Lol 1k. Ok Pajeet

wallet doesnt function come on man, xrb is much better for the time being

yea fucking right, this shit was stuck in 3 dollar limbo all of december. I could of made gains on literally anything else except litecoin.

KEK.coin for soyboy faggots and swjs

Im part of the short mission. No moon. Challenger 2.

fuck iota
ICT is the chink iota and it will overtake this shitcoin within a year
you can get ffilthy rich right now and dont even ahve to support white genoice
look up IOT CHAIN right now you faggot

1k not but 50 $ end of year

$30 by june or I suck pajeet dick

long due for a pump isn't it

unproven centralized technology, which cryptography experts have found countless fundamental issues with.

maybe blockchains aren't the future, but iota is already several years old and it still can't run in a decentralized way, maybe some other currency can come along and take it's ideas and make a true next generation coin from it, but it clearly isn't iota.

Fuck yeah ITC will pump to IOTA level. Watch this space.

yeah, but the cool kids on the webs don't seem to like IOTA much. Fortunately, that doesn't matter, and sooner or later they'll all swallow like the good goys they are.
>the harder you struggle the more ubiquious IOTA will be

they need to improve a lot on their tech. Would everyone's smart phone basically act nodes for the tangle? They need a more user friendly wallet and make it simple so the dumbest brainlet could access it without needing to add BTC or ETH. I think that is a large deterrent for most coins right now, which is why I am excited for XLM a lot more than IOTA right now in terms of technology. Cryptocurrency is so funny and just turns my understanding of what money is and value upside down.

I'll admit I hate this coin but still bought a LOT recently. Due for a huge pump

i bought in at 1$ and sold at 5$ a while back. I think it has potential, but the devs are just going around the world shilling their coin instead of working on it. They need to quit traveling around the world telling everyone when their wallet doesnt work. They are using money from IOTA gains obviously to travel around, Fucking jews.

still lots of good news coming up, once the wallet is ready maybe it'll be alright.

bought in at 1$ and plan to reinvest some of the profit once it hits 10. Whatcha think?

Bcz IoT Chain exists, fuck iota nobody cares about that shit

>IoT Chain exists
what, on paper?

who knows if it can get there. If the tech really works then yes, but there is no proof of concept. How many charging stations need to use IOTA? It is only good if they can make a tangle large enough. From what I have heard, it is still centralized even though it is supposed to be decentralized, but it only works that way is if you have enough adoption with application. So... if everyone drove teslas and prius then maybe it really could work and be useful. That along with the whole idea of using other peoples phones to stream data to your phone in exchange for iota. Like I said, they dont have people actually doing it right now. What would be the point of using someone elses phone to stream a movie. Would you just be able to always have good internet speed wherever you go? I know that data is the new oil, would you basically be able to sell your data in exchange for shekles (aka IOTA) that you can then use for what then?

iota rekt

>unproven centralized technology
>maybe blockcahins aren't the future

the tech does not work, concept is retarded
IoT can not do any PoW

and even so, given imaginary trinary chips and connected to power-line

the Tangle never converges, there is no proof it ever does

iota devs had 3 years to show proof. nothing, only simple simulations.
instead they make "quantum safe crypto" which is REKT by professionals

muh "1 transaction has to confirm 2 previous", DDoS galore.

this coins future is to be listed on

HAHAHA too late OP

Pump money will go to IOT Chain

or maybe you should invest in IOTA. Maybe it can go to 100$ if you trick people hee hee hee

yes we all know iota is shit. but so is ripple. and look what fucking happened. don't doubt for a second the same thing can happen with iota

ripple has centralized banks backing it. Of course it is a trick as well, they are propping it up. They will trick you for your cheap BTC and ETH for basically nothing. They printed it all and telling us it is worth anything just based on updates and continuous rises in price? pffttttttt

Iota is sjw central. And because of this I will never support this coin.

There's plenty of other coins I am making money from. Don't need to waste my time or energy on this one.

XRP has how many in supply? Herp derp.

Will I make it user??

sold my IOTA profits so I can get in IOT Chain