Help me get to 6 figures

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i started with ~$250 initial investment. my 2017 goal was to reach 5 figures in crypto, which i managed to achieve mid december.

now, my modest 2018 goal is to hit $100K. what should i do to get there? keep holding chainlink? sell at next ATH and move it to something else? dump for next BTC bull run?

if you shill a coin (or batch of coins) that i decide to invest in because of your post, and it gets me to $100K, i will send you 1 whole ETH as a reward, so post your address next to ur advice and i will copy it down. i'm a man of my word.

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diversify a bit, get a feel for the market a bit more. Put in time researching, and find a few low mcap coins that have real world use. I'd suggest HST, i'm pretty much all in at it at the mo.

Req will easily 4x this year if not more dyor it solves a huge issue in the market for mass adoption.

def start by selling that link and never ever look back

Put 1/3 to 1/2 in REQ
Thank me later
Exit Link at 50 and Req at 39

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Reqs gonna make it faster.
So funnel your Req into Link and then Link into Eth/BTC
Also, fuck Ripple, XLM for guaranteed

Add some XLM and youre set

I also recommend KMD and ELIX as my secret but I get called a pajeet so whatever

it will more than 4x, it 5x'd in just December. it's on way more peoples' radar now so it could potentially touch $10

Icon or Tron.

ZRX, QSP, RLC, KNC, XLM, KMD, ENG, ICX, LINK, DENT take your pick.

Buy REQ sub $1, buy QSP, keep some Link.

Listen fucking good.

Buy Wanchain on release, go all in. Anything below $3.50 (10x dollar value of ico) is a steal. This has more fomo than ICX. It's XMR, XRP and ETH combined. It's going to be a goliath in crypto.

i already got over 10x gains from REQ, you guys really think it will keep going?

POWR at 10 cents, (selling at 80), REQ at 5 cents (selling at 75) was how i turned $250 into $20,000 fyi. chainlink has barely moved in that timeframe (well, i guess it went 4x from the very bottom) so it seemed like a safe place to put my money while i contemplate my next move.

thanks for the replies so far, addresses have been noted.

Want a honest advice? Sell all your link and buy UFR, it will moon in a few days.

You could unironically be a multimillionaire this year if you do nothing with your port

Buy some PIRL. great community and amazing devs. Thing will 5x by mid 2018

Eth wallet in case anyone makes gains: 0xDd071aE8D28D1E229c99720B2c39aA897fA47FBD

memes aside, diversify with some other quick moon missions, then sell back for more link to increase the stack

keep the fucking link retard you're sitting on a golden egg


Seeing linkies is never not funny to me. Best day of my life missing the ico block by 4.

ICX and VEN. You'll hit your goal in a couple months. Good luck.


>missing the ico block by 4.

OP, trust me, XRP and/or XLM are your best choices right now.

>XRP/Ripple - number 2 coin in the world right now. Has a potential to teach $5 and will be on par with BTC market cap. Even though market cap is a meme, it's somethithing to consider. You can bet your ass Coinbase lads are looking into it and will more than likely be put on Coinbase in the near future. Fuck these SJW pothead libcucks "muh centralized" faggots who actually care about crypto as a technology and not only seeing it as a means to make money.

>XLM/Stellar Lumen - not too versed in this coin, and I personally am 100% into XRP, but this definitely have potential. Something about IBM, idk, all I know is this coin is like XRP's little bro, and there is definitely a connection between the two. XLM is cheaper... so there is something to consider.

I obviously didn't shill you actual statistics or anything, but these are obvious as fuck choices OP. Research them yourself if you want... Ripple is on many headlines, even wall street. Already made double my money in 2-3 days when I bought XRP last week.


> I'm not an expert in the field, but this is based on weeks of research and stalking:

50% XLM - Stellar lumens. It's basically a fork of Ripple. A single transaction on the Stellar network costs 0.00001 XLM, you could process 100,000 transactions for 1 XLM, significantly less than current methods. On the Stellar network transactions are completed in 2-5 seconds, this is even faster than Ripple whose transactions take 5-10 seconds. Great people behind the project.

25% REQ - Request Network is a decentralized network for payment requests. You can read the amazing stuff by yourself, but one of the great things about this company it's the fact that it's backed by Y Combinator.

