Why would i pay for a uBlock Origin clone?

why would i pay for a uBlock Origin clone?

nice meme, pajeet

You would not you actual real life nigger. They pay you for ads. If you don't want to see ads, they are off by default. You also don't have to pay for anything.

But since most of us are not niggers, we know that some content creators deserve revenue. The people who believe this can choose to give BAT to creators. Those who dont, dont have to.

Because it is getting airdropped to all YouTubers and all websites on the entire Internet

And it's not even a real airdrop,

It is to support their content, in the name of privacy and demonetization and all these good causes that are easy to rally behind

BAT will be ubiquitous by 2020. Even check 'em.


Because this has a used platform? And it's CEO is looking to turn Chrome into the meme he previously turned Internet explorer into.

Bat confirmed next moon mission

Surprised myself. My bags have never been more comfy than when I saw that 77. Also, chequed. This is all but confirmed in my eyes.

All this.

BAT will be $50 EOY 2018 with all big companies jumping on board, big youtubers, and the Coinbase addition. But you don't have to listen OP, you never do anyways.

because there will be no more quality content on the internet when the shitty adbubble pops and no one can make money

micropayments are the future for all high quality content not talking about porn and clickbait

the ad based revenue model is fundamentally shit and encourages shit content to game the system and punishes people who make high quality content with lower frequency. it also encourages invasive data collection in the name of targeted ads
fuck all of them they can all go back to working at burgerking but people who actually make good content will be able to keep doing so as supported by myself and others like me

see: the current state of jewtube and patreon
ads are shit and unnecessary and if you disagree with anything I just wrote you are 100% pajeet


People who fail to see that BAT fixes a trillion dollar digital ad industry don't deserve to reap the rewards.

Just put 1k usd into bat based off your 77

i believe any post ending in 77, if it worked for trump it can work for crypto

I spent 7 years working on one of the top browsers and I’m long as fuck on (>1M) on BAT. Brave is definitely going to change the game.

Put in more.
Check em.

What browser?

fuck you im gonna dump now.

And people who fail to see that every single "practical" shitcoin so far has been nothing but an exercise in theoretical masturbation don't either

Look for Amazon, not books-a-million.

who would put $ into something called batcoin

Because you want to remain poor, pajeet.

This and LINK is where the smart money currently sits.

My BAT and I are comfy.

this is literally the only practical shitcoin right now

If something like Patreon, with all of its flaws, works, I don't see why BAT wouldn't.

Exactly, so much vaporware in this space.

When the bubble bursts, only the few real projects that exist will survive. Eich is a monster in this field. He has dominated the webspace for the last 25 years. Just imagine all his conglomerates. He has close ties with apple/facebook/google/mozilla/coinbase, and not to mention they're working with the biggest youtubers such as PewdiePie and Phillip Defranco during the adpocalypse.

For all we know this could become the currency of the internet.

>for all we know
>we know

Micropayments will probably replace ads. I'd prefer that. Ads are dumb and I don't think anybody benefits from them, except the content creators. Just cut out the middleman and pay the creators directly

This might make the difference though. Somebody like pewdiepie shilling i constantly does wonders

I bought into BAT last night when the coinbase ceo posted these tweets.

Lets talk about who we're paying on Jan 4th:
h3h3 on youtube
Pewdiepie on youtube

Any others?

batcoin is a cryptocurrency, just like bitcoin
the difference is that batcoin is more effective at spreading
since batcoin doesn't require you to understand private keys or smart contracts
you just get batcoin for your videos from mysterious benefactors
so when you make your make-up tutorial, just casually tell your followers to download a new browser
and that you think batcoin is a good investment since it has 10x since you last checked your balance

This website is only for 18+. Please leave.

It's not about the youtubers, its about solving a problem with the youtube ad problem. Once those youtubers start shilling, it will be game over.

PewdiePie (60 Million subscribers) is the biggest youtuber on the platform, he recently flashed BAT in one of his tabs in his recent videos, it's only a matter of time.


Once it gets added to coinbase itll be game oer

...holy shit. you don't get it do you newfag.

gtfo my brave+BAT strategic planning thread you retarded fuck, you don't deserve these gains.
>hurr H3 shilling BAT is a bad thing
>hurr I came from reddit 6 months ago but Im a part of shittchan now I get it guys right?

we're getting H3 to shill BAT whether you are prepared or not.

i t-think i'm gonna all in on this, it all seems promising.
>don't cuck me pajeets

Best decision you'll ever make.

you should make some nice gains over the next week or two although BAT generally trades sideways for weeks. First round of payments go out Jan 4th. Partnership with 'Top 3 NYC media company' to be announced within the next month or two.

When is H3H3 shilling BAT?

Distribution is set for January 4th.


The idea is: have enough users contribute to H3 on Jan 4th so that he gets an email saying his BAT is available to be collected (will receive email when funds are $100+ should much more than that easy).
Then once he realizes his potential future earnings, hopefully he will shill Brave/BAT in one of his fuck youtube / adsense videos he seems to love making. They airdropped 30BAT to users Brave browser wallets about a month ago, so many of us have a free $15 to contribute.