Prove me wrong

Prove me wrong
you can't

That's just a sementic issue, yes taxation is theft but it doesn't make it bad.

> Theft
Removes monitary value from you for no gain.
> Taxation
Exchanges monitary value from you for infrastructure (roads, police, military, etc)

Now fuck off with your anarchy ass

Condition of roads are shit.
Education is shit.
Basically everything is shit.

This has been the worst trade and it's people like you that believe it's not.


i cannot

fuck the (((tax collection agency)))

>Exchanges monitary value from you for infrastructure
the exchange was involuntary and backed up with threat of violence. it's theft.

>muh infrastructure

the warcry of the common taxcuck

how could you be low iq enough to say something like this? how could you possibly know what standard is reasonable to expect for roads, education and other public services relative to the amount of money allocated to it? how can people this ignorant give their opinions so confidently? it's just mindblowing to me

it literally doesn't matter to normal people though. they realize that the services provided through taxation are not only entirely necessary, but also entirely impossible WITHOUT taxation. no one gives a shit if some neckbeartarian consents to it or not, normal people are just trying to keep society running while you're larping online

You rely on the things the taxes pay for to live. You clearly have the selfish mindset of a nignog and should go to live in Somalia with the rest of your kind.

Fuck off to an island somewhere and make your own society without taxes then .

Oh wait, you're just a free loading cuck that enjoys roads and police but doesn't want to contribute towards them.

No one would give 2 shits if you just fuck off and live in the wilderness.

You won't though because you're a pussy and you don't want to give up modern comforts that exist thanks to taxes.

He'd rather have to pay each time he uses a road, which will be of the absolute lowest quality that the market will bear

Move to the Bahamas then, idiots.

It's moral absolutism - stealing is stealing is stealing and it doesn't matter how little the personal cost is to you or how great the benefit is to society at large. It's myopic as fuck.

You have been under the protection of the social contract for three months before you were born. It's automatic opt-in because you lacked the capacity at the time to decide whether the protection of society in exchange for taxes in 18.25 years was a good deal.

If you don't like the social contract, leave it, there are plenty of options to do so. Unless you're poor, in which case you benefit from taxation.

>modern comforts that exist thanks to taxes.
the mind of a cuck, fascinating

thats why XMR exist my friend

who is building the road before anyone can use it, and with what money

who is paying for people with legitimate disabilities

who is paying for the police, ambulances, fire fighters, etc


Technically, aren't you the bigger cuck? You're the one who doesn't want to be taxed but still are. No one else even minds it. Generally, the cuck is humiliated and feels powerless to stop what is happening to him

you fucking retards my country taxes me at about 70% or more if you count everything (income tax, VAT, social security, etc. etc.).
Then you get taxed on capital gains and if you draw a pension you pay taxes on that too. Mean while the roads are falling apart, the schools have no money, the social system is falling apart and the government is importing millions of shitskins to give them free handouts.
And worst of all you pay more taxes the more you earn. So youre literally disincentivized to make any money in this shithole. Tax rate is literally second highest in the EU, government is raking in record amounts of taxes and meanwhile the average wealth per household is lower than in some developing shithoules.

Now I would happily pay a flat tax of a reasonable amount that doesnt just get wasted on shitksins and paying off interest on sovereign debt. But whats happening right now is theft of the highest order. So KYS and dont give me that shit off "muh infrastructure, muh fair share"

Shout out to all brainlet who think tax is for the good off the many lel dont forget to give your privacy away too

who is paying so muslims can keep breeding?

That's why you make powerful friends at the IRS and they turn a blind eye when you cash out.


>Exchanges monitary value from you for infrastructure (roads, police, military, etc)
I would honestly have no problem with taxes is that's only what they were actually used for.

and? have you discovered anything new? maybe you know how to fix it?

Sounds to me like you have good reason to gripe. Americans, on the other hand, not so much

you have to pay for black people and aids cuz you are a racist white male. dem reparations.

the thief spends the money he robbed on things that dont affect you. Taxes are spent on things that do, like the military protecting your ass from full on invasion. There, big difference.

>Now I would happily pay a flat tax of a reasonable amount that doesnt just get wasted on shitksins and paying off interest on sovereign debt. But whats happening right now is theft of the highest order. So KYS and dont give me that shit off "muh infrastructure, muh fair share"

this is a completely fair point, but you can't use "taxation = theft" as a principle here, because it'd apply just as much to a reasonable tax rate. it's not a matter of principle, it's a matter of pragmatism.

