering up with a coder.

You basically want to create an instrument for selling altcoins short?

make it happen user


>having to implement exchange capabilities for every single shitcoin

this could work but goddamn that would be a lot of effort

could smart contract margin trading be possible?

>Print paper
>Sell paper