Should I buy Upfiring (UFR)?


yes, it's in a dip. Literally nothing else like it

Been awhile since I've used it, but I've had a pretty good ride with it

Yeah baby, Fire it up! It's GUARANTEED to grow big in q1.

No, scamcoin. Its been shilled hard by pajeet.

You should by eng you massive fucking faggot.

im going to fuck you

the most promising in the market below 10 mil, 10x in 2-3 months at maximum

1. All I'm hearing is more $$$
2. Have you read the whitepaper? It's going to revolutionize torrenting. $$$$$$$

Why would I pay to torrent?

Who is the guy in OP's picture? Been seeing him in Veeky Forums memes for ages but never picked up on what the source was

You would be fool if you don't. This coin can go 15x it's current price by February. Don't be a poor pajeet.

A disciple of the way, Kek
Sam Hyde

thats the shooter, call the police!

I have the shirt of that, even the inside fine print is funny

how much money has good old sammy made off of bitcoin anyways? I remember him talking about how people were retarded for thinking 1000$ was going to be the all time high in an old video


Likely a good amount, although his whole thing is being poor/kitschy so I have no idea if he has enough money to retire yet or whether he just spends it all

If anyone, this man should have at least enough money to live well for the rest of his life. That said though, when is the next season of world peace going to be maaaaaaaddde??????????

So you can then get paid to seed. Think about it like getting paid to torrent.

>when is the next season of world peace going to be made?
When bitbeans hits the #1 cmc.