Any penny coin (<$0.10) worth buying for long term holders?

Shill me. I'm looking to buy some cheap coins and hold them for over years. I'm already buying TRX.

Also, anything worth mining. I don't pay electricity here so the only thing getting fucked is my GPU.

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You must be a real nigger if you look at the price per unit, and not market cap. You will never make it, leave now.

Gonna say FUN for now. Real time, real product and it's launching soon. Good luck

been trying to DMOR on Siacoin (SC), wondering if its worth bothering. Its just under 200 sat's currently. ($0.03)

>still thinking marketcap matters
Stop slinging around buzzwords underage plebbit newfag.

Check out alanmasters on Tradingview. He'll give you better data than anyone on here for those types of coins.

agree with this guy OP is a brainlet


Just because you use two devices it doesn't make your samefagging any less obvious.

matters more than the unit value you fucking moron

You think the price of a coin matters? This is why half of you will stay poor. You need to look at the supply as well, not just the price.

Ignore these idiots OP. PFR is what you're looking for

>Implying I will just buy a coin because it's $0.001
Yeah you're right! what was the marketcap of BTC 7 years ago? Wait you mean the marketcap is a dynamic number???? "But but I heard someone on biz say market cap so if I say it I'll sound smart hurr."

Stop throwing around words when you have no idea what they mean.

I'd recommend SC, and ECA looks to have great growth ahead.

Easily FUN.

Launch February 8

Lamden TAU.

ICO will end in less than a day at the rate it's going:

All you have to do to buy in the ICO is send Eth at this address from a LOCAL eth wallet (not from an exchange !)


and make sure to use 250000 GAS

Market cap means total amount of coins in circulation * ubit price....trx has 4 billion market cap....kek.....too high too speculative... all these idiots saying market cap doesnt matter dont underatand what market cap is. It is literally just a representation of total amount of money that exists wuthin a specific entity. If market cap of btc is 200 billion...that means if you add up all the btc together there is 200 billion dollars worth of btc out there....isnt a hard concept...never was...people who say it doesnt matter usually know it does and just want to shill oyu

CND is the obvious choice here.

>muh market cap
Confirmed crypto illiterate

CND and maybe DBC


oh and also we already know it's going on cryptopia so it's basically free money at this point.

naysayers will regret.

kek tfw I'm actually a different person

user, I'll make it really easy for you. Suppose I'm the guy who's selling you a coin, and I just happen to own all the coins.

Further suppose coins A and B are identical.

For coin A, I offer to sell it to you for $1, and I own all 10 of them.

For coin B, I offer to sell it to you for $0.01, but I own all 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 of them.

Which coin is the better deal?

>(protip: neither since this is all a total scam internet magic money bubble and they're both worthless distributed ponzi-scheme scams)


What’s the deal with Cindicator?

Check out Electra(ECA)

>>(protip: neither since this is all a total scam internet magic money bubble and they're both worthless distributed ponzi-scheme scams)

he knows, now when the normies learn?


So coin B is Bitcoin and you cound have bought 1000 of them for like $10 and now you regret the decision because you thought the market cap had something to do with its value 8 years from then.

ECA will blow up, instant transactions, cheap as shit, on a shit exchange. 3m from now you'll be 50x

Any good EtherDelta coins with low marketcap?

Sia and COLX

You should go all in on BTC right now
Who cares that is has over 250bn market cap? market cap is a dynamic number bro, BTC will be worth $100k each next year

Lol so funny, wow you are genius!

How about using some common sense. Instead of going "wow biz said market cap is everything!" Use your brain and think "Hmm this new coin/token is under the radar, let's see what they're bringing to the table that other coins aren't so I can see if it will be a worthwhile investment."

Investments 101. I swear the amount of dumbasses that think they know shit here is mind boggling.

>it's 2018 and the coin is still under 1 penny
You're not good at shilling me user. Shills usually attempt to tell me why their coin will be good


holy fuck, nice backpedaling on your argument you faggot

You're using another word you and you have no idea what it means.

SAFEX. $0.02 Coin Circulation is 2 Billion. Major expansion plans for Spring 2018. Founder is well known in the crypto world and does weekly updates. Buy it now on TradeSatoshi or NextExchange in the near future. Should be listed back on Cryptopia soon.

Where can I cop ECA? Got 0.2 BTC to spend

Quick, go buy Ripple, it's only 2$. If it gets to 15k like Bitcoin you'l be so rich! WoOoooo

Jokes aside, you have to learn what market cap is. Cheap coins are those with small market cap, not small unit price. I am going to make you a favor and shill an actual legit coin, UFR. Shit's will go on fire once word gets out to the normies. And its market cap is only 5 million. If you add the fact that basically every coin goes to 50 million market cap this is a no brainer.

Dev that created feathercoin, returned to this coin. Released .10 solo miner. Recently halved. Just hit ath martketcap. I'm up.

Still under the radar but DYOR

Just bought mine, user. Thank you so much.

He just asked for a list of cheap potential investments aka 'penny stocks'. Then a bunch of buzzwordbirds came in saying 'marketcap' 'marketcap' like a broken record. OP then said marketcap has nothing to do with it being profitable over the next few years. Then he just said that he looks into the tech behind the coins he invests in.

Backpedaling is to go back on ones previous statement.

OP didn't do that at all. So fuck off and go back to plebbit you parakeet.

Market cap matters as a metric for relative comparisons. A 10 million cap with a better product than a 700 million cap may have a good opportunity to grow. Or a comparison like "is shitcoin #287 going to get anywhere near eth?".


COLX obviously

>reddit spacing
You need to go back.

UFR, no doubt about it. Perhaps FUN or ENG too.

ill have to check this shit out. How has no one heard of this?