How many BTC do I need to get a girl like her 3 years from now?

How many BTC do I need to get a girl like her 3 years from now?

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1 and she will eat your shit

>eating shit for $400

BTCs at $15000 you literal retard

>eating shit for $400k
fixed it

>eating shit for 0.01 Link

poor girl looks so unhappy.

Not 3 years from now, it isn't.

Whores like her are everywhere. Women are more degenerate than ever. You need 0 bitcoin to land a broad like that.

However, if you do end up dating someone like her, she will become jealous of all the time you spend doing crypto and will literally gainz goblin you out of your money.

>in 3 years
prepare your wojak collection my friend


If you care, take 2 hours to watch this.

>inb4 rationalization why it doesn't

You can rent one like her that will swallow your cum , lick your asshole, and dress like a maid for about .2 bitcoin and probably could have a Sugar Baby like her for a few weeks for even less( you just donate / gift cum and money to her multiple times). You're Gonna make it user!

I'll eat your shit for 400K user , with a Fine glass of Merlot to wash it down

She a porn actress so probably not much

I never understood why really cute girls like this go into porn and no to some rich guy to gold dig like a billion dollars.

Look at trumps wife, she has everything and she not even the best looking woman.

You can buy a girl like that for a night for about .01

Let me translate that into early 90's lingo.

"How many POGs do I need to get a girl like her three years from now?"

100 satoshis.

hahaha i had a chuckle. i wonder what the max market cap is for peak pogs

Not in 3 years from now.
Learn how to read and go shit on a street, you fucking pajeet.

dear sir, its a deal sir

3 years? 100 BTC will do the trick

Many pornstars use porn to get popular.
>Rich guys see them.
>BAM high class prostitute

Also dubai rich arabs fly in pornstars to gangbang them en masse and scat.

that's no porn actress

i'd know i watch tons