So I have been holding steadily Enigma since ICO. It was one of the best decisions I have ever done...

So I have been holding steadily Enigma since ICO. It was one of the best decisions I have ever done. Can we discuss here what is the potential marketcap of this coin? I mean Top50 is full of shitcoins, that are ridiculous in compare with ENG.

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$45 in 3-4 months

Looks like it's about to pull a 10ft tall green candle

100$ EOY

These honestly. I only wish I had more!

its starting to get on Veeky Forums fuck lol never a good sign

$10,000 EOM final offer

> MIT MBA team
> true decentralisation
> true privacy
> academic whitepapers

easy moon mission

I still don't understand what they mean by privacy.
Is it anonymity or is encryption?

Get in now... charts look good

It's an easy 10x.

> Enigma catalyst is going live today (confirmed, I'm on it RN)
> Q & A
> Normies don't know about it

Get in you dumb motherfuckers

you have 5 minutes

Access control. Encryption is a tool for anonymity.

That sell wall though

fuckers. if it somehow knocks down will fuckin moon

If you aren't in this you're actually retarded.

I bought the dip and am going to make bank.

10x over the next few weeks



>Enigma catalyst is going live today (confirmed, I'm on it RN)

you can do computations on data without exposing it to the person doing the computing

you're retarded

I'm going to retire this year. Last thing I'll ever shill feels.

someone just bought the whole wall.. lels

sell wall @ 33010 lets do it

Can somebody tell me how to actually buy coins? Never did, I want to buy some but have no idea about all these shitty exchange sites and what coins best to buy to change them to iota or enigma..

you just buy them

>Can somebody tell me how to actually buy coins? Never did, I want to buy some but have no idea about all these shitty exchange sites and what coins best to buy to change them to iota or enigma..


IOTA has a shit ton of stuff going wrong with Tangle as far as I know


Enigma is a great one to get in on

well, first i need to sign up on one of that godzillion exchanges and i don't know which to trust...? Then i understand i can't buy most of the altcoins using cash but i have to own other coins first... guess there have to be tricks how to get in the cheapest, no?

>had a sell set at 35999 last night before I went to bed
>it hit fucking 35500

If I would have been like 2% less greedy I could have bought that fucking dip and practically doubled my stash. Just fuck my shit up.

just send me money I will buy you some ENG

thanks mate, how long do i need to account for when signing up there until i can buy coins?

I don't know what the hell tangle is (i've only be trading stocks), but IOTA has a lot of huuge big industry investors... like microsoft, bosch etc...

trade fiat/ETH on kraken, withdraw to binance, trade ETH/ENG

That's awesome, but the thing you need to understand since you're new around here is that potential is worth more as an upside than something completely established.

IMO, this project is the highest potential one around.


I agree with all you say, but I also want to buy some ripple and iota with that enigma ^^
you can bet your ass that banks will find ways to establish their own currency... and i see potential for iota since it's pretty much an industry currency... maybe for b2b transactions.

I respect your choice to diversify, but I for one highly, highly discourage investing in Ripple. It seems stable but it will forever be pegged sub $3. Invest in stellar lumens, much higher upside :)



>ripple and iota
my dude, dont, or at least think once more

just buy them

just fuck off

Did the wall just get pulled? It didn't look like anyone was really eating into it, I'm surprised he didn't lower it. I looked away and it was gone.

I have a sell set for 36999 which would be 100% gain for me but I'm considering raising it, you guys think it could go higher than that in the short term like by tomorrow?

I'm only gonna sell half and hold the other 50% 5ever.

IOTA is dogshit and so is Ripple, thank me later

trying to decide that now. keeping 60% for long term watching to seel when to sell rest

No one bought the wall, it was removed

what's your point?
I want to buy enigma too... it sounds very promising.
But I want diversification and I don't believe in BTC as it is too old and not on par with the newer coins technologywise.
Why y'all hating on ripple so much?
I see it like this: the banks and centralbanks don't want to lose their power over the money, they will fight against the bitcoin and push ripple as much as they can. AFAIK ripple is already #3 as far as market capitalization goes, so it's going pretty well for them ain't it?
I'd not bet against banks man... you can only lose doing that.

with the logo and name on top of this were going to the moon

Yeah, but it's not going to increase your capital investment longterm like a low-profile heavyweight will. Period.

Shit or get off the pot, this goldrush is for movers.

Just let this dude make his mistakes

its back

I'm all in on ENG and ADA - should I buy more ENG?

I cant see ADA going any higher, and if so what will really justify it's price??? I sold mine for now. What do you think user?



Both walls were bought.. 16000... and 10000

whales know

be more attentive

Sure, sell half of your google stocks and gamble on a shitcoin brainlet :^) Everyone is ready to buy.

All the weak hands got weeded out last night

ok, but that wall wasn't bought, it was removed if it was bought it would show up in the volume chart.

be more attentive

On binance or bittrex?

