Put me in a coma and wake me up in Q2 please. I can't deal with the stress fucking BTC might cause again!!! How do you fags stay cool while price dumps?! Give me that strength toooooo!!!!!


don't be a pussy

you fucking buy more faggot. went in at 15 cents and it has made me a grand and im a poor fag

Been holding since October

Chainlink bleeds bad

I bought around 28k BZC, how fucked am I?

i already sold most of mine. will dump when this gets to 5000 sats again lol

I have a big link stack, once this shit blows up, would it be more profitable to sell my stack (1.5million profit) or become a node operator?

Can i make more then 1.5m as a node operator? How does this shit work

>How do you fags stay cool while price dumps?
by not falling for shitcoins

are you retarded?

OP wakes up from coma in Q2.

LINK price: 65 cents

However looking at the charts, end of Q1 it was $10, and then Sergey died.


? Answer the question retard

Your scam shitcoin is going to 0 retard. Sergey cashed out and is laughing at you dumb shit

I need this shit to hit a $1 ASAP

first off, you're retarded. you're asking if instantly cashing out 100% of your investment is a better idea than keeping it and letting it grow or staking it in a pool for free passive income
second of all, you're retarded

There is a solution.

Sell your bags, then kill yourself.

Your mom fuck Sergey cuck


If link becomes $5 or $10 and i can cash out for a million, how is it better to stake it for free passive income if you dont know how much u getting?

shut up you fucking retarded redditor together with your reddit spacing. literally kys.


Fucking retard how can u be talking shit with that retarded 2k portfolio of yours

Please kys retard

>no retard your the retard
>retard? retard you retard
>ok but retard you retard

This is why ChainLink will be a failure.

Is this shit coin going to do anything? Im looking for a new garage after XLM surpasses $1