Mfw i got shilled into buying payfair

>mfw i got shilled into buying payfair

fomo'd in at an ath again. paid $.12 and now its $.065

ill let you guys know before i sell, so you can prepare for the moon mission.

You did good, it will be $1 next month. Low cap coins have like 50% volatility.

Feel like this coin has no choice but to get to 50mil market cap. Currently at 5mil. Stay calm

Just hold brother. Pick up some cheap coin right now and lower your average entry point cost.

This is one of the comfiest holds for Q1.
Big news coming soon.

thanks, the project looks like a homerun, but my palms have been getting sweaty looking at how cheap it is at the moment.

gona pick up a little more. hopefully doesn't plummet immediately after.

Cool. I had a feeling we could hit $1 by eoy, but now I think it could do even better!

Payfair to the moon!!

Let's discuss Payfair for a moment and we'll see why it's cheap (currently.)

PFR has 100,000,000 coins (slightly less but close enough)

It has a working demo website and a good whitepaper.

You can run an escrow node for only $300 worth of tokens.

ICO was tiny, they didn't ask to get rich from it, they just actually wanted funding for the project (which they got).

The tokens that were assigned to the devs during the ICO are locked for 1 year (meaning they can't sell it, they can't transfer them, etc)

So all of these things make it look good right?

So why is it cheap?

1.) Small, under the radar ICO
2.) Similar to #1, no marketing budget at all (due to tokens being locked)
2.) Project's team isn't all that breathtaking (no ex CEOs or anything like that.)
3.) (this is the big one) It is ONLY listed on EtherDelta. ED recently got hacked and has a horrendous UI that makes you pay an blockchain transaction to place or remove a buy/sell order. 95% of traders avoid this place like the plague. It's already in the top 15 (voting) to be on NextExchange. (vote here, it's free: )

One last reason, the devs have been on Holiday until the 5th. News will start coming out after that time.

There's only 100,000,000 coins. Even if you're just a day trading type this is one rumor away from tripling your profits.

feels fucking amazing to be in early for once

super comfy

I already knew this but it feels so good to read this.

Literally it's just a countdown for a new exchange and we'll be closing in on $.20

Btw if you want another awesome pick on etherdelta RIGHT NOW.


I'm shilling this because people are being really dumb. It has gone up 4300% in the last week. Today its positive, yesterday it was positive and it only has a 1mill mcap.

Couldn't agree more.

Don't have weak hands bro. Jan 5 has big news and it is like

Wish you woulda told me about this 5 days ago.

fuck, shoulda hooked us up. not after it's mooned.

gona wait and watch for the correction.

fuck. I keep missing these gems

stop getting pajeeted for fuck sake

any chance I'll have a good time with ~900 of these potato coins? it's my first risky holding, expecting to get justed

yes the project as a whole is solid! Look how fast we assembled! I believe this will be one of THE moonshots of 2018.

PayFair Bratva!

I already got justed, nothing to do but hold now.

just hold brother.
we might be down for the moment, but this coin is $1 bound

Where can I buy this? I pretty much only use Binance, is it going to be listed soon?

Is 1USD where you think you'll get off? What's the moon look like for PFR? I'm comfy with it for the next month, but not sure how longterm I should play

Watch some videos and try it out first with a small amount of eth.
Noobs lose their shit here pretty easily.

well, ill be holding until we see how they pay out.
maybe it'll be worth it, but im holding for 1 year for tax reasons.

Gotcha. That's if you have enough tokens for running a trust node tho, right?

Interesting either way.

holding 3k PFR feeling comfy

not a millionaire amount but if this shit goes to a 100 millionmarket cap its a homerun for me

I got 1800 fro .04. might add more if i can get some spare cash.

around 10k seems like a sweetspot

Sweet spot for what

For scooping up my shitcoin bags. Keep buying.

not sure i want to risk so much on some odd russians. im working with a small total networth. although ive been too conservative lately. if xlm goes well i might take over some profits and go big risky on a coin. fortune favors the bold.

I like round numbers and $1 a piece doesnt seem far out of reach at all considering its marketcap

I'm trying to get more, but KUNTCOIN won't let me sell... :/