To all my European bois

Do any of you EU faggots pay taxes?
I know EU takes crypto as currencies and you don't have to pay taxes but in Czech republic it's labeled as intangible assets on which I should pay 15% of my profits

How do I avoid that shit, not gonna pay 15% of my sweet gainz

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use localbitcoins faggot

If you have EU citizenship, can you open a Czech account?

15%? consider yourself lucky, in poland it's 18% up to 25k dollars and 32% for above, also you have to register a company to even buy/sell cryptos and have to pay $400 dollars ($400 dollars in poland is like $1500 in western country) monthly for having this company even if you make 0 gainz

How will the tax authorities know about your bitcoins? Do the exchanges have information exchange agreements with your government?

ahoj user, germanfag here
Ill move to your beautiful country to start a company because of those 15% income tax
once Im crypto millionaire Ill move back to germanistan and cash out tax-free
you gotta play all the angles user

is prague still muslim free btw?

>32% taxes
what the fuck poland how is that legal? aren't you poor as fuck shithole?

lets not even talk about poland
this country really has no redeeming features whatsoever

Ahahaha this is absurd now I realize why you burgers and eurofags call my country a fiscal paradise

Are you serious? Czechia has one of the lowest crypto taxes in the EU. In fact I am planning to change my tax residency from Slovakia to Czechia, just because of this.

We have to pay 19%+14% taxes for the first 35 000 € and everything above is 25%+14%. The 14% is healthcare insurance that you have to pay from crypto here, which is really communist like. So be happy about.

Also, if you are from Prague or vicinity, there is a great way to... lets say... achieve exactly what you want.

>is prague still muslim free btw?
No. Been there last September. Sandniggers and niggers everywhere. It's fucking sickening.

Bulgarian master race reporting in. 10% over here for whatever. But I agree with the others, try to pay 0% by using localbitcoins.

>Also, if you are from Prague or vicinity, there is a great way to... lets say... achieve exactly what you want.

Do tell user
also keep in mind that in the CZ income tax is only fairly low up to 200.000 CZK per year. anything above that and you have to pay solidarity tax or whatever this commie scam is called.

>Sandniggers and niggers everywhere

are you for real?
I lived there back in 2012 and cant remember seeing a single sandnigger
i thought the czechs were based af. what the hell is going on?

That's price to pay to be free of shitskins

I don't even know what taxes is.
t. citizen of Russia.

You can message me on protonmail regarding this, because i dont want to get anyone in trouble. If you are interested, then message me at 135fds246(

I promise user, I wont try to scam you or anything xDDDDD but I simply cant post it here in public.

27,5% here, but only if you sell within a year. If you hold for a year its tax free (as private person).

Cryptos are counted as "speculation" and a treated the same as real estate.

on chcel asi povedat ze ked zijes v prahe a okoli tak vytiahnes coiny do peniazov a vyseres sa na dane

>is prague still muslim free btw?
some sandtourists are around but hate for them grows with each day

15% is only for intangible assets and companies have to pay even more (with crypto also)

Ano, v podstate mas pravdu. Ale musis vediet kde a ako. Ak sa bavime o malych sumach, tak by som to ani neriesil a poslal si to priamo na ucet. Pre paranoidnych je riesenim prepaid debit karta, ktorou mozete vytahovat peniaze priamo z bankomatu. Pri vyssich sumach... je este aj ine riesenie.

>also you have to register a company to even buy/sell cryptos and have to pay $400 dollars ($400 dollars in poland is like $1500 in western country) monthly for having this company even if you make 0 gainz

sauce kurwa

vytahoval jsem castky do 30k uz vic krat, o to se nejak nebojim, kdyby slo o vetsi castku, tak krome LocalBitcoins jsou moznosti jake?

search yourself dude, trading cryptos en masse is economic activity and thus has to be registered and paid for, and what en masse means? depends what kind of government official you meet, some may say even like 10 transactions is enough


Question for Czech republic. If I ll cash out from local bitcoins, and then I ll decide to buy a flat in Prague. Will tax office be interested in me? ))) lol

wouldn't i have to transfer money to my bank account eventually anyway?

napis mu email kamarat jasne ti povedal ze nechce tuto temu pretriasat na verejnosti

a ani sa mu necudujem .. ja by som rozhodne odrbavat nikomu neradil

Zkus výběr z místního Bitcomatu. V Libereckém Fóru je jeden a vím, že v Praze jich je minimálně několik.

