*moons silently*

*moons silently*

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whats that?

shares of the kucoin exchange, if you hold them you get all free coins that are traded even BTC, ETH, NEO, according to the volume and the amount you have

You will get a share of all coins which were traded on KuCoin depending on your amount of KCS.

So you will get a nice little passive income of so many coins and KCS itself will rise higher and higher with more users everyday.

KuCoin has a new ATH in trading volume everyday so get on and buy KCS.

btw. feel free to use my ref link
kucoin. com/#/? r=1HgQ7

I saw this chink shit at .90c
fuck my life

i don't get why people aren't intrested more, it's a gold mine


should have bought this, I'm so mad I only bought a few a few days ago for 1,5 USD.

I don't get it either.

What a waste

Holy fuck dude
Thats a sign, buy KCS using my ref code
kucoin. com/#/? r=1HgQ7

thanks just bought 777k shares

If you hold more than 1k of these you willbe able to retire this quarter


Dumping my KCS now and taking profits, either waiting for a dip or moving to something else

zero incentive for this to dip as long as Kucoin overall volume is increasing desu

There will be no dip, or at least no big dip.
They are constantly upgrading the servers because they can't handle the shitload of new users.

With more users, there will be more trading, with more trading there will be more dividends and with more dividends the price will only get higher.
Then people will hear about KCS and the circle continues.

"Mommy, the script executed correctly!!"

230 kcs, will i make it?

Have you already decided which color your lambo will be?

Good call. It's dipped before. I did similar and put into COSS since it's low.

Somewhat disagree. They will be slowly reducing the revenue split from 50% to 15%. That's going to cause some drops once it gets into that bracket.

ill buy vw corrado from my dividends.
the rest will be kept to save me from wagecuckery

thats what i thought when it hit $4...

don't make the same mistake I did... had over 10k coins, now down to 5k thinking i could get in on dip. rip me.

Worst get ever



That's already priced in
We are at 130 million volume now

>They will be slowly reducing the revenue split from 50% to 15%. That's going to cause some drops once it gets into that bracket.
Yes they will lower the revenue but that will be done according to the overall trading volume. So you will stellt get your steady passive income .

Nice I like the Corrado, it is such a beautiful car from an age where cars used to be easy and stylish.

Eh for me im happy with the profits I made from this, happier to take profits and look at potential new coins rather than potentially baghold.

KCS is a super solid investment though so it's good if you're willing to hold it long term

Kucoin is such joke, cant login half the time to buy more BNTY before it moons

I was all in at .79! Sold at a little over a buck because i didn't think it would go higher!

Yes they are having some serious server issues which will be fixed soon.

Will they hire a customer service now that they're billionaires?

They have live chat costumer service, they awnser in 5 minutes


>tfw can only afford 1500 KCS. fuck me, everybodys talking about how with 10k you can be set for life

then don't buy i don't care

in some ways that's a good sign of how much growth we can expect

Will this dip after the competition has ended?

You were wrong user, I was just pointing that out. I actually need June (their only employee at CS) to wake the fuck up and fix my ETH transaction, which she'll try not to with great effort.

suddenly, shes in this thread and now is going to deny all ETH transactions.

Seriously guys.

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Kucoin shares is a goldmine as will sky rocket

How is the exchange?

Also can you post examples of how much you are hodling and how much the dividend pays?


Exchange is copy from binance, only with login issues at the moment.

this site gives you an estimate on dividends:


>all this referral shilling

kucoin is the pooiest of filthy pajeet coins. I hate sharing this board with you dirty pajeets

I am an OG who put kucoin on the biz map. I have 15000 shares. Currently that'll pay like 5k per year but once we are as big as binance that'll be like 45k a year passive income.

Exchange is amazing. Best UI ever and no bots trading. Or at least not many.

If you use my referral code I'll throw you a few KCS


Also, he gets an extra 0.2 KCS daily. This coin will be hoarded

mfw I bought this for ~$2k just a few days ago.

