Its not too late to accumulate, user

Its not too late to accumulate, user.

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Can't wait for all the biztards to complain about missing this one later.

So fkn obvious.

I have 6k coins, will I make it?

This has been quietly shilled on Biz for months and no one has been paying attentions. Too busy chasing pump and dumps meanwhile the most undervalued coin with the most market potential has flown right under the radar.

I guess Veeky Forums just hates free money

People don't realize this use to be a top 30 coin back in May/June. We've had more development than a bunch of those coins that are in the billion dollar range.

you guys are beginning to sounding freakishly similar to linkies

RLC is Link 2.0

looks solid but its not gonna blast off until its on another exchange other than bittrex

Anonymous (ID: 2mDZD7mW) 01/02/18(Tue)17:38:57 No.5778232▶
Here are my top 10 reasons why I am heavily invested in IEXEC RLC. 1) 2018 will be the year when Ethereum’s killer Dapp’s come into fruition. As we all know these Dapp’s require tremendous computational power to do their calculations and the question is whether the Ethereum Virtual Machine can handle?- The answer is simply NO. For Eg, Request Network needs tremendous amount of computational power to do its financial audits and Ethereum Virtual Machine can be a severe liability as the computations cannot be scaled and is as limited as Miners computational power. So here comes IEXEC RLC, which can technically provide computational power to DAPP’s like ENIGMA, SIGNALS, REQ Network etc. These Dapp’s are waiting for the industry fundamentals like decentralized storage and computing to get completed. So it’s a no brainer that as DAPP’s grow, projects like IEXEC RLC will breathe life into them.

2) Next coming to the team, one of the most talented and experienced team in the crypto space they are just no-nonsense guys, no hype guys who deliver silently (looking at you Golem). Giles Fedak is one of the most respected persons in cloud computing arena. Hawei Hu has been voted as one of the top 40 smartest persons in China. The whole system is based on XtremWeb-HEP, a mature, solid, and open-source Desktop Grid software which has already stood the test of time. IEXEC is just providing the platform by linking blockchain and the tech. With such a stellar team and good technology it’s has favorable odds to become successful.

3) A Sino-Franco Project:- Yes, IEXEC RLC can have a potential foothold in two continents Europe and Asia. The company has two offices one in Nice, France and other in China. With strong Chinese links and collaborations with Tsinghua University (Chinese equivalent of MIT). There is possibility of this project getting adopted very quickly.


Anonymous (ID: 2mDZD7mW) 01/02/18(Tue)17:40:17 No.5778282▶
4) Competitors:- Golem Mcap: 919million, These guys aggressively marketed themselves. With no working product and are already lagging behind by 6 months with their Brass Golem which was supposed to be done last June. Golem is like a fat girl at a party infused with steroids. No one likes to speak to her. In fact, Golem and IEXEC RLC are not even direct competitors Golem wants to be decentralized super computer while IEXEC wants to foundational block on which Dapp’s run and as well provide decentralized computational power. The team also said there can be a possible collaboration with Golem. So if golem is valued at 913 million with no working product and IEXEC rlc still is at 150 million at the time of writing and with DAPP store already realized IEXEC will easily surpass Golem in the coming months that’s my prediction.

5) More exchanges on the cards, we all know as coins get listed on more exchanges net work affect starts in and price rises proportionally.

6) Potential take over by IBM, though this rumor has never been confirmed, we all know what IBM did to stellar 

7) Dapp store has already been released on time. The team has promised couple of collaborations in January and launch of IEXEC summer of code for writing DAPPs on its platform.

8) Blockchain Agnostic: One of team members came out and said IEXEC is not limited to Ethereum and it can be adopted various smart contract platforms like NEO, ARK.

9) Decentralized computing is cleaner and energy efficient than cloud computing. As Smart cities and IOT become mainstream the cloud will simply not be able to keep it up. After Iexex V2 release one can simply rent their redundant computational power. Just imagine lending your phone or laptop for money. The proof of Contribution protocol is well tested and is PHD Haidren is doing a great job on this protocol.


10) Last but not the least cloud computing market is projected to reach 411 Billion by 2020 according to Forbes. If Iexec is successful in capturing at least 1 percent of that market they will be valued at 4.1 Billion.

So here comes my prediction,@4.1 billion it will be valued at 45 to 50 $ if they are successful in capturing this market. I wish Iexec and its team all the best 

Lol, RLC marines and their heavy bags.

>but much technology!

Yeah, you and every other shitcoin.

Buy golem if you want a one-way ticket to lamboland. Nothing else compares.

>You don't believe that shit your goddamn self.
-keith murray

>Buy golem if you want a one-way ticket to lamboland. Nothing else compares.

enjoy your 1 way ticket to a used toyota, cuck. Golem is 6 months behind and nothing but marketing smoke and mirrors.

Fact of the matter is you are scared shitless and you should be, rlc's only way is up from and golem has a long way down. For your sake I hope u sell golem soon.

Marketing is the only thing that matters in crypto, and RLC can't into it. Just look at BTC and ETH.

Ima wait for the dip

>Marketing is the only thing that matters in crypto, and RLC can't into it. Just look at BTC and ETH.

Pajeet coins always get found out. look at xvg.

RLC is partnered with REQ + 2 new partnerships due this month.

RLC is about to go parabolic but it's okay, i'll let you wipe my ass one day user.

>about to go parabolic

It's been "about to go parabolic" for 6 months now. You're better off investing in Golem. At least they know how to market their shit.

>It's been "about to go parabolic" for 6 months now. You're better off investing in Golem. At least they know how to market their shit.

Hmm let's see. Golem went from 0.4 to 1.08 in the last 6 months whereas RLC went from 0.5 to 2.14 in the last 6 months.

0 marketing and still double your gains. Stfu you fking pajeet.

Just wait until we hit binance. Lots of interest in rlc right now just not a lot of access to it.

>comparing price instead of marketcap

RLC just can't compete.

>>comparing price instead of marketcap
>RLC just can't compete.

Are you pajeet patinder? I compared 6 month returns if you knew how to read anything other than your shitty pajeet language.

But sure, enjoy your overvalued 1bn mkt cap.