COSS - the next top 10 exchange

Veeky Forums now is the time to get in on COSS. Up 20% today, but plenty of room for bigger gains. The marketcap is only $20 million.

I really think this coin has the biggest potential of any coin right now to 10x+ within the next weeks. A new UI is comming in the next few days and lots of interesting features in the future.

COSS is basicly better than KuCoin regarding the dividend payout. DYOR right here biz.

They have a refferal program aswell, but it is not really that beneficial at the moment. However, their dividend share is where the money lies.

I will however leave my referal link here, if any of you wants to show me a little love on my birthday.

Thank you. I am grateful

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Yeah I'm holding 3-4k Coss feeling comfy about it.

While everything was dipping this stood stable at 20-30c for the past week.

I am confident it will reach 5-10$ eventually

>50k coss here.
Comfiest hold ever and probably best monetary decision i have ever made. Enjoy the ride gents.

I wish people would stop talking about COSS. It's genuinely hard to accumulate with such a thin sell wall 25% up.

im not trying to destroy your dream world but Kucoin is about to royally fuck your shit up

>Kucucks always trying to FUD Coss
Why don't you just hold both

I'm sitting on 10k COSS. There is a lot of potential here. The new UI is hitting next week but they also have a new engine planned for later which I think will be required for it to really moon hard. Currently the site is buggy and slow, and you have to use the site to buy COSS so hopefully that is fixed.

But the coin itself has better dividends than KCS, and is managed by a smart contract, so it can't be arbitrarily changed like kucoin who plans to lower fees in the future. So if COSS can fix their current issues with the site it will definitely moon hard, possible much higher than KCS.

I haven't been able to trade on the platform for two days because I am getting "insufficient balance" when I try. This morning, I could not even log in. This has a long way to go yet.

This is going to explode. Take a picture of this with a Polaroid and save it.

i hold neither because i dont believe in the decentralized ponzi crypto exchanges

god fucking damn it i just made this thread this is looking like my next big buy, looking to put at least 2k into this, whats this price looking like eoy 2019?

the concept its self is promising, where do you see it end of 2018?

Say I was to put 50+eth into this how long would it take for the order to complete?

Confirmed by Rune on Slack:

UI update.
After good discussions with both the dev team and the UI team today and over the past few days we are now confident in stating that we will go live with new UI during next week. Again we are sorry for the delays, but better safe than sorry.

You mean centralized? Just because they have a dividend share program doesn't mean they're decentralized...

good question

Nice one. Website is stuck on registration. Won't go further for me. Already can't handle the interest it is currently getting...

You only have to spend a bit of time on the Slack, or even just reading Rune's updates, and it becomes very clear that they are in this for the long haul. Just take for eg the effort they are going to to comply to all regulations in being approved for fiat trading.

Even if volume doesn't pick up as quickly as us COSS holders would like, the exchange isn't just going to fold. They'll keep pushing out what they've said they will do and success will eventually follow. They haven't even marketed themselves yet, which they have said will come in 2018 after the UI and API are sorted.

I'm so glad I was able to get in early. My 12.5k stack is dwarfed by others here, but I am hopeful it will bring me a nice bonus income in a year or two. I certainly won't be selling the tokens any time soon.

Lololol. 1eth for approx 17 coss coins yeah think I'll pass. Already more expensive than kucoins. Greedy whales.

Website is fucking wank too. Looks very autist..

gracias negroid

Bought a nice stack last week.
It has a slow organic growth and the trading volume is constantly increasing.
Also the 50% dividend rate won't be lowered!
If you missed kucoin (which is a coss rip off btw) you don't want to miss this, get in super early user!

shit fud, 6/900000000

oh i mean yeah man fuck this kucoin shit bruh

>Market Cap 20 Mill
>UI updates and overhaul + fiat gateways coming soon
>every other exchange token (BNB, KCS) has mooned to fuck

Your choice user

i would get in dude but the deposit page doesn't load for me, endless loop

Just buy your coins on shitbtc for now

I’ve got coss but the website eats shit as soon as it gets any interest, exchanges live and die by their scalability not sure how they manage to fuck it up so badly.

I really want to like COSS, but their website is fucking awful. Their graph even says "undefined" when you hover over the points

1eth will get you about 3000 Coss. And have you been paying attention? The look of the website means nothing at this point, it will be update literally next week

coss costs 30 cents retard

why are you answering obvious bait

better tell me why the fuck the account/deposit page isn't loading for me

we managed to "crash" it lol

Are you retarded? COSS is currently 25x cheaper than KCS. Look at the market cap, 500m+ vs 20m. COSS has less supply. If COSS got the kucoin's level it would have to cost 25x the current price.

it's done it ever since I first looked at COSS about 5 days ago

Why is it taking so long for my order to fill?

holy fuck, why did i shill this before I even bought in myself

singapore based fiat exchange makes my dick hard desu

Kucoin is King. Use this code to get free nothingness :^) 1srdv

Can anyone else not buy coss right now? Keep getting "Oops insufficient balance" every time. Have tried market and limit. I like COSS but this is bullshit

how can you even acces your account dude?
it loads infinitely for me

You're welcome. Price is a massive guess, because it depends on the success of the exchange which could go anywhere, really. I think that a conservative estimate would be 100mil exchange volume by 2019. If cryptos keep growing this would be tiny compared to other exchanges.

Now, the token is tied to volume but some level of increase is already priced in, as at the moment the token gives only about 3-5% yearly interest return. I think long-term it will end up valued such that it returns around 10%.

So if volume goes up 100x, the token might end up going up about 30-50x. So 100mil volume, token worth $10-$15. If the exchange really takes off, though, and has billions in volume... Well there's hardly an upper limit to possible price, as COSS has a way higher inherent value than, say, BNB with its guaranteed dividends. Even bigger potential than KCS, because KuCoin can just reduce dividends if they want to once the exchange 'makes it'.

It loads ok and i can transfer ok, never had any issues until this evening. Dont know whats up

works better for me now aswell

More traffic starting to hit COSS. Hopefully their servers keep up so COSS can moon.