Obligatory referral link 1yb4v

I did actually sell all of mine so expect it to pump hard xd

literally starts mooning

No problem.

I YOLO'd on ELIX so if anyone has that, expect it to dump some time now that I've bought

I'm a poor fag. Help an user out.

But seriously guys.

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Kucoin shares is a goldmine as will sky rocket. The more referrals we all get the richer we get together.

I got you.

Can't believe it, my referral code is 1ss3x.

Sooo does this not look sustainable to anybody else? Feels like a correction is coming soon.

Order books are so thin, spiked suddenly to .0088~

Or do you think it's going to stabilise around this price point?

Hi user I'm about to register. I didn't want to use a random Veeky Forums anons code but nobody in the crypto group I'm in is on kucoin yet so I'll use yours. Have a good one

how many KCS does one need to not just get chump change dividends is 1k enough?

i mean kucoin volume is basically doubling every week

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I have a feeling that this will be $100 by the end of 2018.

Can you communicate with your referred users? Or how to get the few kcs for using your code

This is the only thing that saved my day today
Which basically means that I ended up with the same as yesterday but atleast I'm not losing any money

kucoin.com/#/ ? r=1uac5

Small whale here (75k). Use my code and you can get rich from my dividends

>thought long and hard about buying either this, dragon chain, or deep brain chain
>i fucking bought deep brain chain at 200 vits

just fucking kill me i am a deep brainlet


Meh I suck...
I bought at 1.57 and sold at 5.40. I thought kucoin was being pnd.

I was 75%kcs25%XLM...
Now I'm 75%xlm25% bounty...

My goal was to ride XLM hype while KCS is being dumped and buy back at 4-4.5$ and hold for the eventual raiblocks addition. I'm still up over 300% because of bounty/KCS so it's not the worse mistake.


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use my pumps for your pumps user

Can't communicate with referred users, can't see who used your code.

If anyone wants to use my Code i'll send you jack-shit


Put 15 ETH into DBC at 145 vits instead of KCS at like 3000~

At least I put a few ETH into KCS when it was 2000~ but now i'm just bagholding DBC for that pump

HODL user pump incoming, don't dump bags at a loss

Is anyone buying this now at this price?

orders are still getting bought up. there are so few people selling since it's pretty valuable to hold kcs if you use the platform frequently

Someone tell me on how long it's gonna take before these dividends are worthwhile? currently $7k gives me a $1 dividend a day which doesn't really seem worthwhile at all

This started mooning right when I bought my shares a week and a half ago. Use my referral and you will be gifted eternal moons on everything u buy on kucoin:

Referral: 1aHh7

It's more that people aren't selling, and whales also aren't messing around with KCS; I tried to keep the price down so I could accumulate more and ended up losing several thousand KCS because there was much more organic demand than I expected.
KCS will be worth $100+ if it grows to the size of Binance, so a lot of people aren't selling. It also didn't move much during Bitcoin moons/crashes, so I guess some people are buying it to prepare for the inevitable big crash.

I'm convinced

Think of me when you receive those sweet 40%

I am so bloody happy.

This is the most I’ve made on a coin.
2000 KCS comfy boi, I can’t believe it. And dividends omggg

Why this huge moon? XRB soon?

We haven't even BEGUN to moon! If only I could have bought more.

Stay poor no Kucks. My retirement is already paid for.

1b3PN gtfih anons. This coin WILL 10x-20x guaranteed. YOU CAN STILL GET IN user. You won't drive a different lambo every day of the week like our friendly whales, but you can still set yourself up with an amazing passive income stream.

God bless all yall, we're gonna make it friends

I only have 51 kcs will I make a dollar a day?

used yours
here's mine

keep the chain going

Okay so when it gets to half of binances volume I will get 1 dollar a day. Yay

Aren't they reducing the dividends from 50% to 15% though?

That has been accounted for.

The numbers will be better once we know the buy back mathematics. Also you are getting paid in shitcoin dust. Many of them will moon.

if anyone wants to sign up and wants to use a referal code, here you go


I only bought 1 to pay for fees, will I make it?