So... other than trade 'internet money' what other hobbies do you have annon? Y-you do have other hobbies right?

So... other than trade 'internet money' what other hobbies do you have annon? Y-you do have other hobbies right?
> you have 30 seconds to come up with something before she puts her headphones in.

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I-I-I like to go on long walks and listen to crypto podcasts

>nailed it

I take pictures of animals and build furniture out of wood. I also dust off the bass a couple times a year and confirm that I can still play it.

I like to play my guitar and play league of legends. Booms shes instantly wet and a support main.

jiu jitsu

>grabs her headphones, gently puts them on her, returns to seat quietly

wow annon. League of legends. what is that?

I-I like to fap profusely to crypto sharts and green candles

wow. that is surprising user you do not look like a fighter. tehehe ;)

As you can see from my body sweetheart, swimming

a girl literally just invited me to her house, i said 'uuuhhmmmmmmmm no i have some stuff to do' and came home to watch the sopranos and post on the internet


t. money skelly

>implying this solid 7 will ever talk to me let alone look at me like that
heh nice try

girl was Aunt Jess who wanted you to help her organize things for her garage sale.


>this is the train to Auschwitz, right?

what podcasts? Recommend me one

I run a MGOTW podcast so if you could kindly fuck off and go back to texting your husband and quit being a fucking whore that would be great, thanks.

I don't need to impress you bitch I can buy hotter pussy.

>I am going to think about you later when I fap. I am going to imagine cumming in your vagina and there is nothing you can do about it.

I'm gay, piss off golddigger your pussy has no power here.

oh user. you are so masculine, like an alpha lion. take me now. right here.

>girl talked to you

No BITCH! YOU will peg ME!
Heres 10 fartcoins

sure buddy

"when you said pictures of animals, I thought it would have been wild life, not a bunch of pictures of sonic the hedgehog? are you on the sepctrum?"


I stopped caring. She can put it in.

No :(

Stupid antisocial biz retards not realising it's not the hobby that matters but how passionate you are about it and how well you are able to explain it. Stay virgins

Yoga and bouldering.

You still get weird looks a s a guy for doing yoga but whatever. Enjoy your lack of flexibility.

Started bouldering like 2 years ago. It's great I only regret not discovering it earlier. I plan on taking some climbing lessons in 2018 and maybe I'll be able to climb a real mountain in the nearby future instead of doing it exclusively indoors.

wow user. So you climb things? like a squirrel, or a little kitten. That is so cute :^)


Thanks. :)

I'm not quite on the cat level yet, but I'll get there eventually.

>you have 30 seconds to come up with something before she puts her headphones in.
I tell the kike she has 30 seconds to fuck off before I put her in the oven.

>degree in Math with a CS master on top
>I play the piano for 8 years
>I have a good contribution to a lot software projects over github
>meme travelling in about 15 countries and capable of speaking 5 languages fluently

I guess more than most people have to offer. Other than that, I already got a girlfriend so that's that. B-but we still can be friends.

>wild life
>on the spectrum?

wow user that is impressive. Too bad you're white, or I would have given you my virgin moist pussy

>other hobbies, like riding on trains and talking to cute girls.

In all seriousness. I try a lot of things. Did stand up a few times and go back on occasion. Just got into fencing. I lift heavy things and put them back down. Read tech journals and have been going out of state recently for random events (masquerade, limited release beer party at New Belgium brewery).

Other than that i have a very respectable beer can collection.

Fuck yea bouldering! Only did it once out of state, would definitely do it again though

>implying im poor enough to take the train

I masturbate to HD POV porn

Shooting guns and prepping for the race war

I like to pretend to be an anime girl on virtual reality!

Just made me spit my drink over my keyboard you fuck. Top kek

i study math

i like to lay in my adult sized crib and wear diapers. and you?

Buying sugar with all that internet money.

God I fucking hate women, to think your so entitled you can start a conversation with someone then duck out of that conversation and put headphones on because they don't entertain you enough, self entitled whores.
Can't wait till my 'internet money' makes me rich I can treat women like the whores they are without consequence. Grab em by the pussy.

i cant even imagine how a conversation with me would get to that point anymore op.
>5 minutes earlier sit across from her in assigned seating
>give casual greeting and start small talk, where you from, what do you do
>she asks me same
>"well janice, there's this incredible thing called CRYPTOCURRENCY"
>10 minutes later she'd know exactly how it works
>asks me "you make money off this?"
>"yep", tell her about btc going from 1k to 18k in 12 months
>she ends up buying $300 of ltc right there and thanks me
>stop talking for rest of train ride
>post on /r9k/ about how i finally talked to a girl

basically i got the best dog ever and I spend a lot of time doing cool shit with him

I am a master chef.

Freestyle first person quadcopter building, maintenance and most important - flying

Yeah, fixing cars, reading, improving myself in every way, and working out or going in nature for a certain amount per week.
Also NFL, and Veeky Forums*

>*Probably better off not saying that.