I live in Belgium. There are no taxes put on crypto profits. That was decided in i think 2013. Its put under profits from gambling.

Those have terrible %%% fees. Its better to pay the tax)


Přemýšlím nad tím (nejsem OP), že bych si vybral z BTC bankomatu co jsou v pár obchoďácích v Praze. Blbý je, že to pak máš v cashi a nemůžeš s tím dělat nic jiného, než kupovat věci v obchodech, aby ti daňová příšera kus neukousla. Nejradši bych to měl na účtě v penězích, protože jsou bezpečnější, než crypto.

What about buying Amazon giftcards, did anyone tried that? For lower amounts I suppose

how about moving to Thailand and cashing out there?

Dvojbodkar alokálnik, si to ty? PePe Janko tu.

Stale nechapem, ze ci vam je tych 15 % tak vela? Ak by som bol v Cesku, rad by som to zaplatil a mal pokoj. U nas to je prakticky 39%.

Platím tunu daní z příjmu a nechci do toho tahat politiku, ale nejsem spokojenej s tím, co se s mýma daněma děje. Ale máš pravdu, že 15% tolik není.

Sweden. 30% minimum.

To chapem. V podstate to mas moznost vycashovat v hotovosti a postavit si barak, neviem ako u vas, ale u nas robotnici a stavebniny chcu hotovost a nedavaju ziadne blocky. Ale samozrejme, to plati v pripade, ze mas ozaj vela penazi v crypto.

Horsie by to bolo s kupou bytu alebo uz postaveneho domu, tam by ta transakcia musela prebehnut prevodom na ucet...

>be me
>live in uae
>what is tax

>pay taxes

lmao, fuck no. i got anonymous btc debit card and travel different country ATMs, newfag. only cross 10k cash over border tho, otherwise airport will require to declare it.

so, you always pay in cash never use your bank account?

i have a job and a company, i pay my taxes. not just crypto taxes, this is a complete scam

what about your data on exchanges? is it unlikely they will work with govt?

Buy prepaid VISA-Cards on DNMs to cash out.

Hey man how about you get started laundering money, call it bitscam or so and front a customer service desk where people can complain about their crypto losses, and give your coins and you give back money.

Im gonna open a Kebab shop despite being white as fuck, and I know it will fail but I will have "investors" who will prop up my buinsess until i declare bankrupcy.

Which one would you recommend? TenX?

co ci ma ta skarbówka, która uzywa jecze technologie z PRLu zrobic

But... Crypto-crypto trades do not count, only crypto-fiat. Also! USDT is crypto, according to verovirasto.

Stupid thing is, crypto is neither asset nor currency, (yeah, really, wtflol???) but somehow a fukn "like CFD". This has The implication that gains are taxable but losses are not deductible. Welcome to Soviet Finland!

no, not TenX, that is a jew card. sorry cant say the name you have to find it yourself.

>be europoor
>use chink and usa exchanges

no worry here

you forgot the extra 27% privilege tax. Omar's new BMW isn't gonna pay down itself

You think IRS and whatever eurocommie tax authority don't do information exhange?

As of now, the IRS only collects information about US taxpayers who trade over a certain volume.

this isn't my first year in crypto.

if you want to play extra safe then there is a Thai coin/fiat exchange called where you can send btc and they will send cash to any thai bank, without you needing a thai bank account. it's like 7.5% in fees total but hella cheaper than taxes.

that's it, i've told too much, don't feel like getting FBI raided atm.


Shhhh brother.... you know Siam Bank has a international Bank account that you can open as a farang as long as you stay more than 30 days a year in thailand?

Man I can`t wait for my trip in February, it`ll be my 4th time in Thailand.

bro what about euro icos? i fuked up and did one

but it was sub 10k€ contribution at that time but now the coin is worth well more and so my contribution is above 10k€ in todays worth

>they will send cash to any thai bank, without you needing a thai bank account
What does that even mean? How will you recieve the money then, if you don't have the thai bank account?

