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Shill me on KuCoin Shares

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if you own kcs you get a cut of the trading fees on their exchange

Just buy them.
EZ that, lean back and just watch them mooning.
Also you will get a steady passive income on the shittiest shitcoins.

More user on KSC = higher trading volume = higher dividends = price will go up for KCS = more users on KSC.

To be fair they will lower the dividends for your passive income according to the overall trading volume and it eventually will go down to 15%.
But 15% for doing nothing on for every transaction done on the exchange is still very nice.

Accumulate and hold, then buy a lambo.
Also register using my ref code

actually forgot my ref code...
kucoin. com/#/? r=1HgQ7

So better to get in on COSS now they are still low volume untill they release api.

you can also use my code fags

Anyone want to shill me on coss?


use this code user, this is a big group and you will get more since there will be more trades, dont join someone who isnt in a pool

copy paste from another thread

I'll give you a quick rundown

>Coss.io is an exchange that aims to be a one stop Solution for all your crypto needs
>by holding COSS tokens you get a dividends from the fees people pay to trade on the exchange
>ie more traders means more volume means more dividends. Volume has been steadily rising
>pretty much like KuCoin but instead of 15% you get 50%. Also KuCoin dividends count as securities, but not COSS. This means a lot less trouble for USA citizens
>new UI coming out next week and it looks very slick
>they plan to add fiat/altcoin trading pairs. This means you get dividends from people cashing in/out of crypto
>they work with store merchants to accept crypto. Guess what, you get payments to those merchants as your dividends too

The list goes on and on, I really can't speak more highly about this investment.

Here's a detailed post:

im already on the kucoin exchange user

where do I get COSS


Did you understand what COSS IS?

heh, on COSS buddy

apparently not my guy, do i buy on dip or buy now

this shit seems to exist for few months now and the price isn't growing at all
why the fuck would i buy it

Its simple. One day, volume is massive. Then you make money.


Do your own research.

Because it's litterly 'the bottom', and that's the smartest time to buy something. UI release and fiat exchange will 10x the coin each.

If you always chase coins on the move, especially at ATH, you'll never ever make it.

What happens when kucoin gets hacked?

It's stupidly overpriced right now. Almost the same market cap as BNB but Binance volume is 5m and Kucoin volume is 116k.

It's already pumped. Wait for dump then enter.

If I understand it correctly, you get x USD per kucoin share you hold every night at 00:00.

Wouldn't that mean that if you just sell all your coins for kucoin shares at 23:59 and then buy then back at 00:01, hopefully at the same price, you'd make free money?

You get less than the exchange fees, since it's daily. Can kinda do this with COSS since it's weekly, but the exchange volume isn't worth it to do. Also, it's extremely hard to accumulate a lot of COSS right now without spiking the price.

you missed the boat on kuckcoin. unless you drop $100k on it you wont make much on the divies. like others are saying, buy COSS. market cap is

I'll probably invest in coss in a bit then, I'm going to finish riding this kucoin wave though I've almost 5* my money hopping into drgn and then into kcs this morning

Use this code for free nothing :^) 1srdv

Holy fuck boys

wtf how the fuck KCS jumped to 7,5 USD this quick?

dividends are far superior to bnbs shirty no trade fee

no sellers

why did u use $uicideboy$ album cover

holy shit this coin prints money

Because why the fuck would you want to sell something that gives you passive income.
Unless each share gives you only 1 satoshi worth per day there's literally no reason to sell once bought

How far will this go? At this rate it will surpass BNB, which doesn't make much sense, unless people are REALLY banking on the dividends thing.

I mean, I'm a poorfag with 200 KCS so I just get like 8 cents everyday.

what moves in a straight line?

laser beams mounted onto sharks

$30 in month and a half

signing up for Kucoin anyone want me to use their code? maybe send me a kcs for it?
Going to buy $1000 of kcs


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Where shall I send?

where do i get my KCS bonus for holding this stuff?

Someone tell me on how long it's gonna take before these dividends are worthwhile? currently $7k gives me a $1 dividend a day which doesnt really seem worthwhile at all

Well you're kind of late in the train. This said the volume of the exchange is bound to increase dramatically over the next months which means more dividends as well and since the dividends are paid in tokens, when those tokens increase as well in value it's going to create a nice compound effect.

That's kind of a bummer, is it worth buying 100 tokens and hoping for a better return on the dividends then? I'm kind a poorfag so I'm probably better off chasing moons

Hmm that's strange, I have 20KCS tokens and will receive a payout of around about $50 worth of alts I have invited 5 people, so not sure if that has anything to do with it.

I don't own any currently, hoping for a dip as I see some big sellwalls, I was using the coinshare calculator, according to that 20KCS should only be like 2 cents

there was your dip