Shill me your ~20M marketcap coins

Shill me your ~20M marketcap coins

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It's about to moon

pylon token, LUX, UTK. just buy all of them and thank me in a month

The next Monero
It's heading for moon, get in soon

EncrypGen [DNA]

NVidia incubated coin, creating a marketplace where you can securely sell your genome.

To illustrate how lucrative that is - everyone can get sequenced for

Not gonna lie that is pretty fucking awesome. I think I'll buy some.

It's niche but has the potential to drastically change the face of the market in genetic research.

Right now, genetic research companies buy pools of a few thousand genomes at a time. They have to find the people with the traits they want to examine, get them all tested, then pay for the data in bulk. It's a very expensive, very cumbersome process.

EncrypGen lets people list their own genome securely, and companies can search for users with the traits they want and purchase them in bulk, then pay directly to the genome's owner.

>15M marcat cap


LoMoCoin. I know it's really hard to take the name seriously, just like it was with the name Antshares but I am just as confident in LMC as I was with ANS back in July.
CEO is in the same calibre as other blockchain leaders in China such as Da Hongfei, Patrick Dai and Eric Gu. They have been preparing for this for so long and Q1 2018 is going to be an explosive one for them.

Literally just today, they announced that this week there is some major news regarding entry into the Japanese market. Last week they mentioned that there will likely be a Korean exchange before Chinese New Year (February).

Also, the v2.0 app will integrate with the Chinese community in Feb. Currently the Chinese community is at least 300k strong and still using v1.0 while the global version is using the v2.0.

My speculation is that they are building up news until February and launch the Chinese version during Chinese New Year.

There are plenty of Chinese blockchain partnerships lining up (2 in 2 months, last we heard they have at least 10 more projects wanting to integrate into their ecosystem)

If you are still not convinced, let this article convince you

Publica. But it hit 22m last week.

Also in on dna sine $ 0.32. Very nice project

BNTY, $19 million


Pure gold. 0,01$ a month ago. Almost 0,70$ now. 10$ soon.

why does marketcap matter?


Where can I meet girls like OP pic?

buying. thanks

unironically this

also BIS as demand will exceed supply for the foreseeable future

Where to buy?

>Not investing in BAT or WABI in 2018

Bittrex but they also listed on a new Chinese exchange

gonna buy some for shits nd giggles

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...Anonymous (ID: oEfBsM6t) Archived
Privatix (PRIX),An Undervalued(...)
01/01/18(Mon)19:37:16 No.5724474
38 KB
Alright faggots , i want to thank all you anons who shilled me,Link,REQ,COLX and BNTY. i made a lot of profits and i want to give something back to you faggots.

I found this shitcoin someone shilling here and it really looks undervalued and promising.

- High quality whitepaper
- Unique concept & execution
- Responsive development team
- Solid roadmap
- 6,5m(!!!) Market Cap at the time I'm posting this.

I really like the fact the company already has an existing user base and how easy it'd be for the team to migrate them over to the decentralized VPN, as well as the concept of airbnb'ing unused data.
I also like the name of the company personally, it has a great ring to it.
The icing on the cake is the low supply/low market cap.
Also people are becoming aware of Privatix via word of mouth, and I believe once the company has hit a significant milestone in the tech development,
some efforts will be focused on exchange listing/marketing, at that point it'll spread like wild fire.

Lunyr is pretty awesome in my book. They're building the wikipedia of the blockchain world. LUN is shootin up too

Blockmason gonna release their lending app soonish.

ok pajeet, enough of your p&d shit :^)

Team full of jews

That is a good thing, jews never lose.

MBRS. Look into them, 6M market cap. Actual real company.

GVT /thread

literal p&d shitcoin. stop posting ur shit on here tornado pumps shillington and just accept that your dumbfuck server owner dumped bags on you

>“Friction of a second”
>obvious PnD pajeet scam

shit coin
shit coin built on a shitcoin

UFR, Sumokoin, Mywish, Sagacoin

here's your (((you))). Come back when (((you)))'ve lurked more.

And what happens when I sell my bandwidth to some fucker who starts browsing CP and doing other messed up stuff? Where does that leave me, legally?


ok pajeet i will definitely listen to you even though i just saw a p&d group buy LUN :^)



Campus coin. Thank me in 3 months.

this is going to be so comfy soon

LMC actually has a working product and will be released in China in feb

The next PRL


1MM Marketcap
Super active dev team
Releasing wallet today
partnership announcement tomorrow

oy vey buy kosher coin goy


You know everyone can see that right?

STFU and delete that. I haven't finished accumulating

Etherparty has 120 mil market cap

MyWish has 15.

Quick maths.


nlc2 is steadily growing

I bought this.

Hope I didn't get Pajeet'd

screams shit coin, suggests a coin thats above the market cap OP asked for

second for PBL.
>Really solid team
>Clear use case with few competitors
>Clear road map
>Regular updates
this will 20x once it hits a major exchange