Am I going to make it? Also blockfollio thread

Am I going to make it? Also blockfollio thread.

sell that verge and you might

what should i buy with the proceeds? Im thinking about buying sc or more xrm



I thought fun was just a meme... does it actually do anything?

>almost all in Verge

>not DYOR
stay poor


What do you think guys?

Just turned 18 years old, in HS, and started with 5k. What will 2018 be like for my Chadfolio?

Sell that stupid XVG and buy more XLM instead

Rate me

You're young. Fuck BTC, fuck ETH, go for the high risk! You don't have a family or anything do it doesn't matter if you lose 5k

More recent pic

going to sell xvg once it moons

tfw poorfag wageslave and this is 100% of my savings

It mooned last week. Sell.

Started with 1k, rate?

Is this TRX still worth buying instead of waiting for other moons for the next week? Im tryna go high risk wanting 100k by summer and 1 million by end of year

rate me anons

1/2 I feel like I'm massively over diversified. Any advice?

Pretty nice.
Sky is so underrated. What do you like about Pearl?

and my shitcoin collection


Not that bad. I always say 10-20 is an upper limit though. But the higher your balance the more diversification you should probably do. I think your portfolio is fine.

Can someone help me in how to make a thread on here. I use mimi reader but the app never allows me to select file to upload image

and more shitcoins. I hope EMB takes me to the lamboland


I'm already up over 100% and I don't want to trade it away for shitcoins. Why the hate for ETH and BTC also?

Pretty /comfy/ so far

This. Payfair or DBC are both high risk. Easy gains once they're listed on a major exchange

The one thing I have in common with you is that we have the same amount of BNTY.
However, my total worth is only $1200.

Listen here you stupid fucks.

XVG was always a shitcoin that purported privacy. It was cheap and that was it's only allure. McAfee shilled it, with the expectation it MIGHT increase quite a bit in the coming years. It then pumped immediately. Recently it's been shown to be literally no more private than the dogecoin it was forked from.

I have NEVER ONCE been interested in XVG nor have I even looked into it once. All the above is information that has managed to work it's way in accidentally. If you're behind me on XVG understanding given I've invested $0 and 0 time when you hold XVG you're fucking idiots.

Are you talking just about random moonshots that are shilled here on Veeky Forums or good twitter TAers?

5 main coins (BTC, ETH, XMR, ZRX, LINK)

Small amounts of alts for flavor

Am I gonna make it?

How am I doing fellas? Prepped for Q1?

ITC all in and hold

Just remember the higher the price the less likely for it to x2 or x10 etc. 1 cent -> 2 cent is same gains as $25,000 to $50,000 keep in mind

>guys with 1/10th your money that have significantly better picks

You know when people say this is a zero sum game? You're not on the winning side. Nice of you to give your money away to the newbies with $50 and nothing but a box to live in and a street to shit in, in mumbai.

What do you think of this?

Not a lot in my portfolio, made some money off of btc and planning on investing it into some other coins but not too sure which ones yes

D I V E R S I F Y more to protect your money!

I heard about it when it was a 1.3 million market cap and dropped 400 usd. It combines Iota tangle with ETH tech to replace ads on websites with an alternative income stream for website owners. This should easily reach 100 million cap short term when the testnet release will come this month and the devs are working on new exchanges too

Had some old mined BTC that I cashed out at $17k. Kept $200 to play with over the past month so that I can get a feel for trading. Currently at +57%

Getting ready to put in $4k in a few weeks to continue with these and maybe XBY and ZEC.

How am I doing?

If you want to make bigger gains you have to move to shitcoins. Mcap for BTC and ETH already very high

verge best coin


What do you recommend, too late for TRX? Im into XLM ENG XRB right now what else is ganna pop off

>started with $600 3 weeks ago over the course of a week.

Why am I not rich yet?

Utter shit, you don't diversify with 2k

I educate myself on reddit and Veeky Forums. I pick the shilled coins in the comments and look for the market cap (under 3 million). If the tech is good and the team too, I ask myself: Does this project solve anything? If yes, I check the team. Last step is looking for the community. I check telegram and discord. How big is the activity? If everything seems alright, I invest some bucks.

Like what? Ven and Req? I just sold out of my 12k shares of prl.

what would you keep/sell?

>betting the house on 1 or 2 shitcoins.

Git gud

Out of those I'd probably keep enigma and zclassic but...

Feel like I'm doing okay, just slow gains though. Should I consolidate into XLM/TRX and sit tight or go for something completely different? Appreciated fellas

Enjoy your minimal gains from 20 different coins in a $200 poorfag folio.

What did you start with and how long?

