Why didn't you listen?

I just can't believe this feeling. I can't believe KNOWING that I'll be a multimillionaire by the end of this year.

I have 4 digits of this coin. Upper 4 digits. Well more than Mr. 4000.

And I can't believe it.

I just wanted to say to all you LINKers, you Raifags, the XRPXLMs of the world, the BZC pajeets, IOTA cultists and definitely the REQt --

I am smarter than you.

I am smart enough to invest the way the VCs do, following people instead of gimmicks. I am smart enough to trust that someone like Vitalik doesn't need to overpromise when he's already a billionaire. I am smarter to actually understand what DECENTRALIZATION MEANS.

I feel bad for you guys, wallowing in your shitcoin bubble. I hope you get out at the ATH. Leave before the music stops.

But me? I found one of the keepers, and I'm well within the top 1% of holders.

Why didn't you listen?

shitcoin with nothing to show for it.

Congrats user.
Seeing how all the worthless shit has mooned lately, this will absolutely explode this year. And the best of all, whem the whole house of cards falls down, this won't fall with them

>Thinking an ERC20 token wont collapse.


>Thinking something that derives value from real world use will collapse

You realize OmiseGo is a subsidiary of Omise, which already offers financial exchanges for gooks?

not even 10 comments in and we've already got the fucking brainlet saying "BUT OMISE".

It's honestly just a fucking meme by now. You cannot back up the omise go token and go straight to omise, the parent company.

What a joke.

Deluded OmiseGoys

I guess have fun holding and making a max of 2x when you could have been taking weekly 2x moon missions from a host of different coins.

dumped this dog shit. this moon happened months ago. the people who still hold this are the dumbasses who don't realize that there both safer consistent gainerz and bigger potential moonshots out there.

stay poor skatepark fags

>making a max of 2x

5x at least + staking

And that's after holding for 9 months waiting for plasma hype where Jun stands next to Peter Thiel or something.

Because the success of Omise can give a good estimate of the success of OmiseGo?

Because there is an actual successful company backed by the top minds drveloping blockchain technology as opposed to the startups with nothing to show?

Because the amount of revenue flowing through Omise, which is probably 50-100B right now,directly correlates to the returns stakers will get?

I’m not sure but “muh Omise” is a pretty solid argument.

The token's entire purpose is for use with the omise network. Its a meme to talk about it?
Fucking brainlet, youre a joke indeed.

>poorfags whose only chance of success is chasing low volume pump and dumps with their 0.1eth

Will OMG ever have its own blockchain or will it always run on ethereum network?

I'm interested in it but don't see why it should have a huge upside. It's catering for poor people and already has a massive market cap. I respect what it's doing in terms of tangibile real world use though.

PBC said 700$ in 2018 so........

Ha you wish. I take my own advice I gave you cucks. Don't fall in love with any coin. All my gains are from a single coin where I went all in.

hats off brother. hope you're snorting coke off a ladyboys cock in thailand with that omise money

Cool. OMG has done 8000% in less than 6 months so shove that up your pipe and smoke it.

just joking guys, I have 4k OMG. Im HIV positive that I will make it

>t. brainlet OMG bag hodler


We’re gunna make it. I might not be able to retire off of staking alone, but this will put me to where my next 10x will let me retire.

only sitting on 357 OMG will i make it as well?

Worth buying in now?

>vapor ware
>vapor ware
>chink scam
>vaporware I’ll wait until it goes back to 7
Back to 7-8 for 3 months
>I’ll wait till it’s back at $3, it’s overpriced
>it’s too expensive and it’s shit

No omisers, when will they learn?

Sorry OP still building capital to go all in on a safe top 50 coin with a 5x potential to throw me over the edge. If I were to accumulate Omise which I'd gladly had done I wouldn't have gotten the 20x returns I got. Just a 5x more and I'm ready.

mr 4k omg here, thank you for the shoutout
we all gonna make it omisebros

Will we see the price hit 4 figs in 2018?

No, but I would guess anywhere from 70-100

tfw financial model by chris burniske that takes into account existing business from omise gives the token a current value of just over $5

But someone on biz is going to tell me its worth $100 just 'because'

Welcome to crypto, evaluations make no sense man. Keep your metrics to yourself (seriously.. its a pretty deep edge)