Why is nobody talking about Electrum?

Why is nobody talking about Electrum?

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Quiet, I'm still accumulating


grabbed this and colx last night

Comfy with 2M here

>trusting turks

also nice job on getting on "at least 3 exchanges", couldn't even do that. this shitcoin is going to create a lot of bagholders


It fell from 866 USD to 0.0000005 USD and it's now only 0.002 USD?

>Oh, sorry, didn't see the low market cap lol

Because its 90% premined and the fucking pajeet wallet didnt work 3 months ago
This is literally bunny coin tier

Go on? I'm genuinely interested on what you have to say. 90% pre-mined?

Do you mean Electra you fucking retard? Also shhh

Someone shill me this coin?

no, get in or get lost

I'm in with 15k

when my 150.000€ arrives?

>Then Whitepaper
Why the fuck are they marketing before writing a whitepaper?
OP Tell me why this coin is better than the other coins. It looks like a ton of coins can do the same shit.

Why is the reddit for this coin so suspicious? Bunch of alt accounts with 1-2 comments all pumping this?

1 month at the maximum, this shit can only go up. But you'd be a fool to sell.

Sorry I'm half asleep. And yes. lol

That's what I'm trying to find out.

Literally just look at bct, everyone shits on it and will tell you exactly whats wrong with it. Atleast when i looked at it, be careful for those pump accounts making positive comments

Interested in what's up with this coin but desu my Pajeet senses are tingling. because all I see is a new one of these threads being posted every hour or so with no real intellectual backup. Just empty hype.

I bought this slut last week, already 900% in profits too bad i only bought 1000$ worth

which any other 0.00000001$ shitcoin could be moon at long term?

do i have to encrypt the wallet for the staking??

COLX and ECA are the two sure-win shitcoins. COLX moreso but if you want to hedge your bets do a 60/40 COLX/ECA.

Why COLX moreso?

Accumulation phase complete...

Strap in with us. We are destined for the stars!

team looks like utter shit, shill me otherwise

500K will i make it?

XVG when x20 in under a month with a team consisting of 1 stuttering pothead doing the coding and 11 marketers who never talk to him.

Sold, bought just 100k

Massive potential for gains here. Coinsmarkets is quite the pajeet exchange though. But ppl also complained about Bitgrail for XRB

I was just about to say, coinsmarkets.com looks like complete scam town, where do i store my eca once i buy it

Download wallet from website. If it doesn't work, replace config file as per their blogspot.

Shit coin Eca. Op has heavy bags and wants you to buy them

See you in a month.

see you in 25163 days

It'll get better, mine was over 700 days yesterday and is now around 300 lol
Staking is weird at first, just let it run for a while.

FUD, I've been using the wallet for the last 6 months. ECA stakes like a champ. My last two mining payouts combined were over 600k ECA.

I will certainly be running a few nodes in both my apartments and in a few of my Azure VMs

Please die poor

>inb4 wheres the proofs