Stellar only moves sideways

Stellar (xlm) only moves sideways

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487% gains so far.
fine to me.

*strokes your hair* he he. sorry sweetie its on the up and up.

honestly XLM is about to moon, i feel bad for all the retards that sold this morning during the btc pump, i think we're about to correct to close to our 24H high

moon when?

It's about to moon sideways.
that's all it can do,
that's all it does


I'm up like 75% rn...

Jesus, you millennial are so spoiled. When I was a kid we were thankful for 2% appreciation in a year.

I'm 4x on XLM, and I expect it to go an order of magnitude higher after FairX. Stellar is currently in the best position to be a BTC killer.

I'm worried about the fact that they're going to increase the volume to 100bn coins, and they aren't distributing to current holders, so effectively the accumulated value is going to be distributed.

I'm from the future. it will trade sideways for 2-3 days then moon again.


I am up 200% on it since i got in late. Only put 50$ in.

Need to wait 15 days til i can put in 700 in it.
It will probably be too late at that point tho

>I'm worried about the fact that they're going to increase the volume to 100bn coins

source or GTFO.

what? I just bought some


Im 120% up right now

However its the slowest gainer for me. Ive been holding for 2 or 3 weeks now.
The less "big coins" I buy the bigger the gains imho
People should really check out more into undervalued gems

it literally mooned yesterday you colossal faggot

really? im pretty sure going from 4100 to 3560 is down, not sideways

What XLM wallets are you using boys? Is Ledger nano the only hardware cold wallet that isn't on my harddrive?

any news/events to expect soon?

1% of coins are being distributed annually. You guys don't know anything about the coins your investing in, do you?

and you can collect your free inflation lumens in a voting pool

Hey i made my first virgin vs chad

r8 & h8 and feel free to tip: GB6YPGW5JFMMP2QB2USQ33EUWTXVL4ZT5ITUNCY3YKVWOJPP57CANOF3 (XLM adress)

I own only 147 XLM so even 1 is appriciated


>Tipping for memes
Enjoy your ban nigger

I bet everyone keeps their lumens on exchanges and keep missing sweet free lumens every week.


Do you set the inflation destination to your own wallet? Why doesn't it do this by default?

I hope that XLM tanks. I dont even care if I take huge losses from it if it means that you lose everything. I hate this meme so much.

are you literally retarded? go get BEKFAS and leave us to make the money

Literally don't even understand the desktop wallet so I'm just gonna get a ledger


No, you must set the destination to that public pool, unless you have at least 50M lumens to vote for yourself. Then the public pool distributes the inflation gained proportionally to every voter.



If I had more lumens I would :(

I'm sorry

God fucking damn I love this coin!!

$5 Ahoy!!!

Weak ass obvious FUD

>, i feel bad for all the retards that sold this morning
>Not buying more
Naaah, they can't be THAT stupid

Ah I see. Thanks

XLM is such a good coin that going sideways means moon

Ok guys, i need a baby explanation of the wallet and pool and inflation and all that shit.

I have 3.7k is it even worth it? I have it all on binance.


XLM is literally building a stairway to heaven

Depends on what's worth it for you, I own 1.1k and I'm hapoy, already more than doubled my investment.

I have 2.5k but I want to get at least 4k before it hits $1


648% for me =)

This is the pool and the instructions:

If you have a Ledger:

thinking about using a bit of my lumens to buy into a pnd at 6 and then hopefully buying back more lumens after dump, thoughts?


I still dont understand.

Ok, spoon feed me. What this thing wants is me sending the lumens from binance to the desktop client. However, where will the 1% go? Do i need 2 wallets?

I think you should kill yourself

Anyone doing this? How much do you get?

Too risky to sell XLM.

This shit went back up almost instantly after the BTC pump.

Don't, I lost 5k that way

XLM is by no means a meme.

i appreciate the candor men, i will hold

I wanna buy more lumens.
I think I should buy more lumens.
Should I buy more lumens guys?

i think hes refering to chad vs virgin meme xd

I think you know the answer

It's either that or die poor.

I find the way inflation works very retarded, but to summarize:

New lumens are added to the network at the rate of 1% each year. Each week, the protocol distributes these lumens to any account that gets over .05% of the “votes” from other accounts in the network. You vote by setting the inflation destination. Some people have set up an account whereby they promise to distribute the lumens they receive through inflation back to the voters that voted for them. This is called an inflation pool. There is currently only one working inflation pool. It takes 10% fee for its service.

So from your wallet you set your voting for this address:

And trust they will deliver your share.

How much does this amount to if you hve 3500 XLM ?

I had some XLM in a phone app Centaurus. They do random payouts still to my addresses there. Just checked and over 8 months they have given me 240 or so XLM. Definitely has decreased lately to almost nothing though. Add it to the stack I guess.

Same question here.

this desu

back to kindergarten my niggas

Thank you user!!!!
Seriously the inflation is almost the #1 thing i hear in terms of FUD on Stellar... They give it back to you. What do you say now, Cripplers???


exactly i just bought in for the first time during the dip, everyone else is buying high selling low.

This seems hard , can you do it for me?


Do I need to have lumens in that wallet? Can I vote with an empty wallet?

1% of 0 is 0.

Yes you can. Enjoy your 0XLM.


why not? Seems legit.

this. im selling half soon for other moons.

it is legit but its pretty retarded cause you have to keep them in a wallet and you get like 0.02% so like 4 per week if you have 20,000 and you can make 1000s in a week if you leave some in exchanges and get a good dip.

thanks man

XLM mktcap should be higher than OMG's

buy one, shut up and keep it for two years, meine fresse!

anything you'd care to share? IoP is one I'm looking at

I have 420 lumens. Am I gonna make it guys?


No but you might get some spending money

Btw, which wallet are you guys using?

people must gave been stupid back then

Is there a better place than Changelly to get lumens?

This is a volvocoin

lambo kids can GTFO

using ledger

How much are we talkin here bro? Long time Veeky Forums lurker and newbie investor just trying to get a sense of how far this will go

Starpay Wallet ;)


Is there a desktop wallet that can hold XLM and ETH? I have both 50/50 and want to hodl through 2017+1

Get a ledger

Do some math then

If you're ok with pure speculation, at short term we're looking at 1$ per XLM, something like 5$ between FairX's release and the end of 2018.

Should I sell and buy Funfair?