This is the founder of Bounty0x's reddit account:

This is the founder of Bounty0x's reddit account:

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Big if true

fuck off with your reddit meme fucktard

Cool crypto, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like crypto. It's what makes America great.

Proof required.

Also, youngins have more potential than you think. I'd rather trust a 17 year old with foresight and vision than a 25 year old who's just trying to make a quick buck after being burned by college or wagecucking.

You can find it under the mod section of the bounty0x subreddit

bounty0x is a company run by a highschool drop-out and a lawyer. They don't have a working blockchain product. They don't even have a dev team. I bought in at $0.06, and then a LOT more at $0.18. I just sold everything. It has nowhere to go but down once people realize the concept not only doesnt work but has no backing to it. I suggest you do the same.
You might get another little pump, but don't wait too long on this, don't get too greedy.

my favorite comments incoming.

Nice copypasta and FUD, m8. Trying to get cheaper bags I see.

this is the sketchiest project you can invest in. good for a pump and dump group tho


buy this neet boy a lambo

Listen to pascal and don't buy shitty ICO's

bnty bagholders atm

Somewhere some pump and dump group is maniacally laughing at you BNTY boys still left on the bnty brokeback mountain

hmmmm this FUD is effective.

Wit that said, I do have faith in the youth if they are promising. I recently helped a young 17 year old prepare for a professional fight. He was more motivated and disciplined than any adult in my circle. So I will not write him off due to his age.

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Id have sold here if I've read OPs fud. Im glad I sold before for x2.5 though

honestly i hope you guys make it. I took this slight uptick as a chance to get out (i bought in at .22) and put it into kucoin shares for the time being just because the more I look into this company the less I like it and I'd rather not invest in pump and dumps. not a single person buying this token plans to use it (to stake bounties, or determine their legitimacy) and are only looking to dump it once it gives them a decent return. so many better projects you can invest in that will make a much better return.

Lol, the guy who did Ethereum was a kid as well. If anything this bodes well.

That girl is not worth your time. Sounds like a lot of trouble. She is clearly needing of far more validation than you are willing to give. You're looking at a lot of potential problems here mate, be careful.

And for the record. Always give her 2/3 of what she gives you.

Huh wow.

He was 20 and at very begining he had a team of 4 people who were older than him, not his only autistic 17 yo friend.

im suddenly regretting buying 6k of this token now

Spoken like a 17 year old retard who still lives under his parents roof and barely knows how to wipe his dick off.

Chances of you being 17 too, 10/10. Dunning-Kruger ftw

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Nice FUD, Schlomo. You're not going to get my bags for any less than $2.