(((the jews))) xD

Well without government Muslims would turn Europe into goat breeding land at this point, so there's that.

You choose to live in a nation where taxation is the law. You are independent and not underage, no one is stopping you from leaving. If you truly believe you are being robbed then you should go off the grid and start an anarchy community (or live on your own). As an abled body man, you should not use what our taxes has to offer without putting in work.
It’s your consent of staying that makes it not robbery. Not paying taxes and using our resources is you theiving the people.

what if the thief pays his taxes with the money he stole from you

Taxation is slavery

nobody actually collects tax... they just depend on you to voluntarily pay it.

>this is a completely fair point, but you can't use "taxation = theft" as a principle here, because it'd apply just as much to a reasonable tax rate. it's not a matter of principle, it's a matter of pragmatism.

no it would still be theft but I could live with it
in an ideal world the state wouldnt have to collect any taxes at all. it could finance itself by exploting natural resources, running postal and train services and providing basic utilities and infrastructure to its citizens. there is no need to tax anyone at all. most of the amount of taxes is wasted on bullshit, mismanagement, government corruption and sucked up by cronies who have the politicans in their pocket.

taxation is theft and destroys wealth. but I would be ok with a tolerable amount (say 10-15%) if it means I can live in a stable and healthy society. thats only out of pragmatism and for a lack of options really, not because I agree that taxation isnt theft.

>just leave your friends, family, culture and your roots all behind to get exploited by some other country. its no big deal.

you taxcucks make me sick. you are nasty, awful people and if you ever became productive members of society who actually make money you would start hating taxes too.

What makes it bad is that taxes barely benefit the tax payer anymore. It is theft when you're being forced to pay for something abused by a fully corrupted system.

If my taxes went to:
>Anti-litter/graffiti/Community Beautification
>Legitimate anti-drug trafficking etc.

Instead of
>Corrupt politicians that sell out Americans for a living
>Needless wars that benefit solely the military industrial complex and endanger the national security of the nation
>Welfare designed to keep people on welfare instead of helping them achieve a stable job
>Indoctrination of the masses and the like

Then I'd be glad to pay my taxes. Hell, I'd be honored. But the U.S. would have to look more like Japan and less like a 3rd world shit hole for that to happen.

the US has arguably the shittiest infrastructure of any 1st world country.
them taxes ain't helping much apparently

If I break into your house and steal 1000 dollars, but leave a shitty 10 year old phone on your desk as compensation, I didn't steal?

If I put a gun to your head, grab 50 bucks off your wallet but give you 3.5 back you got something out of it so it's not theft and you should be thankful. Gotcha

Compelling argument, I agree with you.

Yes, choices have consequences. It’s up to you to live in the state. And as I said, LIVE OFF THE GRID. It’s no coincidence you have to live like a caveman to not get taxed. Also “cuck” is not an argument.

>United States founded because some rogue alphas dont want to pay taxes
>their numale cuck descendants defend taxation because "muh infrastructure"

If youre american and argue in favor of taxes you might as well kill yourself right now. your forefathers are looking down on you in shame

not even suckin anons dick here, but can anyone argue against this here? I have nothing to counter it with. My normie ass always goes to "well, I'm pathetic for not wanting to pay tax cuz roads cuz cops cuz stuff"

>lol just give up on your career and live in a cave or leave the country

you are really despicable user
do you blame women for getting raped because they were born in the wrong country as well?

>what our taxes has to offer without putting in work.

Please tell me what it's like to live in a major city. You idiots have no idea how little tax money is going where it is needed. I live in fucking Philadelphia. I went to private school, because the state of our public education system is so fucking horrible. Our streets are filled with potholes, our public transport is outdated, literally everything in this city that taxes SHOULD be paying for, are not. I repeat, if my taxes were going to a good cause, I'd be honored, HONORED, to pay them. You're either blind and stupid, and deserve to be robbed blind and stupid if you can't see the current state of taxation in this country for what it is. I never voted for trillions of dollars in war. I never agreed to pay hundreds of thousands over the years for social security in a system that is no longer sustainable. Taxation without representation IS theft, and that's WHY this country was fucking founded in the first place. The allocation of taxes no longer represent the interests of 90% of Americans if you care about
>Community (low crime, good policing, fewer need for mass incarceration)
>ACTUAL peace keeping (not fucking war in the name of peace)
>Socioeconomic improvement (Welfare is designed to keep people on welfare, not out of it)
>Social security that is sustainable and reasonable

Tell me one goddamn thing my money has done for the people. Me, or my neighbors. Tell me one fucking thing user, I dare you.


