sell walls being eaten


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news.bitcoin.com/the-bitcoin-exchange-that-once-dominated-china-is-heading-to-japan/?utm_source=The Bitcoin Exchange That&utm_medium=telegram&utm_campaign=Telegram Channel




Wait what does this mean?

accurate if large

I almost sold this coin at 3 different times today. I am getting better at keeping my hands steady.

So nerve-wrecking to see my life savings dip.

dont invest money you are unwilling to part with

Same. We're noob faggots slowly evolving. Feels good. Hope exists.

>Putting your life savings on a week-old altcoin

You're either retarded or a prospective millionaire.

How many we all holding?

I got just over 12k will I be rich?

Isn't that true of us all, though?

Market cap and circulating supply confirmed.
Time to head to mars

People have stopped selling and now's the time to buy

NIIIIIIIIICE. That market cap and circulating supply is a lot lower than I thought it'd be.

>Circulating supply is less than 1 billion
>Already ranked 149 on CMC

This is looking really good.

isn't this just another vaporcoin though? someone shill me on this shit

Mining of this coin will power AI learning or some shit


This video should be stickied to each thread. Explains it better than anyone here will. Last time I posted this someone said it was too long. The absolute state of this place.


Honestly, the amount of retarded newfags on this board is rapidly becoming insufferable. Just fucking lurk moar, you idiots.

16 .7k checking in... Wanna load more... Still a great value imo

Best news all fucking day right here. Thanks user!

I've been waiting for this all day.

Said to myself if was higher than 250 i'd back out but nah this is mooning now

What a wonderful world.

Well. Still trying to decide whether to sell them at 0.4c or keep them. What are your expectations for 3-6-9 months?

Somebody needs to shill this hard on reddit, there's barely any mention of it at all the last few days. With the market cap now showing on CMC that will help draw a lot of new money in.

$10 EOY

look at the chart!! ITS HAPPENING

Damn right my friends let us all be ready I got my 3400 dbc and I held strong

You know what I do to steady my hand, I spend time with my family.

I want you all to know from the bottom of my heart I hope this goes up and helps us all.

I want so much for everyone to know happiness love and peace and you all and me we just need to be steady and be positive for the announcements that are coming.

peace and love and happiness to you all my friends cheers

I will hold on for you as you hold on for me!

Saw some rather honest people (subjective impression) recommending it for long-term hold, though it of course also has the short-term PnD prospects. It's up to you if you want a quick 2-3x or a longer 5-10x, as always.

My lambi lambi better get ya seats warm biiiitch

lads we're gonna be fucccccin rich

Hold til $0,40, sell half and put it on another coin.

Just what charts are you looking at? Still looks like a downwards trend to me.

Yes it's a downward trend. ETH is rising and alts are suffering.

>see this thread
>check kucoin
>it's down vits since I checked last

Fuck this piece of shit reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WHY DIDN'T I BUY DRAGONCHAIN

Obviously will do it that way. Bought about 10k @ 7cents and it's my first investment in this bizz so far. Splitting seems like a good idea on this one.

Pro tip from a noob 9 months in.
Dont sell not yet your looking (or reading) about a guy who sold 200 ltc at 150 before it hit 400
Sold 15 bcash at 2000 days before 5k
Sold gvt to never by back in sold at 40k sats
Sold gifto right before the run
Im sick biz , i have ot worse than any of you guys amazingly i cashed out 18k off 6k investment and am still working with 25k

time to go to mars cuckcs

panic is the enemy of progress, fear is the mindkiller.

Hold the line

the reason it is dropping is because panic if you hold the line it will rise.

Buckle up boys, just dropped another 10k into this

just cash out user, you're never going to make it with hands this weak

why can't i sign into kucoin REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

and did ya see it, mine alone jumped up 20 bucks.

Means we are getting ready for stabilizing and rocketing off.

keep trying friend keep trying took me 5 times

Because it's a piece of wank.

Site is slow as fuck today and in general, keep trying
Use my code if you want: 1Rst3

>3k DBC
>12k DBC
>will I make it?

We *are* talking about a coin that costs 10 cents right? Is the poorfag meme real? I thought I was a deepbrainlet at 38k. How do you all have so few?

If I put in $10 worth now as a speculation am I wasting my time? I really don't have much to spare.

