Raiblocks papering over the cracks on their network, using 2 nodes instead of 1 is not a sustainable solution...

Raiblocks papering over the cracks on their network, using 2 nodes instead of 1 is not a sustainable solution. Vulnerabilities are already showing even before it's hit a major exchange.

Why is this not a sustainable solution you fking pajeet fudder?

>Devs admitting there are errors in code

pick one you retard

one fucking node for a fucking three gazilion usd climb in market cap, you are fucking dumb user , like retarded. durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

>i missed the XRB train: the thread.

Please think before you FUD

considering selling most of my stack. I sold half at $10 cause that was already retarded growth (I bought in at $2).

unhealthy amount of growth imo, maybe I should just put it into a sure-ish bet like NEO

too beta for chad coin

80M$ daily volume ran through a single node, and you dont find that impressive

they said it's a minor bug which rarely even occurs and can be fixed with a second node.
Find some shitcoin you can buy for 100 sat but don't cry that you missed the lambocoin.


>Highly decentralized. Even a normalfag with a decent internet connection can run a node.
>Absolutely feeless and free.
>Fast transactions (a few seconds)
>High throughput (1000+ tps)
>Fairly distributed via faucet (no premine or "foundation" keeping most of it)
>Hit $2 billion marketcap appearing only on an obscure exchange.
>Developers adhere to "do one thing and do it well" and aren't fapping over non-existent bullshit like lightning network, smart contracts, etc. It works today!
>Not ran by refugee circle jerking SJW devs.
>Has been around for 4 years.
>Has been proven non impacted during altcoin/bitcoin dumps.
>Lead Dev and Creator Colin has worked as a Dev for QualComm, Dell, AMD, and others; working on cutting edge code dev.

Common FUD that has no backing:
>It'll dump when it hits exchanges. - We rarely see this in altcoins unless it's post ICO at a premium. Currently has $50 million in volume a day, not that low of a volume coin, has had plenty of dumps and immediate pumps.
>Double Spend Rumor - Some faggot keeps fudding this on reddit and github, Devs have offered massive bounties for any bugs, he refuses to back it up when called on it.
>Spam - Not really a MASSIVE issue like it was with IOTA. XRB allows for minimum receipt limits, and transaction limits by node operators.
>Don't buy at an ATH - It's constantly at a new ATH. So essentially you will never be able to buy it and you WILL miss out. Sorry you didnt get it at under a dollar, you're still going to make money buying now.
>Artificial Shortage because of Exchange - Not really, constantly has order books that are deep enough to support $50 million in volume. Once in a while someone does dump, but IMMEDIATELY it is pumped right back to a new ATH. The rich list shows nearly no wallets with more than 1% of total circ supply.

Op is a fag

>"our platform was built from the ground up with unknown issues in mind"

that doesnt even make sense lol. im guessing these are pajeets

>minor bug
>oops that user was able to spend his funds twice

Great system, it's not even a currency if you can spend your money twice.

>Colin Lemahieu
have you seen how much experience this guy has?
feels so fucking good that all the Veeky Forums mouthbreathers have missed this one

Stop pretending you know what you're talking about, you sound fucking clueless.

>2 nodes instead of 1 is not a sustainable solution.

I'm a software engineer and you sound like a dumbass right now.

What shitty exchange wouldn't have many nodes. This isn't crypto specific, when you build any service you set up redundancy, this isn't fucking 2001.

I would not be surprised if bitgrail is sitting on one instance with no load balancing.

They futureproofed it for issues that raiblocks didnt even have but might or might not have some day.Not really that hard to understand.

we all know by now bitgrail are incompetent fucks that live on borrowed time
the second this hits binance bitgrail WILL exit scam

Got 'em

how much longer till raiblocks hits binance? The only thing holding XRB back are these shit exchanges.

AMD, Dell and Qualcomm. Find me anyone close to him

>Muh muh vitamin

Chad coin weeds out the fags and losers

but how can you build around issues that you are unaware of or that dont even exist yet? how does it make sense? it would be like living in the 1800s and planning your life around owning a car. you cant see into the future and plan around what does not even exist yet

idk voting ends 5 january end of the month somewhere probably
kucoin is listing it too but idk when

Jesus christ your analogy is bad, it would be like having a new car company and learning from other car companies mistakes

worst part was how they blamed the exchange lmao, like the pajeet blaming you when you when you want to shit in the loo instead of the street

I mean running a single node for daily volumes of 80M$ doesnt seem like the best move

lol pathetic soyboy passive agressive defense

take your cuckold pajeetblocks and shove them up your ass

Shocking analogy.. sending a new model of cars out with a faulty brake system hits closer to home