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>that may 5th buy

good job user, you fucking won the lottery

Well done biz bro, hope xby will get you the million! Still mad I sold after I did 2x

> Yobit

Now you can buy your own personal shitting street Pajeet


most likely not even larping

i owned 300k XBY back in spring when they first launched their shit, i got in at 50 satoshi or something, and sold at 350

whoever said you dont hodl shitcoins can go straight to hell tbqh

also fuck that car salesman piece of shit, his imcompetence made me sell

Would pull 100k and put down payment on a home.

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i also bought late april/early may

Yiu are not alone. $1 mid January. God is good.


Anyone can add this to their portfolio app after the fact

Thisnever happened, Op is a larper


Yea I doubt anyone was pouring thousands into shitcoins that early on

Investing into xtrabytes right now is like investing into ethereum at 10 cents. 10$ q1 2018, 30$ in q2. Quote me.

How did you find out about this project so early?

Veeky Forums says this about fucking everything Im tired of falling for your shit.

biz shilled this and posw hard in april/may

except that it already is 74% up just today

The exception doesn't prove the rule. You said the same thing about Obsidian and Sigit.

saw it here in april, there was no tech but the idea sounded promising

i was having fun with shitcoins and decided to try xby

>tfw bought xby at 17 sats on yobit
>bought xvg at 12 sats, also on yobit
>rdd at 4 sat, ALSO ON YOBIT
Then I lost access to the account and haven't been able to get it back. Only threw in ~$100 total but it must be worth a hell of a lot more than that right now.

Happy for you bro!

Is it worth getting in on this one now? Is it gonna pull an XRB?

Okay, I'll ask. How do you find coins that look promising at that early of a stage? What made you invest in XBY and how'd you find it? What coins do you think are promising and similarly new today?

There will be a testnet in a few days. You can sign up for it for free. That will make the price skyrocket.


honestly biz, for all the garbage that is shilled, has some coins that happen to pop up

what xby aims to do is revolutionize the blockchain, so if its successful, easy 100x

look for coins that aim to do a lot, those are the biggest ticket

i am literally not invested in any other coins, although im looking at sophiatx, check it out

why don't you do butt stuff OP?

I doubt he's larping, I had over 1 million in April and sold like a moron. It was promoted on Veeky Forums during the first week it was out.

Thanks man!

>although im looking at sophiatx, check it out
Dont fucking shill it lad..

congrats mate, i hope you live a good life

thanks, you too

Omg anons I only have 107k will i make it...?

Fuck man I can't wait to be seeing shit like that in my blockfolio. Hundreds of thousands of dollars that only cost me under 3k and sitting around waiting for it to grow.

let me explain to you like you are 5.

the circulating supply will be 100 million more or so.

that means a mcap of 50-60 million RIGHT NOW

Now compare with the competition.

That's right. The 100x moon mission starts now.

basically this, TECHNICALLY the marketcap will still be in the hundreds of millions since the coins are still able to be spent, but to normies who take a quick look at CMC and start shilling to all their followers, it will look like an incredibly undervalued project, that's when the real moon mission begins

Tfw I bought at the same time but I'm poor so only out $30 in. Still about 7k now though so can't complain too much

Thanks, just bought 100k

What's the next Xtrabytes? ;_;

No really OP, how did you predict this? You think there's other coins that will perform the same?


and they just submitted their application for KUCOIN so stand by you fucking biz retards

respect nigga
where are the >pic related
faggots now

This has been shilled here since April/May and I have been following their BitcoinTalk ever since along with their Slack and Discord servers. Anyone that wasn't a fucking DutchFag knew this coin was going to moon. Its better than XRB and ETH.

I guess I missed this one big time. You know of any other coins that might moon like this that cost less than 10 cents? I want to apply the same algorithm as you guys did

Was planning on buying two days ago but locked out of my cryptopia account

Still room to grow?
Any actual exchanges listing this coin soon?

Application submitted for know how shit pops the fuck off once its on KuCoin.

DGB(digibyte) might do something. I finally broke even in it and am sitting on just profits now. its around 6 cents.

I believe in TRX (tron) its 5 cents right now.
You might see a moon from 13 cents in DBC (deepbrainchain) and who knows what FUN(funfair) might do. its 8 cents now

Got my eyes of DBC, cool concept. No idea what FUN does, will probably buy some when I have my salary. No idea either what TRX does and always thought it was Verge tier.
Are you sure about DGB? It seems to be rather unpopular. What does it do? I would like to have a quick explanation of these, as I suck at reading white papers without knowing the basics of the coin beforehand

I want this. Fuck. Shill me a coin.

I have $4K to dump somewhere

No idea if it will be successful, but COLX, and according to user above, DGB
If 20 cents is fine, then DBC

Also, BNTY could have potential when it gets added to larger exchanges/the whale offs himself overnight

>thinks anons don't buy and hold shitcoins
>plebbit spacing
Go back to your hugbox, faggot.

colx doesnt even have a fucking website..

If he can find someone to buy 100k lol

ETH has 96,730,528 coins in supply... XRB has 430,000,000. It will never be ETH... there will be more coins released of XRB which means XRB could at best hit maybe 100 dollars at it's absolute peak if it were on par with ETH. Never going to happen.

Reddit spacing is a meme to spot newfags who think it exists you stupid fuck

that whale is literally the reason i stopped with that coin, had 25% of my portfolio doing nothing for me because he was being an autist

esp, it's the new xvg currently 8 sats and breaking out

I don't think you understand how market caps work. Adding more coins doesn't lower the market cap, it lowers the cost of the coin. This coin will have more than 6 times the amount of coins than ETH. Which means at best it will never reach 1/6th of the value of ETH unless it surpasses ETH in market cap value. Which seems unlikely for any coin connected to ETH.

You got bots setup to sell that shit or gonna be a badass and market sell it all in one go?

kek, who told you that?

Adding coins (with no other factors) raises the market cap. The market cap is decided by market prices. Unless the market reduces the going rate to adjust for this, the market cap goes up.
100 coins @ 1 dollar = 100 market cap
110 coins @ 1 dollar = 110 market cap

Been here since 07 you dumb faggot

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Max Supply : 133,248,289 XRB


>Been here since 07 you dumb faggot
>plebbit spaces
Sure faggot.

BNTY is shit, read the whitepapers and look into who is running these coins you morons. If the team is comprised of people mostly under 30 and younger then PnD at absolute best and will leave you holding bags more than likely.

wont even need to cash out

Adding coins reduces the value of the coins pajeet. When they add coins, it reduces the value of the coins, it does not add to the market cap. Just like when there is a stock split... it doesn't magically create money out of thin air... it lowers the price of the stock. Seriously, go learn what a market cap is if you are investing your money into crypto.

Dude the supply will be 350 million less cause of static nodes that run the network. Thats why the price will jump.

>been here since 07
>still taking it this seriously

Sure thing, pal.

You're an embarrassment. Reddit spacing has -never- been a thing on Veeky Forums. You'd know this if you had been around longer than a few months.

I meant XBY, not XRB, sorry. I actually think XRB has much more potential for large growth, along with Ripple.

I had 250k back in may - sold at 900sat
Had 8500XRB back in june - sold at 1800sat
Had 100k xvg back in june - sold at 147sat

If I had just held the shittiest bags I had I would have like a half a mill now

fuck man i had a million xby back in may. I remember when they doxxed the developer. some fucking pajeet in puerto rico or something. ccr was a faggit. good times.

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Yup. I had my run with weak hands. I hold like a granite fisted giant now.

>You're an embarrassment
>says the NEET virgin posting on a Sri Lankan whale watching forum
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