Don't wait user. All the ships are at their launch pads. XLM and DBC will pop off end of Jan

I don't know them, they're too much shilled here on Veeky Forums. I never go for them. I like under the radar projects with low mcap.
Look at my portfolio, I posted it here

Ven is good pick. REQ is experiencing noodle-asian fomo. REQ has always been a good pick but I've been in it since ICO. It's longterm.

Listen to this guy.
With so little money, the best you can do is buy FUN and wait a couple months.
Then you'll have something solid to start with

Poorfag, but I think I'll make it

Help lads. FOMO'd on a bunch of coins and now want to consolidate.

we are the ark Marines

Why the heck did you sell PRL? It will be huge this month

hodl user. end of jan you'll be close to 5 figures, if not over

Started late July with £300, added another £175 at Christmas. Main gains were BTC and XRP. As I said slow times

I don't get why you fucking idiots always say "You don't diversify on smaller budgets".

Diversification is a way to average gains/risk from the coins you pick. If you're not sure which of 3 coins will moon, you can average the 3 if you have 1$ or 1M$, the percentages will be the same.

I guess what you're really saying is "if you're poor, take bigger risks", but you can agree with that or not.

>proposes to be a cheaper solution for banks
>offers no real evidence of anyone using their service
>opens up this cheap alternative for the banks to speculators so they can inflate the price and, if anyone actually uses it which they don't, congest the network.
>centralised, which you'll never understand how big that is. If they decide they want to double the supply, ez done. If they decide they want to end it all, ez done. If the gubbermint decides they don't want them operating they have someone to target.

Excellent pick. Certainly worth 100b. Btw you're trusting korean fomo buying of something they don't understand. See you at $0 by Q2.

not with those picks

I started with .05 BTC at the beginning of December. This is a fun game.

Capped, see you in April.

It won't

Ven neo and icx are all moon missions and I've been in them since $.65, $33, and $1.86 respectively.
But sure, tell me how much I need chainlink.

fuck this dude, user. Nothin wrong with holding onto that XRP for another month or so to see if things pop off. Remember that xrp sat at .25c for almost half of last year.


Your tears will be delicious when banks openly say they've developed their own blockchain and using a third party blockchain that allows speculators to trade it is literally the stupidest fucking shit they've ever heard.

All of you guys get your panties in a twist when someone has something to say about your coins. It's really funny how quickly you all jump to snarkily defend your shitty picks.

Says something about your confidence in them

Because I think XBY could outpace those gains in a month. I traded prl for XBY.

DBC seems like a meme though.

Dump it all into XLM user

Let me ask you this. You employ staff capable of creating a blockchain, relatively simply. This could be completely private and at your control.


You could use a third party who has control over it and can change it at their whim. Also every dickhead on the planet can buy up your supply.

Yeah, hold onto XRP. Because 100b definitely isn't the peak.


You're mistaken in thinking that I believe XRP is worth it. I don't.

But you'll never make it to whale status if you don't realize you need to join them in using normies to pump the price. FOMO is a powerful thing.

stay in user. Dump if it starts dropping too sharply for you. Ideally you should be able to eat whatever losses you incur should the worst happen.

8k to 60k since December

Feels cozy

Just traded my xrp for dbc. Will I get JUSTed?

Just a feeling that I get with the other shill coins like link.

Too diversified. Also get out of BTC. Even if you buy the store of value thing, you'll never make it on so little capital with BTC. Pick a good alt and go all in. I recommend icx or xlm

With that little money, you should pick promising shitcoins and hope. Anybody can make it with 10000% gains.

You don't need to believe in the coins. You just have to believe that others have been properly shilled, then you ride that sweet FOMO wave.

literally only thing that crypto is.

>FOMO is a powerful thing

It needs to be at least fucking mildly fud-proof you fucking moron. Imagine the fucking shitstorm when this begins it's death spiral. There is no saving from fud this easy. God it will be the best day of my life. Every retard XRP investor needs to actually research it, Tone Vays made it ez with his talk with Peter Todd on why XRP is literally the biggest scam of them all.

I had the same feeling about TRX, dumped them all after I read some convincing criticism about their code structure. Then it mooned

Portfolio estimations by end of 2018?

Is this too diversified right now with this amount of money? I'm looking to add probably $500 a month from wagecucking, am I missing any mooncoins?

I hate to admit it but you guys are probably right.


I feel like I am diversifying too much

It's closer to 2100 CAD when cashed out to fiat due to higher ETH prices on Quadriga. Only 805 CAD principal which I invested over the course of a month.

VTC is mined (free electricity), and BNB for discounted fees. Want to put in about 2 to 3k CAD soon, what should I do?