It got bought on bittrex.. actually 3 walls about 20btc in volume.. why would I make this up? I saw the buys, been sperging at the orderbook all day

ADA coming to Ledger soon, Dev team that is going to deliver - scared to sell that gravy train

i can see this one going to more then $100 around Q4 2018 tho. It's literally the ethereum of privacy coins with a marketcap of only 150 mil. Wouldnt surprise me if it went 250 and up...

I'd still have half. :(

binance actually, 50 btc wall and a 150 btc wall popped up briefly and were dropped but not sold.

price predictions on a year, user...

I made almost 60K with verge. Everybody called me crazy about 6 months ago. Now i have become their crypto wizard.

Enigma will be more then 100 dollars by the end of 2018. Screenshot this.

ADA is already overvalued desu

congrats but there are way too many factors and uncertainties to accurately predict prices over such a long period of time, specially in crypto

Hey felling ENGmarines, holding 3k here but was looking to up that. Haven't been paying attention to the market all week, so this sudden mooning to $5 has caught me off guard as I have no accumulated enough.
Got another 5 ETH I want to throw in, so I'm looking for a good point to throw that in to maximize my ENG. I'm too retarded to do this, so I'm hoping to crowd-source retarded advice. What should I place my buy order at? I'm hoping to god this shit dips, but I don't want to put my buy order in too low and get left behind, so I was thinking putting a 2.5 ETH order at .005 ENG/ETH and .0045 ENG/ETH. We thinking it's going to dip lower? I'd really like to get it at .004 ENG/ETH or lower, but that may happen.


waiting for transaction
Is it still worth it to invest? Am I too late?

Fuck, excuse my shit tier typing am not pajeet.


"No not worth it" or "no I am not too late"?

Seems like we're going fully erect candle ...

don't like giving advice but id buy even if it goes down a little today which I don't think it will.. its a good long term hold

it will definitely go up this month, but there can be a little dip during the week... so buy and hold, this project is actually doing something in compare with any other shit out there

Ok faggots I canceled my sell. This shit is about to go insane again look at that volume climbing WE'RE GOING TO BE RICH WE'RE GOING TO BE FUCKING RICH YESSS FINALLY I MADE IT

about to break ATH on bittrex

done while typing


Poorfag here. I could only afford 3 ENG at $5.30 Am I gonna make it bros?

Ahh I only have 150 ENG!

Same here! Bought in at like 5k satoshi!!

What do you mean gaining rapidly?

are we about to go parabolic my dudes?



i think it happening

Big Q1 for Enigma, will continue to fly.
I just sold temporarily expecting BTC or ETH to pull another moon soon, wanna up my stack to 1k

LADS. I have £220 on me right now, should I wait for a dip and go all in? My plan is to hold long term so I want to find a decent entry point and long it so I don't lose sleep. thots on this?

wait the dip

Another chance to buy, finally.

It has a long way to go yet!

There seems to be some confusion about what the Enigma protocol is/does.

It is not comparable to other Crypto projects nor is it in competition with them.

Enigma is an off-chain peer-to-peer network that enables different parties to jointly store and run computations on data while keeping data completely private through the use of secret contracts.

This second-layer network provides privacy and increased scalability, the Enigma protocol is Blockchain agnostic meaning it can work with and be complementary to other Blockchain Networks(ETH,Monero etc).

The Potential of this project is massive, the endless use cases for Enigma will be a gateway to mass adoption of Blockchain technology.

The team is also developing dApps to be built on the data marketplace, the first of which 'Catalyst' is a data driven Crypto-investment trading platform

If that spiel isn't enough here's some links for your own research:

Their Principal Advisor is Alex Pentland who is one of the most cited authors in computer science.

Latest update from head of Growth/Marketing Tor.

right on time, eth lifts off.
gimmy that cheap ENG!!

I typo'd, meant that my 150 ENG was approaching the sat value from my 10k FUN

Is the general consensus around here to use ETH for transactions then? My only way gateway into crypto is Coinbase and I want to get in on this soonish so my only way of getting the funds in is through debit, which incurs a 4% fee, shitty but that's the only way I can get it from my bank account to gdax. ThoughtS?

lets doooo this

someone please help

Yes, use ETH, never use BTC unless you want to lose $20 or more every time you transfer and wait hours for transfers.
ETH has fees, but not even close.

Lmao through half an eth into this when I saw it dipped hard and didnt like my 0.6 balance.t

It dipped harder so I didnt wanna sell it.
Now it's worth 1.2 eth.

Tfw im gonna make it

Wow, nice explanation, I always found people complaining about what the fuck enigma is.

Only idiots didn't buy this.

1 bil marketcap next week.

Screenshot this. Call me out if I'm wrong.

Should I sell all my other coins to go all in on this? I only have 5.5k to spare and I want to be a millionaire.

Unironically this, probably higher, I bought in at 1$, so suck my dick you pink wojack

What a time to be alive

>next week
try in 3 days

>literally potentially 3 digits eoy
did I just a lambo?

Do you really think so? I really want to buy the dip.