I've noticed the entire raiblocks following are devoid of rational thought when it comes to serious issues regarding the coin's network. As things stand it's prone to a detrimental attack in the near future, yet they all turn a blind eye and pretend it's all fine just to protect it's hyper inflated price. This isn't FUD I'm just trying to warn people that are just getting into raiblocks, who are getting tempted and fooled by the shillers. You are getting extremely ripped off by paying $33 for a $10 dollar coin.

Can you tell me more about these exploits and why didnt AMD/Qualcomm engineer thought of that before biz?

>AMD/Qualcomm engineer

Working in a bmw garage doesn't make you the CTO

Can you tell me user why won't you submit a bug fix and get that fat bounty?

Binance is gonna be the nail in the coffin, and they're fucking voting for it happen KEK

>Implying holders aren't going to IOTA their way through this and keep mooning off sheer hype

Why you don't get is that it's fucking normal to have bugs, nothing is perfect. The project is growing and improving each day.

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The fact they're offering money for people to fix their potential problems they can't fix themselves says it all

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>mfw a single node handled 100 million daily volume
that shit alone is impressive af

The name "RaiBlocks" is too fucking gay to succeed. Anyone who can say it without feeling gross is super retarded.

Bug hunting is common practice Everywhere in software you dumbass idiot

Just sold 100k

Many coin single nodes can do exactly the same thing, what's your point? I don't get why you are all shilling this as an impressive feat

You fucking 40 IQ mouth breather, TONS of projects do bug bounties, RDN just did one that I can remember off the top of my head, ITS COMPLETELY FUCKING NORMAL

Thoughts on how I just double-spent your shit coin

its ok my little boy you can keep coping all you want i can clearly see you missed the fucking megamoon of the century the sooner you learn to accept it the better

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$20,000 gain actually

>another mommy I missed the rai rocket thread

jesus man get a hold of yourself

ah i see youre trying to fud to rebuy on the binance listing ok carry on

can someone unironically explain to me why it would be a bad thing for raiblocks to hit binance?

these dumps only apply to ICO's because most people dont trade in etherdelta/craptopia
so they dump it all for a quick buck on binance

The withdraw limit on bg is very low so some people think whales are waiting for it to release on exchanges with larger withdraw limits before selling. Personally I believe there will be a fairly large dump once it's released on binance but it will then pretty quickly ( days, maybe weeks) recover.