How to buy ripple

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fuck off pajeet
ripple already mooned, its a failed coin owned by the banks


fiat in a different form, wake you Stupid sheep

>that fucking guide

too many steps for normies, just tell them to buy of kraken with USD

>xrp is a pajeet coin
You’re a bit retarded aren’t ya?

Yes goy, give me your BTC and ETH, I promise you riches!

*rubs hands*

Fortune also had a ripple guide

Interesting how (((they))) are shilling ripple so much...

Hope you guys aren't trading your BTC and ETH for centralized, kike trash

>ripple already mooned

It's just warming up. Unlike Bitcoin, it serves a real-world purpose, and Ripple speaks to an industry that is worth trillions of dollars, not billions.

In 2018/2019 you will be using it to pay for everything online (pic related), and institutions are starting to jump on board too, this was just announced:

>In a precedent-setting moment, Cuallix became the first worldwide institution to use xRapid — Ripple’s solution that utilizes XRP as a liquidity tool — to reduce the cost of sending cross-border payments from the U.S. to Mexico.


2018 will be about utility and Bitcoin will be dethroned.

>every. fucking. thead.

You can buy it with fiat you stupid fuck

>It's just warming up.
you're delusional

What's happening with XRP? Prices are still going up??

The ripple bank transfer doesnt need ripple tokens to work LOL get rekt

using XRP allows them to save even more fees.

>In a precedent-setting moment, Cuallix became the first worldwide institution to use xRapid — Ripple’s solution that utilizes XRP as a liquidity tool — to reduce the cost of sending cross-border payments from the U.S. to Mexico.


and users will be using it anyway to pay for everything, so who cares.

this. This shill is getting annoying.

>This shill is getting annoying

why didn't you say so?

>all those steps
>thinking any normans will read all of that, let alone do all of that

>thinks something might just go up in value because of increased circulation
>"no no no, you're just delusional"


Ripple gonna moon .... into a dumpster of history

I'm hodling XRP and it's even starting to piss me off.

Ripple 101

-The supply is fixed. There's no inflation.

-The current transaction cost for a standard transaction is just 0.00001 XRP.

-The transaction cost is not paid to any party: the XRP is irrevocably destroyed.

-Ripple consistently handles 1,500 transactions per second, 24x7, and can scale to handle the same throughput as Visa.

-Ripple Labs share is locked in 55 batches, only one batch can be unlocked per month. It would take them 5 years to unlock them all. This makes their incentives 100% aligned with XRP holders. Ripple Labs is always working on creating new partnerships (e.g., Amex, Santander, ..) and expanding XRP's marketshare.

-Ripple doesn't use proof-of-work anywhere which requires inflation and/or outrageous fees (as in Bitcoin)

-Ripple is more decentralized than Bitcoin. With Bitcoin, you have no choice but to trust whoever purchased the most hashing power (currently it's a chinese company called Bitmain). With Ripple, you can run your own validator and setup your own trusted validators list. 10s of non related reputable public and private entities around the world are currently running validators (e.g., MIT, Microsoft, ..etc), many more keep joining.

-The software is open-source (Stellar was a fork of Ripple).

ripple will go to $5, then $10 sooner than most think.

on another note I think Reddcoin (RDD) will go to 10 cents easily as well

Ripple XRP is the future.
-Fastest protocol out there
-transaction fees 1/1000th of a cent or lezs
-Rumor Amazon, Uber, Coinbase, Mastercard
-Not owned by ((((Jews))))
-Peter Thiel Fund
-Nikkei testing and Japan banks ready to go online early 2018
-Instant transactions for ANY currency or crypto
-Coins burn to accomplish every transaction (read this again and think marketcap)
-Bitch I said COIN BURN
-Legacy tech hurting banks: 65 to75% Major banks will be on XRP by years end
-55 Billion XRP locked in Escrow
-Bank of America partnership
-American Express Deal
-UBS partnership
-Working and provenTaken market cap position #2 and heading for #1
-working and implemented product
-out jewerying the Jews
-USD value 10x this month. currently priced around $2
-Tech Crunch founder created Arrington XRP capital. $100Mil hedge fund based on XRP for now obvious reasons.
Standard Chartered invested in Ripple and live on RippleNet. Ant Financial is known for the AliPay service. RippleNet is that much closer to China.

Happy New Year guys!!




You’re stupid lol how many retards are there in the market vs smart ones? You’re gonna miss out it’s too popular now

What the fuck is Bitsane?

you forgot
-One of the developers skipped town with 1/3rd of the supply

>Ripple constantly talked about by main stream news as the hot new shit
>Americans can't easily buy it
>It's coming to Coinbase
>When it does all the boomers will finally be able to get in sending the price through the roof.
Anyone who isn't going deep before Coinbase rolls it out is shooting themselves in the foot.


why would you buy this user?

