Mexifag here

Mexifag here.
How the fuck do I buy altcoins?, I just know about Bitso but they only sell BTC, ETH and XRP.

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i also am MexiFag, but i am rich and figured it out. essentially DYOR. unless you are from a certain region in mexico i will help

Ya que fondees tu cuenta en Bitso, manda tus monedas a otro exchange como Binance o Bittrex, ahí las vuelves a convertir a BTC (no es recomendable mandar BTC a BTC por las comisiones) y puedes comprar lo que desees.

send me photos of your mom/sister and i will help you

How easy is it to cash out over there? I read somewhere that you can cash out thousands per day.

It's very easy!

No taxes, one million Mexican Pesos per day, no commission. At least in Bitso.

And if you cash out to your bank account, it's immediate.

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Is it better to use a debit card in usd?

Wew. Maybe it would be a good thing if the US became mexico...

As far as I know, there's no fund or withdraw with credit/debit card on Bitso.

It's not regulated for the gov yet, that's why is so easy.

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20 usd maybe?

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So how do you cash out to your bank account, isn't a debit /credit card the same? I'm NEET and never had a job.

The same reason they have no regulations is also why they have a barely functioning government.
Pero para ser ernesto, tengo envidio de k uds puedan sacar tanto sin llamar atencion. Los pinches judios del IRS nos chinga

Binance, use my ref link to sign up:

Use SPEI. Almost every bank account have that function on the app.

kraken seems shit, i want to buy xrp who best?

I know, it's so weird if you think about it.


Binance, my very white friend

Mexifag here. I can help you out. Do you have a disposable email?

use BitMex

Is it like a texmex

[email protected]

yeah, it's the mexican bitcoin exchange, BitMex

Buy eth from ur cash to crypto exchange
Go to myetherwallet get a wallet.
Send funds.
Use etherdelta
Get rich next month.

Make sure u go to the real Web sites chk the address
take the free course here

can you not go on american websites? i dont get it. binance and bittrex?

You can, there's nothing wrong or bad with that "route". But you need to convert your fiat to some kind of crypto first.