Every once and awhile you see a chart that makes you salivate uncontrollably


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image search gives me nothing. What juicy coin is this??

Thats a nice chart. What coin OP?

bazinga coin

I will give a hint, it is between 100-200 Satoshis, those small bumps are around 1400 Satoshis and the big bumps are many thousand Satoshis.

Easiest buy I have ever made.


Shitzinga isn't on CMC you fucking poojeet. Leave pls

Which Exchange?

cryptopia desu

what is it

Okay thats what i thought. Looking now.

OP is talking about quark.



>no linux wallet


So you gotta wait 2 years for a spike again, huh

No, literally any small bump is at least 10x gains. It's flat lining, couldn't have an easy buy. Don't get stuck in the buy high sell low pattern, you gotta buy coins when they look like this.

liar faggot, i went through all the 100-200 sat coins on coinmarketcap and didn't find this exact chart


Thats a graph of quark on Coin market cap