Any other greekfags that know what's the deal with taxes here?

your girlfriend of course will provide you with one silly.
You do have a thai gf right?


Top lel. Paying taxes is anti hellenic.

>tfw lived in thailand for years
>tfw never bothered to open a thai bank account
>tfw back in yurope and just learn about this now

EU expects from you to not pay any taxes. We are probably even funding your crypto investments.

Did the crypto taxes today. Have to pay 1.5k, even tho I didnt convert anything to FIAT. Fml. Germanfag here

How would "they" even know that you did something in crypto if you never cashed out to FIAT?

lol no. it's a very suspicious system. provides a secret code, that you have to write it down and then hand to a bank teller. and you get it. it's shady af but it saved my life when my debit card got locked in thailand when i had no cash on me.


I was there literally 6 days ago and the only niggers/sandniggers I saw were the city tour guides.

Feels bad man.

are you retarded?

they wont
good job from that user regardless. germany is full with starving somalians who need dental work done and rely on tax monies.

Anyone have experience cashing out in Ireland?

i will give you ONE hint. just one.

it's a chink card.

Easy, they dont. But when I cash out big time they will ask for the information. Better paying now than jail time later

seems too good to be true

A nebojte, Babiš za pár let vyjedná vyjímku, až bude chtít svoje bitcoiny prodat.

why the fuck are you paying taxes if you didn't convert to FIAT

you do realize they would simply ask you to backpay your taxes if youre ever stupid enough to declare your crypto gains?

You know that they will not just ask for some money back? They dont give a fuck that I didnt know better. Tax evasion will most likely gives you jailtime (if its 100k+)

So ists brav Torben.

Ahmed and mKombutu will thank you for their free money when they cum in your Steffi after gangraping her.

you are fucking retarded m8
they are interested in money and not locking people up. you might pay a premium but youre certainly not going to jail.
especially with something liike cryptos where there doesnt even exist a single court ruling yet and nobody knows how to tax it.
sauce: my tax attorney

What an absolute joke of a nation.

>ever stupid enough to declare your crypto gains?
People who willingly pay cryto taxes are doing the rest of us a favour. Don't dissuade them.

fucking retard lmfao.


taxed freak me out recently.

I am currently living in japan but still use my german bank account sometimes to fuel my shitcoin buying sprees. where do i pay tax, if at all?what happens if i cash out to a german bank account (i dont pay tax in germany, so normally nothing to declare(?))

Well its pretty clearly stated that crypto is speculation thus gets taxed as one. My main concern why I am declaring taxes is that I am going to hold some coins for >365 days this year and I need to proof that i hodld that long. But ye, just saying what I am going to do. Maybe its stupid but better be save than sorry

You can export the exchange history as a proof.

Yes and then I commited tax evasion last year


feels good, this will be the first year I need to pay taxes(over €35k), and probably the year I will cash out too.

Source on that please? As a frog resident in Belgium I've been struggling to find any decent info on the topic

>live in UAE
>get beaten inconscient by an angry mob for being too far from my expat hotel
>2 liters of gasoline is poured over me
>mfw they only paid 0,25$ for 2 liters
>burned on 90% of body surface
>left to die in the hospital for not being able to pay for multiple surgeries, transplant and a long lasting treatment because no healthcare system
>die in horrible pain but tax free
>taxation is theft lol

>get beaten inconscient
>muh healthcare

the average taxcuck, gentlemen

>tfw made it
>live in finland

Fuck my life. I rather lose evrything than fund fucking migrants and mosques with my gains.

They don't but as soon as you cash out they will
Unless you are willing to do some shady shit which will probably fall under tax evasion

basically yeah

enjoy paying 33% tax rate my friend

unless you move abroad for three years for tax purposes or break the law

I think it's 33%. Hope I'm wrong though

Not paying that shit for sure. I think I'll just dump my gains in the most stable crypto and withdraw a few thousand whenever I need them

be happy you are not in france with its 34% taxes
anyways I would just be glad to pay it and forget about it
it's not like you cannot reserve a last moon mission to get 34% anyways

fuck you op pay your taxes