Have you finished accumulating for our trip to Pluto?

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75% of portfolio is in it, ready for takeoff

Thinking about buying more today but im not sure about buying in at 6 USD

when's the take off captain & where are we headed? moon? mars?

I have very high hopes for ICX but one thing that strikes me as funny is every time time BTC moves, this coin fucking tanks into the shitter, and without fail some guy will come into an ICX thread and talk about how "resilient" the coin is.

Look, this isn't FUD. In fact if you haven't bought this coin yet you're a mong because its going to skyrocket with the summit and mainnet announcements in the end of the month.

But every time BTC makes a move upwards or downwards this coin gets buttfucked and only recovers like 50%. Without fail some cultist will be in these threads talking about how ICX is the most resilient coin of all time during BTC activity, yet I can watch this coins position in relation to other altcoins slip every time.

I am ready now. Made 12k ICON with swing trading in the last 2 hours. Reporting in 52k ICX now. Comfy, quiet comfy.

This exactly happens to every other alt coin too? Exceptions not included.

Wtf are you trying to tell us?

Up to 2.8k. Will I have a decent year?

That they all fall but this one loses rank on 24 hour +/- % listing without question when the buttfucking is over.

100% of the time after the BTC buttfucking is over ICX will have lost position on the 24 hour standings and someone will be in here to tell us all how ICX is the most resilient coin on any market.

Again its just an observation. Doesn't really matter since this is a coin to hold for a while. Big gains ahead that will make others FOMO in at high prices.

No, I need at least ten more days for my credit card limit to reset, only have 50 ICX right now.

It did perform quite well during some of the Christmas crashes, I remember it being the only green coin in my portfolio. Guess that leaves a lasting impression on people.

I remember this too. Maybe it's just the last two or three that have been a little rough.

It's really not that big of a deal as we are pretty much 99.9% guaranteed full recovery its just a matter of when

I don't think whales want this to pump just yet, as seen with the massive sells trying to keep it down when it broke out of that long accumulation phase. BTC strength makes it very convenient for them to drive the prices down. I could be wrong, but that's how I see it.

I wish I had the balls to buy and sell the dips to increase my stack a little more before we really get started.

I'm all in on this coin but only have 3,000 ICX.

Im hoping this will give me a really strong foundation to diversify in Q1 2018

w-when will it moon

Nobody knows but the belief is prior to the mainnet which is at the end of the month.

Within the next week or two it should be over 10 bucks I bet.

Hell it could happen tonight, nobody knows with this shit.

imagine the situation if this goes on Bithumb

i've spent the last 3 hours chasing my losses trying to accumulate more ICX.
not worth it bro
3000 is a comfy amount.
in 3 months you'll be in a position to start trading dips no sweat

Tfw holding icx , eng , xlm

Moon boy here lads. STEADY GAINS

gonna be a good quarter

i'm waiting to buy in.

when are we seeing another dip?

So I just went in at 4319 sats

D-di-did I fuck up?


Tune out until the end of the month, then reap your gains

>no product
>no code
>claims to do everything and make you coffee
>partnerships are based on a circulating image of a vending machine
>the Samsung of Link
>2.5 billion
And still you fucks are certain this will moon

No you're fine

nah, this shit will double up again a lot sooner that I think people expect.

ive never invested in a coin where you can literally feel the korean fomo all the way from the states

0/10 FUD points for you sirs, pls buy my DBC sirs

Damn very ballsy. Nicely done. I was gonna sell that dip and buy back but I was too scurred.

Only 25k reporting in

I'm hodling as well, don't worry user we can hold bags together. That won't be an issue tho - this coin won't be on the radar until the 24th of January when the mainnet releases and their summit takes place in Korea. Most Koreans don't know about it even, and it isn't on a Korean exchange yet and probably won't be until the mainnet releases.

>betting against koreans


If you don't panic if it temporarily drops beneath that, you'll be fine. The 24th is only three weeks away, and people already know to accumulate earlier than just a week prior, so I'd say latest next week we will slowly start entering the hype zone. But as we've seen yesterday, there will most likely be outbursts before that, maybe establishing new floors, so wait on your own risk.

3k is still a decemt amount. Should see you to 28 k fiat in Q1

Keked so hard at this bad FUD attempt

It's the whales man, I'm not sure if I've ever seen a coin being this heavily suppressed


I want to hold this for a long time but is it advisable to sell the mainnet news and buy back in? Are most people planning to dump their bags after the news? I know it doesn't matter if I'm holding long term but I'd like to capitalize of profits if I can.