Other gems for the rest of 25%

POE ( - proof of existence) - great idea, name, marketing. If this gets integrated to wordpress it will be HUGE.

Sumokoin - better Monero fork, I think it's massively undervalued for the moment and can only go up.

Cardano (ADA) - I personally have a decent position in this because it can still do 3x this month

NEO - Chinese Ethereum that will print money (Fuel) just by HODLing it

POWR - great project, currently still at a good price and it has the mayor of Perth behind it.

Quantstamp - if you can buy the dip, very good long term hold with trustworthy team.

Hope you make it, take care with your money and good luck, stranger.

My ETH address is 0x425f473ea45a022b335c97c148367457dd027336


Sorry I meant GAS

Nigga, you just called out my portfolio.

ICX and VEN x1000. Easiest moonshots of your life.

Seriously sign up for kucoin exchange And put half into their token shares. It pays dividends and will easily 5x current price it sounds like I’m shillinng but I’m not just research and use my referral code I don’t even want your eth 1tvcJ

If your looking for some quick bumps DBC should be making a moon mission this month. It's a Chinese AI coin that was released to Kucoin and is expected to get to Huobi soon. Not a bag holder, i got in at a low and am in green right now.
BAT is solid, get the YouTubers to shill it for thier own gains and it should blow up pretty well. Plus being headed by the Mozilla guy it wouldnt be out of the realm of possibility that he can get the browser to be adopted by a decent quantity of people.
Tronix is a given with thier dog game, this is the year of the dog. There is also speculation that they will get a coinbase listing. And ive read somewhere they may fork with the bike company they partnered with.
Wabi seems like a solid project that could help the chinese population. Having already made ties with some baby formula people the and having a working product gives them a very positive outlook. If they get adopted in more fields in more country's that tech could explode.


Hope i could help out, I'm currently in the camp of where you started. Put in about 200 and up like 80$ in a week and a half.

thanks for the replies gentlemen, addresses have been noted. i've began research into ICX, VEN, QSP, POE, and WABI.

i'm hesitant to enter into POWR and REQ after i've gotten such crazy gains from them both already. feels like i'm pushing my luck, you know?

i prefer to get in on projects that are at the ground floor. under $100M marketcap is ideal. XRB is a good example of a moon that just came up out of nowhere, which i unfortunately missed.

nebulas (NAS) and QASH have both been shilled to me by some friends, but they're currently only on a shitty exchange with little volume ( i suppose QASH is also on bitfinex, but i refuse to use that exchange because i believe they're insolvent. anyone got thoughts on these?

did you even research what REQ does? It will literally be 10$ this year minimum

Just hodl

That 30K link will make you a millionaire

Put a portion of your profits into ITC. No regrats

I'd check out ENG, currently mooning so maybe wait but it essentially makes smart contracts private.

Hey OP,


Neblio (NEBL) seems to have a lot of great potential as an enterprise tech and I already made most of my alt coin profit with it so far. They also have a real product actually being worked on.

DENT just released on kucoin 19hourd ago at .02 and on jan 5 will be listed at the Qryptos platform. 1DHFGmsxuoUxBqGA4SS6cPxwX3Hzj9Wy86

Just buy DBC bro and went to lamboland with us (30-40%). GL. kucoin best next year 0xf143a959b7deb7d67fc17a93dbdedbfeb52c3032

>Sumokoin - better Monero fork, I think it's massively undervalued for the moment and can only go up.

I'm a complete retard but for some reason I followed the XRP + XLM advice like a month ago and now I'm 10x on my investment. Should i HODL or is this the peak?

You mean 50 $?


Three dimensional blockchain
Partnership with vector space systems
(the ceo of vector is Jim Cantrell. Co founded space x.)
this is a potential 100x 200x coin.

my eth address


I wish you nothing but the best. This isn't a stupid shill. Im 6 figures deep in nexus. Im gonna put in another 600 ethereum into nexus. Ive never been so sure about something in my whole life. This is like buying ethereum at 3 dollars. I bought ethics's at 16. After this moonshot I'm retiring and getting into real estate. I hope you do too.

Normie appeal is all that matters. Thats why eth took off with the EEA (enterprise ethereum alliance. And its legit technology.

Nexus has legit technology plus mass normie appeal. Theres literally no reason not to invest in this. They already signed contracts to launch their satellites for a decentralized payment system.

Market cap is only 200 million

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