Low market cap coins with huge growth potential

Shill me low market cap coins with sub 1 billion supply, and interesting tech. If you are extra kind, give me a quick rundown of it so I can get an idea of what it does and can have an easier time reading the white paper

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my wish


dont shill too much however



some user posted this link yday - hackernoon.com/blockchains-need-iexec-the-market-just-hasnt-realized-it-yet-5597c743cd0a

easy read

Have a look at Elix. Elix is an token for p2p lending/borrowing and crowdfundingplatform. Still verg low marketcap. Elix is created/released how everything on here should be created. The elix community had the ability to make proposals and give input too the devs. Their was no crazy ICO hype. Devs gave weekly updates with code and app demos. The devs are providing a service/product wich can give the banking system to the people. They are not in it for a quick buck like most ICO coins wich die most of the time after the devs got their funding and leave. But they are providing a revolutionary tech wich can cripple the banks. And I fucking hate banks. So be part af this amazing project and check out their website elixirtoken.io

COLX its an privacy coin equal to pivx (500)m mc better then Verge (2Bill) mc

and guess what COLX curently has a 50 Mil mc (My math when we get the whitepaper (next week) when we get another shiitt exchance (Next week) i Might be looking at 120% gains ^^ and ofc dont forget its all speculation and im a pajeet faggot

research for yourself you lazy fucking cunt.

It's only on shitty exchanges. Is it truly worth it? Well, I did buy XRB on Mercatrox of all things so I might give it a try

I've heard of this one. My only concern is that it's above $1 so I can't buy heaps of it yet


Tremendous potential for huge gains, great tech idea, completely undervalued in current crypto days

How's the devs tho?

why not?
far superior than taking tips from these fuckers

think parameters OP
narrow that shit down.
you said
>sub 1 billion supply
start there. instantly reduced
you could then:
>sub 50 mil MCap
that's another 30% out of the way
>Disregard Pre mined bullshit.
another 20% out of the way
>Has it just pumped??
fuck suddenly you are left with no more than 15 coins.

Now fuck off and do your work you lazy cunt

not even a thank you.

faggot, you think I've NOT tried to do this? I think I spent all day reading whitepaper of 10 or so shitcoins and as I struggle with comprehending whitepapers before knowing the basics beforehand, I got almost nothing out of it

>you think I've NOT tried to do this
I know you have never done this.
because it's not that hard.
another parameter for you.
>bitcointalk forum or whatever:
how many pages does the coin you are interested in have?
What's the sentiment during the last few weeks/months

You wanted tips
I gave you tools

>reading whitepapers
you are talking shitcoins here..

find promising coins that fit your parameters then and only then, if you want to invest longterm into said shitcoin, which by the way is pretty fucking loopy, then concentrate on the whitepaper.
otherwise get in cheap and enjoy the ride.

didn't mean to call you a lazy cunt.

Look these aren't shit coins. If you want real potential 100-1000x runs I can lay those out.

NTWK literally trippled MCAP today. Can't even tell you what they do but look at the graph and you'll be sold

PFR - DYOR in my mind guaranteed 50x from this point(I hold around 70k of them)

BBT - DYOR easiest wait and be rich ever

UFR - again I bought because of hype, the trends show it will be huge though

PBL - easy money and better than POE

Search for coins that Veeky Forums still didn't shill and have active devs.
That should be enough.
You only gonna buy high if you listen to them.

every thing not top ten is a shitcoin user, don't get attached.
shitcoins are fucking great though, embrace them.
hence 100-1000x gains

Safex is currently trading at $0.023. It will be $0.32 by June. Research Safex. Andromeda bound.

chinese IOTA