>so wait on your own risk.
Heck, you already bought, so better "stray away on your own risk". I really need some self-control to not chase moons instead.

Probably will be a case of buy the rumor sell the news but you never know. People sold out of XRB at $10 thinking they were geniuses and look at them now

maybe im wrong but I don't think mainnet news usually dumps like conference news does

Mainnet is no news. Everyone knows exactly when it will come.

On January 31, 2018, ICON team will host their 1st ICON Annual Summit titled “The Genesis”. This will lead into crazy exposure. Shortly afterwards the first exchanges will list it, like coinone and all the "B" exchanges. Followed by more partnership announcements and the first ICO's based on ICON.

In between we have some decent releases like DEX and the wallet.

All that happens in like 2 months. Enjoy the ride. See you at TOP 10

Are you me? I am all in with 3.2k right now hoping this gives me the capital to diversify Q1 too. Good luck user.

Sounds like me as well, 3.3k ICX.
Let's see if we all start the new year right.
Godspeed anons

the mainnet news was several days ago, we are past that point now. If you wanted to "buy the rumor and sell the news", you would have bought prior to the runup to $7 (speculation that mainnet would launch before 2018), then sold in the upper $5's when it was announced that the mainnet would launch in late January, then rebought in the mid $4's. Of course you'd have to be some sort of savant to time the market that well even. Too late now so you may as well do the tried-and-true buy and hold now

im about 50/50 Enigma and ICX

Am I mememing myself boys?

Excuse me conductor when the fuck is this train getting in gear?

Read the thread senpai. Nobody knows, only conjectures.

How much do we think ICX will go to?

My sell target is around 15 dollars and I will take some profit, but i have been informed in another thread that I am a faggot and it will go a lot higher.

I will start taking profit in $20-$30 range, we will hit that sooner than people think, but a lot of them will drop out earlier. Then it will be a slow but steady run up to $40

That's my 4month prediction

I sold at $6.70
Gonna go back in when we're at the $5.50 range

what happened to walls? moon ride?

Not going to happen, except bitcoin goes for another run up. But i don't think Thiel will throw in another batch of millions

Don’t worry on biz you are always a faggot senpai



DELET. I'm still buying :(

Yea it probably will go higher. The Sync ICX will provide is quite astronomical. We're seeing more and more companies go on the blockchain and we need something that will connect these, I can see 50Billion marketcap coming

It's definitely gonna happen we have 3 weeks until mainnet

the funny thing is, ICX wouldve kept going if btc didnt go on its little run.

pure speculation but i expect this to keep happening for the next couple weeks. anyone selling their ICX rn is a grade A mongoloid.

Boy just give me a consistent $7 so my blockfolio will stop going under $20K

Look at this fucking consolidation? We are barely moving

Breakout soon?

This already happened 3 times in the past 2 weeks, it's gonna hit 7 then slowly move back to 5

I disagree. Mainnet and summit get closer every day. I see above you're "waiting to buy in at $5" but i think that may have clouded your judgement.

I dont think we are going below 6 anymore barring some violent BTC movement

Everyone who has wanted to sell this coin in the 5-7 dollar range has had a variety of opportunities over the past week as its been very stable in this range.

Shaky hands should be gone now, and the rest of us bagholders are waiting for a higher point

I got 1k of this beasts

Just wait until main net and then annual summit where they launch and show off all the businesses and dapps ALREADY running on ICON.

This shit deserves AT LEAST a 10B dollar cap.

1966 here, is it enough?

Its enough for a starting platform to build off of once this moons

2 days ago we were in the 6 range for about 3 hours then we hit 7 and went straight back down to 5

Only have 200 icx, do I buy more or VEN?

you realise this will begin leaping up PRIOR to the mainnet launch?

Theres only 20 days left.

Do you think its going to happen 1 day prior?

It could be tonight or it could be in 10 days, but this will begin to move some. Upward.

No, this is the last dip I'm buying and its guaranteed, pajeets won't start pushing this up until the week we reach mainnet

I think this was because we had hit the 7 dollar mark before so people that didn't sell the top were waiting to reach 7 again to sell and that's why it went back down to 5. This is just what i think happened.

And that's what's gonna happen again

This is going to moon in 6 hours or less. Screencap this post.