ITT: My series of terrible decisions that cost me thousands

I am definition of retard newb. Been “doing crypto” since 12/11. Put an initial 4K into ripple. Make 2K.

Mistake 1: put 2k into PayFair @ 0.016. Eventually pull it out and invest in and everything else BNTY. Make 3.5K. Think this is good. Think I am cool. Meanwhile, PayFair climbs to ATH of .15.

Potential loss: ~25K selling PFR at ATH

Mistake 2: I am at 9.5K. Think about putting all money into a “safe place”. See XRB. Put everything in at $12. Pull out quickly to chase quick pumps. XRB goes to ATH $36.

Potential loss: ~28K selling XRB at ATH + loss of 1K chasing pumps.

GRANDADDY OF MISTAKES: its new years eve. I am getting fucked up on cocaine and alcohol. Make the unfortunate mistake of reading into verge and wraith. Invest thinking quick 2-3x upon wraith release.

Loss: 2K

Current. Sitting on 6.5k. It is obvious I have weak hands and am retarded. Feel free to tear me a new asshole. Feel free to give me some hard advice; I am sure there are some fellows out there who operated in a similar manner at first.

Current Holdings:
2.5K Payfair
4K Lamden ICO

You're still up 2.5K dumbass

But it could be so much more..

Just don't think of it like that. Just think of how you'll next get to 10k then 20k etc with what you have now

That's what I am trying to do. Promising myself that I don't touch my PFR or Lamden holdings. Also doesn't help having 2 weeks off work for holiday.

Your hands are jelly. Go into one coin with a sizable portion and fucking leave it in there. Bonus points if your country rewards you for that by making your gains tax-free after some time.

>I've only made 60% on my investments this month! reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Jesus christ does anyone ever step back and realize how fucking insane this whole market is?

In the process of doing so after seeing how easy it is to get lost in it.


Buy BNTY whiles its still cheap

Get your moon boots ready

Keeping a close eye on it. Seems like an inevitable 5x once it hits more exchanges.


Lets all get rich on BNTY

I had 56K BNTY tokens. Will probably try and get there again before end of month. Team seems very determined on making it to an exchange outside of KuCoin.

Keep payfair and let it sit. That shit has good potential. As for the others, decide yourself

>sold 10k XRP at 20 cents
>sold 10k NEM at 20 cents
>sold 30k BAY at .4 cents
>sold 444 OMG at 8 bucks

jelly hands checking in

Yeah I have been kicking my own ass every day for dropping that 160K. Not touching what I have until its at a dollar or close to.

yes, this


BNTY best buy of 2018

>I sold NEO at 400k sats during its run up to 1200k sats, was shitposting on japanese knitting forums about how this will never go above 500, 600, 700, 800k. Went quiet after 900k and bought back in at 1000.

>sold REQ at $0.05 after buying 130k+ at ICO.

You're going be alright. I'm up significantly from initialy investment.

Thanks man. Feel like its almost a right of passage to fuck up in this way before doing well.

BNTY seems like a good buy, but i wouldn't discount PFR

Don't worry, OP. We've all done dumb shit.
I missed a 1,500% once or twice. The important thing is that you're pulling in cash.

Also, stray from daytrading and look more into swing trading. /always/ buy low.

Thank you. Yeah cocaine fueled day trading didn't do me any good haha.

I admire your honesty, took me missing out on PRL before I got my steel hands.

Also. BNTY FTW. Tungsten hands reportin' in

Yep thats another one I totally fucked up on, albeit on a smaller scale.

you CANNOT put potential losses on your brain like that user. No one trades perfectly. Everyone should've dumped everything into bitcoin in october then perfectly sold the 19.7k top but no one did that.

Agreed. Just trying to hammer this point into my brain via Veeky Forums reinforcement haha.

You need to read and learn ok. Don’t fuck up too much right now. Read and learn and don’t fomo buy idiot.

Payfair is at the ceiling of it's dip. Buy more imo. It's super cheap. It has a good white paper, and it's only listed on Ether Delta which normies avoid like the plague. It's high in the voting on Next exchange and once it's listed somewhere other than ED the price is gonna go to 20-30 cents each. (Literally 100M total coins..huge potential)

ceiling = floor.

Definitely looking to buy more, however, I can't justify investing any more cash at this time.

I sold them all at once to go all in on BTC.
Made some decent gains off of that but still feel like a retard. learned my (expensive) lesson tho.

Focusing too much on money, and forgetting about real relationships, love and things that ultimately matter.

Hey. One thing I can tell you is to absolutely under no circumstances ever give up! You can definitely come back from this.

grabs you

Listen. Remember. This is still the beginning of the crypto boom. There's a lot of coins you could invest in now that'll make you lots of money by the end of the year. Remember December 2016? Seems like a joke now right? Just imagine how we'll be looking back at December 2017 after the end of this year. Gotta keep pushing. Keep at it and never stop. I've lost thousands in BTC by doing noob mistakes. In total at least 2 BTC worth. But I'm up considerably from my losses. Why? Cuz I stand up, look life in the face, and DARE it to try and keep me down! Life will do whatever it takes to try and beat you down into the ground. It'll keep yelling "QUIT!...QUIT!!"

Never quit. You can do this. You CAN and WILL come back from this! Keep your head up and stay strong brother.

nice just bought 100k

Didn't think i'd get this many positive responses. Thanks Veeky Forums

your biggest mistake is getting fucked up on drugs and alcohol AND trading crypto.

keep your shit together if you're gonna make financial decisions. Or don't, im not the police

Okish for a cokehead

hahaha yeah man; chasing too many highs at once.

Nothing wrong with a little new years blow! A lot wrong with pairing blow + crypto

Don't ever compare what you did to what you COULD have done.

You will ALWAYS be in the red if you do that.

I have been trading for 3 years and if I had done everything right then I would have 100s of millions of dollars by now. It doesn't work like that though.

Stop the coke. Fucking awful drug. I'd rather shoot some good clean heroin.

I sold my 1 ether of DRGN (330$) from ico on ED for about 4k... would be 21k now. It happens and it only seems obvious in hindsight.