Be 25 year old asian manlet, no teenage love

>Be 25 year old asian manlet, no teenage love
>Working on the apple iOS QA team
>Make peanuts for the bay, but can see developer app release dates
>Have made $6.7MM trading on inside info
>I still do the job because it's the only place I have 'friends'

I'm depressed af Veeky Forums. What do I do?

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Holy shit that's genius.

Developer app release dates for 3rd party iOS apps right?

I'm emailing this to HR.

>be asian brother
>have wonderful girlfriend
>be extremely satisfied with life before meeting my girl
>have great friends
>appreciates life

cop and read. we all gonna make it, brother

You have to love yourself first user, IF you don't no else fucking will.

for a LOW price of 2 eth, i can be you're friend ;::)

Delete this thread if true. Some autist here is going to send it to HR and they're going to escalate, slowly but surely. You'll get sued.

I hope you be happy however. Love your parents.

Holy fuck you’re a genius. Also quit your job now, you’ve already made it. First step is building your self esteem. Check out the six pillars of self esteem by Nathaniel Branden

Literally just emailed this thread to apple. Enjoy Tyrones bbc

Why would you post this here? That was a very bad idea

You know this site keeps track of IPs user.

send me some eth and i will be your friend

Op is a LARP

any word on LTC related shit?

Learn golf bro. Asians love golf.

>op actually is larping
>there actually is another guy at apple qa doing this in total secret though
>the heat generated from this thread gets the other guy fucked

How hard is it to get a job there. CS major in state school, senior year

Apple QA is shit. Pretty much all of my builds go through despite breaking several guidelines.

You need to be a minority. If you're a white male, considering going transgender.

>Be 25 year old asian manlet
You really shouldn't make it this easy for them to find you, you know trading with inside info is illegal right?

This. Apple only hires minorities, so if you're a straight white male, you're fucked

Exercise (whichever intuitively appeals to you the most!)
Sensory deprivation tanks
Rec league Sports (badminton, soccer?)
Martial arts
Wood working
Build something
Buy a dart board
Throw axes
Do a puzzle
Cold approach QT asian women that suit you

Dirty Mode:
MDMA and a degenerate club
Boozing and smoking cigarettes
Lip off people bigger than you
Black out

I wish you the best man, but there are lots of things to do with your money!

Not OP but this is a good list, thanks user