Really, no FunFair shill thread

Time to explain why you don't get FunFair. You dismiss it just because of the name don't you?

People don't understand that the coin will be used by hundreds or thousands of casinos. FunFair is not one casino, it's a whitelabel platform.

People don't understand the benefits for gamblers like instant withdrawls, provably fairness and garuanteed payment of your winnings by design.

People don't understand the benefits for casinos, like easier audits, way less server costs and overhead and no more credit card chargeback fraud.

People don't understand the incentive for existing gamemakers to plug in their games with the FunFair API.

People don't understand that they will announce their product during ICE gaming February 6-8.

People don't understand the amount of connections the team has. Ex pkr founder, william hill execs, pokar star marketing head etc etc. They have the vision and the connections to execute.

People don't understand that casinos are already lining up to release with them.

People don't understand how casino bankroll will be a huge factor of demand due to the nature of the fate channels.

People don't understand staking of coins will increase demand even more.

Simply said, people just don't understand. I am just glad to have bought half a million before they do.

Have FUN!


mmmhmn pajeet
seems legit

Already thicc into FUN. Very exciting times ahead.


This is the anti-pajeet coin. This is a Chad coin. If you aren't in, you are literally still a virgin.

>muh pajeet
Dev team is so Aryan they could form a SS Division by themselves.

Fucking launch in one month. So excited.



God is Good.

>tfw all in on FUN at 220 sats

I shilled FUN heavily from October until mid December and got called all kinds of names. Most of Veeky Forums is unable to actuallly see a good coin when it is right in front of them.

FUN is one of the most concrete examples of blockchain technology that normies can understand. This is one solid investment.

220k and accumulating more by the day. Next christmas I will celebrate on the moon.

what the fuck is up with fox being on this image? lmao



Thats Fox from Starfox. If you dont see the connection DYOR

CEO of FunFair Jez San was responsible for creating the 3D graphics chip used for Star Fox


m8 buy as much as you can, put it all in a hardware wallet and forget about it til December/ January ´19

Go out, enjoy your life, have FUN!

Thxs just sold all my FUN for VEN

> People don't understand that casinos are already lining up to release with them.
This I haven't seen, please spoonfeed. Proving fairness is fine, but I don't believe people research that kind of thing, they go where it's popular.

Only have 4.8k FUN because all the rest of my poorfag portfolio is sunk deep into ICX (80%ICX, 20%FUN). I have full faith in FUN, I just can’t get anymore without selling muh ICX.

Am I going to make it?

Casino?? im in...

casino's are big daddy candy stores. money attracts money and all that...

>Proving fairness is fine, but I don't believe people research that kind of thing, they go where it's popular.

I think people just kind of assume they are getting fucked on the odds. I think word will get out that there's an alternative to that.

I hope we'll have some fun later, anons

nice job re-branding alittle pajeet, took you long enough to realize your MSpaint coin wasn't fooling anyone

Fellow FUN bros

How about we stop shilling/talking about /ourcoin/ for the whole of January at least?

Some of us really need to buy more

>thinks FUN is a pajeet coin

Aryans are from Pajeetland, retard, not from Germany

Would buy but first I need more eth and that shit is expensive as fuck atm.

it's expensive, but that just means it buys more FUN.

makes sense. I'm a retard.

I have about 5k worth. I can't wait for this baby moon.

13k here, hoping I can get a nice down payment on a house later this year with my asian waifu.

15K here, I hope FUN saves me from wagecucking.

7k here

>Tfw know I'm going to put whole stack on a hand of Blackjack

Rip me

Only 1,800 here because I don't want to miss out.

When's the moon launch?

>CEO is literally a Knight of the British Order

The shilling is not effective if you dont even have a dedicated waifu

Beginning of febuary/end of the month

We already have one

>tfw have 1,900 funcoin.

Hopefully my first altcoin will be a success


what is the date on this




This pump and dump group is going off in 10mins. Get in now.