Is it a good time to buy Verge now?

Absolute perfect moment BUY THE DIP we will be at 2$ in 2 months BUYBUYBUY pajeeeeeeeeet

if you want to lose all your money yes

of course

Verge is best coin easiest 10x I ever made

no, it is a shit

go for something solid like ENG

i bought about 50k BZC, should i kill myself?

Sirs we going 5.00$ beforehand next year . Thanks sir

Wait until wednesday night or thursday morning after the crash.

What a fucking cunt. Go ahead and buy.

I just daytrade this shitcoin. it will rebound to at least 1400 by end of week


I bought this coin at .25 so now I am just holding til it goes up again,

Run you little kiddo. Just run away

Why no one answering to my bazinga coin problem?

dear friend pls send 5$ with bobs n vagine, my family not eat for days, sir

>ask yourself if you are a pajeet
look in the mirror and don't even reply back, you already know the answer.

Hello can someone help me, i need to start a new thread on Veeky Forums but idk if im being retarded but im having a lot of issues. I use the mimi reader, when i try to attach files yo upload pics nothing happens

Just wanted to know how much idiots still think verge is a good coin.
topkek I'm out goodbye miladys and don't forget to buy Embercoin it will go to 1$ in 3weeks.

it's never a good time to buy verge, just like it's never a good time to shit on a street and wipe with your hand if you are a civilized white man


Dude Im only asking for some help...

Bazinga coin needs help also

if you haven't bought any, RUN!

I was talking to McAfee on Twitter and he told me i should buy Verge?!?

Isnt he an expert for cryptocurrencies?

Wraith works, only waiting for official announcements from the Dev team, so I say yes, buy

Bagholder spotted!

Wanna buy my BZC?

I’m holding 8000 XVG and even I know you’re full of shit

So guys what do you think about Experience Points?

verge? lmao, look up electra, fast as raiblocks, secure as monero

I had a buy order that got me back in at 844 sats,22k coins what price should I set my sell order Veeky Forums?

Just sell them now, I held my bags of XVG for way too long. It may moon, it may not, but I'm putting my faith in a crypto that has an actual dev team and not some graffiti artist who calls himself sunerok. Not to mention fucking XVG Whale

naw, wait until 750. Chart highs and lows have been on 3 day intervals, confidence is still sinking, tomorrow night is a buy time probably

The verge whale has helped me out, had an order that got filled at 750 sats during a flash crash our whatever, got out at like 1300 when I woke up. I am getting out just want to profit as much from last buy in. Already have sell order set at 930.