Government is necessary for certain things... gov is not necessary for roads. Private sector does everything better than gov. Show me one example contrary and I'll suck your dads dick

As I said, actions have consequences. Your ad hominems are not an argument. And no, that’s different.

Why should i pay much more than the common person? Why isnt it flat? Do i have special rights on these infrastructures over other retards that pay 1/1000 of what i pay because they are too braindamaged to know how to make and manage money?

Im not even making money off the community, im sure at least 90% of my money comes abroad, so why should i HAVE to contribute in a much deeper level than the average joe? Why do i HAVE to give away my money regardless if i agreeor not with how the spend it? You fucktards really think the majority of the money goes to building roads and shit? Most of it is lobbied and goes to invest in shit that I DO NOT AGREE WITH like refugee cities and just straight up handouts to fucking faggots what wanna sit on their ass and smoke/drink all day.

Fuck off cunt, taxation is mostly theft

Go to switzerland... I'm here right now on vacation (I'm half Swiss). I don't like how we get taxes, but I can promise you all ifrastructure is better.

You're argument is shit. And I wonder how you can respond so confidently about something you clearly can't know (ie who on this board knows what good infrastructure looks like)

Useless eater, you are

unironically becoming more and more of an anarchist as time goes on and read threads like this.

Name one thing gov provides, that private sector does not have an equivalent for. Police and courts are the only things I can think of

Have you ever been on a toll road? They're always nicer. Do you really believe the opposite?

You have strafed away from the original topic which was “Taxation is theft” in which I argued it is not. You said “Taxation without representation is theft” which is very different. You just wrote a wall of trying to win an argument that was never made. Congrats

nope, since there was no contract formed for an exchange.

You decide to pay taxes when you decide to become a citizen of a country, so if you don't want to pay any taxes -> leave the country. You always can renounce your citizenship.

Simple as that.

In that case, it's really easy then. If something is taken from you without your consent, that's theft. Thanks, come again.

Then move.
Go to a place without tax and see how that country is functioning.

This, taxfags, is the logical conclusion of your cuckery. People who seek power aren't looking out for you, this is a simple fact of history. Stop thinking the government wants to help you (they're good at bombing children and fucking over other countries). You think they give a damn about your fat ass?

None of us in america decided to be BORN in the fucking first place. So just because we were born here = taxes are peachy, stop acting like it's ok to not pay tax? What a weak ass argument. You were born on land that irrationally taxes you, so fucking pay tax or leave.

Some times it is bad. I just won a phone in a giveaway. Sounds good but I'm going to have to pay taxes on the phone to where it is only worth two thirds of the phone. So I have to sell it if I don't want to lose money. The government takes a cut of everything. It has gotten to a point where prizes have become burdens. Won a company vacation in a random drawing? You have to pay taxes on it even if you never end up going on the trip. You just lost money.


the government doesnt like the mafia because its their competition.
Better way to state this argument whats the difference between the mafia and the government

>using a retarded Veeky Forums meme in an actual argument.

Is that a self portrait?

You are assuming that most everyone on Veeky Forums is American but at least half are not

Yes and you where probably born in a hospital payed by taxes, used a roads to travel to the school who where payed by taxes etc.

And again you can leave the country on your own discretion every time and stop paying taxes. Its like someone puts a gun to your head and forces you to live in this country you hate so much.

But if you do not pay it they will send armed police to your door to arrest you in your own house

how come every single person arguing to leave a country if you don't like it's tax, sounds just like cucks? every single time. WELL IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT I LET MY GIRLFRIEND FUCK OTHER PEOPLE YOU CAN LEAVE RIGHT NOW BUDDY LOLOL

>actions have consequences

you mean like being born in the wrong country?
just eat a dick you cunt

You fucking retard.

I love this country. I'm not fucking leaving. You're literally that character from south park "well you can git out" only then regressive left version.

This is discourse you dumb fuck. Telling someone to leave, is the societal version of saying "shut up". You should feel ashamed of your week ass


Taxation is legal therefore not theft. If you don’t want to get taxed, leave. Thanks, come again.

Cops don’t collect taxes dumb fuck

When the fuck did all these cucks come to this board? I thought crypto was about fighting subjugation. This is sickening.

