How do I do my own research?

What steps do you take before buying a coin?

check on biz then go to twitter to see if theres anything new then i buy

>see coin being shilled on biz
>make sure it's not pajeet or brainlet
>buy coin
works out more often than not

check out the dev team behind your coin...try to figure out their motive...or they working for their project or really trying to make money to back another? name brand recognition,what exchanges its listed on,what deals are in the works,check twitters for updates,check various forums to get a general consensus of the coin and project..ya dig

>use applied memeology to decipher the legitimacy of a post
>buy on the dip

Ty for the legit advice

>is the logo cool
>is the name cool
>is the team mostly huwhite males.

>look for coins shilled on Veeky Forums
>go to coin market cap
>check out coin
>check out twitter and reddit
>check out coins website
>read the road map and white paper

For what do you look out while reading the white paper?


unironically this.

grammar, actual planning, an understanding of what they are doing. you don't have to read the whole thing to get a grasp, just understand that they know what they are doing. if they have shitty grammar errors, the coin is probably shit because it's unprofessional.

for 1, if it exists


>is the name cool?
>is it being developed by white people (no Jews allowed)?
>is there anything big in its future?

latex formatting, the content is irrelevant

What is white paper?

Just buy BAT and hold for a year. You will make it.

Thanks, did you put in the time to understand the technology behind cryptos?

Unironically this.

I Use the faggot method before I commit to any coin

>F for fundamentals
>A to analyze the team behind the shitcoin
>G to garner interest on social media
>G to gauge the future growth potential
>O to optimize my entry point (buy high sell low)
>T for a bit of technical analysis before I take the leap


Kek, but ty user.

Which youtubers do you like?

Other than that, how do you decide if you want to hold a coin for long or short time?

Thats... actually really good.

Saving that.

>how do you decide if you want to hold a coin for long or short time?
Do you believe in the long term viability of the coin?

There is no getting around doing a shit ton of research but the biggest 'cheat' is to find things that have really weak fud against them and invest in them

>coin x shilled on Veeky Forums
>check coinmarketcap charts
>it mooned already = pajeets trying to unload their bags, Avoid
>not mooned yet = buy

At what increase do you start to call it mooning?

At what increase do you start to call it mooning?

>see coin post
>check comments for pajeet'lish
>if it looks clean wait for the dip and buy

Hello pajeets

If you are a developer or have any understanding of programming, check out their commits on Github and read some code. Best way to tell if a project is solid or dogshit