Kucoin is having issues. Trying to make a sell order its not even showing up idk.

annoying to see this bitch tanking so hard but I'm gonna hold until huobi listing and 30th of Jan
Its okay if I don't get the money back
But I'm gonna holding it like a man

you faggots realize that when you buy this shit tokens sell wall you are handing chinks perfectly good eth right? in 6 months time you will have heavy heavy bags like those link fags whining about how great your project is when the devs have abandoned it exited.

Can confirm I am a poorfag. Holding 300 of these bad boys and will shit my pants if can make 3x off this. One day I'll make it bros.

I am poor friend so I have 3400 it is all I can afford.

Hold the line brothers and sisters make them know we will rise bwahaha

I dont know about you guys but i need this one to run sometime
189k dbc

Yes. Even 100x (HIGHLY unlikely) will only net you 1k. You're better off just buying yourself a used pair of work boots and looking for the next farmer who needs a helping hand.

You think this is going to 40 cents? I just....i dunno man

cashed out desu
looks like a bitcoin run and alts will crash
will probably buy in later

Why would you be putting up a sell order lmao

I guess I'll put more in when I get my next paycheck.

I'm just too risk averse and this looks like a meme.

2 huge walls wtf



Theres walls on the eth trade this isnt going anywhere for a while

dude mine has jumped 30 bucks bwahahaha

yessss yesss

hold the line HOLD THE LINE!

we gonna make it!

i can't believe i put 5k USD into this instead of KCS yesterday

Thx for input and tips. I want to laugh (can't cuz pain), because I sold GVT too at 44k sats. Small profit, but desperate crackhead tendencies for riding other coins waves. No more.

All of this is a fat meme. It doesn't matter. We ARE the early investors. You can throw your money at whatever and get rich. I bought like ten different shitcoins and always caught a moon. IOTA, Xrb, TRX, ICX, DBC, now I've started going into real obscure pajeet shit like ECA and STILL doubled the money. We will make it.

That's why you should focus on work and put every cent you can spare into crypto. There is no better time than now.

>matter of time when it gets listed on binance
>conference 30 of Jan
>a big partnership yet to be announced

news.bitcoin.com/the-bitcoin-exchange-that-once-dominated-china-is-heading-to-japan/?utm_source=The Bitcoin Exchange That&utm_medium=telegram&utm_campaign=Telegram Channel



Regarding the last link, one of the investors on DBC is a formal member of Alibaba. Holding will bring great fortune.

118mm market cap as per CMC. Enjoy the rise.

I don't own any DBC.. I'm trying to sell a different coin on Kuntcoin . com

it hit 15 yesterday briefly also theres some events that could make it moon

Actually it hit .18 yeasterday

Eh if enough pressure gets put down over at BTC it'll carry over to ETH and eat those walls too.


Shit user im SELLING!!!

nice in at 100k

Thanks, sold 100k

Just jumped again was down to 430 dollars jumped up to 473 we are holding and through a lot of these fuckers, keep holding this isnt even on lots of the exchanges yet and has announcements coming.

rock on baby

When's this hitting that chinese exchange?

What’s your strategy - do you use the profits from one coin and then move to a new one?

Since the shitty competition on Kuckcoin is over, I expect it to be soon. No official announcement yet, though.

Some time this or next week. No date given.

Shit. Stuck on a God damn boat with shitty connection or I'd be swinging the shit out of this bitch now though. Fml

Sorry to hear friend be positive just hold on.

Already #151 on Coinmarketcap and only 5 days old this won't last long.

You do it user. 3-4 point spread the whole time. Double your stack in 30 minutes!

What wallet do I store this shit in??

It's a NEP-5 token so you store it in NEO-wallet. DYOR fucking faggot.

The fucking cuckoin exchange!

I think atleast 2 more days until it recovers from today (at the current rate)
Altho as we've seen yesterday and today, that other events can steer the graph in a completely different direction

serious question - how do i do this?

3-4 point spread? what do you mean friend you seem much msarter than ole me haha

I wouldn't in Cuckcoin's current state.

You just buy the bottom and top end of the margin. On the eth pair it's between 155/156 and 159 at the moment.

If BTC rises above 15k and stays there, beware of alt holding if you're trying to gain sats not usd.

What do you mean by this

On mobile but this is it. I guess some people also call it margin trading. There's about a 4 point spread. Meaning 156 157 158 159.

It means were going 20x by March this is the next OMG the next Cardano style moon .

even bigger split on BTC...but feel like somehow I will end up losing DBCs doing this

Just put your orders one above the buy whale and one below the sell whale. But watch when whales move their orders! And don't trade your whole stack!!!