I bet every taxfag in here only showed up a couple of months ago


I'm literally disgusted by the state of this board. I smell the stench of Reddit refugees

>Google flat rate countries.
>Look at results.
>It's all mudslime and bongo bonga countries

>makes you think.jpg

Maybe you should consider moving.

it is absolutely revolting, these redditfags all need to die in their sleep

>its almost as if the jews only suck dry countries that are worth exploiting

really makes you think user

I thought he was posting about America

You don’t get taxed when you are born. Now that you are 18+ , you can leave. You could of gone your whole life without getting taxed. But if you believe you shouldn’t be taxed, and still want to use our resources, then you should be confined like that barbaric animal you are. You have options. Just because it isn’t pretty doesn’t mean it’s my fault. Go and start your anarchal settlement. Pioneering isn’t supposed to be easy. That’s why none of you anarchist cunts have made anything of yourselves. Only in the state. Thank goodness for our early statist pioneers who had the balls to take action, unlike you. Keep bitching

Buddy, I've been here before Veeky Forums was even created.

>crypto was about fighting subjugation.
That's a cute short term thought you have there, edgy teenage antifa.

>be Murica
>start a war over 3% tea taxes
>39% tax and fees on everything nowadays is totally acceptable

>It's the JEWS

Yeah probably that. Even though some of those countries have been given aid and some not even touched by first world diplomats.

I've responded to almost all of their moronic posts. Not one of them can do the same for me.

These are people who operate on "how it makes me feeeel". No thought past what has been shoved down their throats by their Keynesian Econ 101 professor.


You are the instruments of your own demise. You are happily walking off a cliff while sucking the cock of the men marching you towards said cliff.

There are those who subjugate, and there are those who are willingly subjugated; they are equally detestable.

>You don’t get taxed when you are born

you dumb nigger my first very purchase I made in life was taxed with 16% VAT. My mom had to wipe my ass the day I was born and she paid VAT on that napkin too.

>You have options

Yes I can leave everything I have behind, my friends, family, culture. Wow what great options. Its like I put you in a cell and you can always commit suicide, so youre not really my prisoner. What are you complaining about. YOU GOT OPTIONS AFTER ALL. Thats a sick, demented and cynical way to look at things you sad fuck.

>muh anarchims

dont lump me in with those faggots you moron. Im a NatSoc by blood and as such Im against taxation of all forms. Now before you go on about "lol muh fascism was taxing people too" I suggest you edumucate yourself by reading pic related. Now go KYS or fuck off back to plebbit you utter fag.

Im never going to pay 34% taxes FROM A FUCKING CRYPTO
kys all of you who are going to pay

Are you incapable of reading subtext? I'm clearly a conservative.


If the shoe fits, faggot

You need to get the Freemasons to join in

America is FUCKED by default. Old america has been dead for decades now. Too much diversity and schizophrenic ideologies to sustain itself without civil war sooner or later on a bigger scale (already has happened with chimpouts and antifa breakdowns alone). Not only that, but the fact alone you have SO many people that hate the fucking government with a passion (ever heard of Timothy Mcveigh? will happen again), you may as well think beyond this tax argument already. There are a lot of unhappy people here that have been here all their lives that would lynch your ass for being a cockrider for the gov. You think we're dumb for bitching about tax when MOST OF THE FUCKING COUNTRY hates the government!? Tax is ONE issue. Stop pretending America isn't about to implode any day now.

>Yes I can leave everything I have behind, my friends, family, culture.
That culture is build upon this taxation.
Your prison analogy doesn't work because one choice has the freedom to leave the other doesn't. It's pretty stupid analogy please don't ever try using analogies as examples because you're not good with them.

>200k a year for every president still alive is roads police and miltary

Jesus, the failing state of our education.

This country was literally won on the pretext of resisting taxation. This culture literally wouldn't exist if people like Ben Franklin and Washington agreed with your moronicly misguided ideas

You think that theft can't be legal. How naive.

this is the same argument I make every single time this conversation comes up. I'll happily pay my taxes if they go to the right places

>culture only exists because of the gobernment

Yes Da Vinci only painted the Mona Lisa because he was funded by tax money.
Not only are you dumb as shit, youre also a terrible human being and conveniently ignore all arguments you cant counter by repeating the same tired old nonsense over and over.

These idiots can't understand morality beyond what government tells them.

I'd guess they don't have fathers, and as such, the state is the closest thing they can get to one.

Out of topic again. I am for the concept of taxation. That doesn’t mean I am blindly patriotic and think everthing is okay. You do not know my opinion of the government or America. You can only assume, which you have been doing. And you are wrong on all fronts.

I've asked this NUMEROUS times in this thread.

>can any of you cucks point to something government does better than the private sector????

OP is a faggot a probably a 20 years old who doesn't know how society works