I know you're a street shit shitter you can't fool me

no, and by legal and technical constraints, he can only sell very small amount of his share. it would take him years sell all of it.





proof-of-work/mining is what's killing bitcoin, retard.

Also, Bitcoin has to inflate forever (i.e., the 21 million cap will be removed).

Do you think I'm kidding? Blockstream and other influential people in the space think this is inevitable:

Why? Because miners don't work for free. You have to pay miners with transaction fees or everyone pay them with miner rewards (inflation, new coins are created and given to them).

Miner rewards halve every certain number of blocks, at some point they won't be enough, you have two choices:

1- increase fees
2- remove the 21 million cap and increase miner rewards to keep them incentivized.

Bitcoin Cash can only go with the second option because "low fees" is their pitch, and Jihan (owner of Bitmain and creator of Bitcoin Cash) said in several interviews he likes inflation.

Can find the tweet but someone posted the xrp owner ship chart. If you have at least 3400 xrp. You're in the top 10% of ownership of the coin. 10,000 coins is top 5%

if you haven't learned how to hedge your bets you're a stupid fucking nigger

i hate ripple. but the moment I hear its on coinbase. I'm buying my entire limit lol. I will sell soon after though.

honestly I don't think it will be added to CB though.

Christ you day trading faggots are so annoying

#nah It's locked up now. DYOR

Coinbase would lose to market share if it delays adding for too long. I don't think Brian Armstrong is that stupid.

This could happen while you are asleep, better buy some now.

>buying centralized chucky cheese tokens


>This could happen while you are asleep, better buy some now.
Indeed, even the news breaking out will cause it to rise.

Also fugg this captcha

I own a bunch of XRP, and support a lot of what you say here, but do you have a source for the Bank of America partnership claim?

Blockstream is made up by retards



Yeah so is the entire market.

in here since an hour ago my dude

Because I'm just here for the gains?

Why the thoughts on reddcoin? Are you holding bags or is there something I don’t know?


Legitimately, what effect is this going to have on the price?

the final redpill is that literally all top 100 coins are good picks.

>what the fuck is Bitsane?

ahahah seriously where the fuck are they sending these normies

>holding since 19 cents
>been mooning lately
>doesn't sperg out and flail around whenever btc decides to mini moon
>big news coming
>ideological /pol/vestors screaming about jews as I laugh all the way to the bank with my 1000% profits while they hold onto pajeet nigger coins

feels fucking great to be honest lads

>xrp cant be mined
that's actually a good thing. Or do you think that the way in to the future is to make coins that are environmentally as exhaustive as Bitcoin?

You're the biggest sheep here, I bet you're from /pol/.

What the fuck is bitsane

POS is the answer to that problem. Anyway, how electricity is generated is more/as important desu

Anyway, fuck ripple

>can't be mined
>no cap on max coin limit

Very good goy

There is a cap


I don't get the FUD. Been on XRP since 20 cents and I'm enjoying the ride while others are losing their money in scamcoins.

>in b4 "xrp scamcoin"

It's not and you know it.

>No cap
False. Now fuck off back to /pol/ if you're not here to make money. You'll find people closer to your intelligence level there (sub 90 IQ).

>incentive to validate transactions for a global decentralized ledger making it trustless because math

Mining keeps the show going entirely, however its done. Ripple doesn't have anything to do with this new technology.

>4. Who’s behind Ripple?

The company building the Ripple protocol, OpenCoin, was co-founded by CEO Chris Larsen and CTO Jed McCaleb. McCaleb is well-grounded in digital currency, coming from Mt. Gox, which currently handles the majority of the world’s bitcoin trades. Larsen previously co-founded and led the online financial company E-LOAN. Other developers on Ripple’s team also have a bitcoin background.

Please buy more

What exchange is best to deposit and sell my Ripple on?

You should contact Ripple Labs and ask if they'll buy them from you.

I just pointed out there's a cap. No need to get salty on me.

I'm 150K € in green with XRP, so I'm good for now. Stay poor, /pol/tard.

can't say my feels are all that different either

Been holding since 19cents also, except at 19cents it was at it's ATH around june and it is still only just barely breaking it's past ATH, anyone that bought it at 40cents before the most recent pump would have arguably gotten more gains.

XRP shouldn't be compared against BTC.

well it looks like XRP wants to take off today, but it isn't quite happening.

still holding to my shit

so what? ive got 50k xrp and i know this shitcoin will never break $10
who gives a shit about this kike token

>Will never break .40
>Will never break .70
>Will never break 1
>Will NEVER EVER break 2

Yeah. Keep repeating it until you believe it.

is it gonna moon again ?
how ?

It seems to be gaining momentum but not enough yet. But I guess it will be this week.