Round 2



I am getting rich? AGAIN?


please stop i'm all in on alts

Holy shit. BTC is about to EXPLODE. ETH moon might be premature! MOVE TO BTC NOW.

Did you buy in at 15k?

ETH is the savior of alts you mongoloid, I'm back above where I was before the BTC pump this morning.

ETH gonna be at 1500 by march, screencap this

ripple a shit

ETH alts dip when ETH moons. Like if you were a smarty pants, yesterday you couldve went all ETH during it's rise and sold at the peak and then transfer to USDT to store your gains while ETH went back down. Than you transfer USDT to ETH after it fell and back into your alts which are bleeding. You preserve the wealth from the ETH increase and get to alts cheap.

yeah until you mess up the timing once then you are hosed. day trading is suicidal.

If you don't stack your buys and sells and you're using your entire portfolio, sure.

Jesus Christ the candle chart on Binance is ugly as fuck. Is there like a third party client or something?

well I'm a burger with a large portfolio so the tax impacts also make it suicidal

We beginning to moon. Tried warning you!

Coinigy, but the API doesn't allow purchasing and selling. I use Binance for the order book and to trade one one screen and coinigy graphs on the other. Tradingview also updated their crypto to include binance recently, and their ui is nice.

Okay, this looks nice. Thanks.

No problem. There also a lot of forex traders on that site that offer free evaluation for cryptos from short and long holds. I use them for long holds like Strat and OMG (10x in the next couple of weeks).

Oh so this is a paid service? It says "30-day free trial", bummer.

You have to pay taxes on it regardless dumbshit.
Almost no one here is going to qualify for the long term capital gains tax unless you literally buy from coinbase and hold it there for a year. And no it doesn't start in 2018, like kind was never allowed.

There aren't a lot of free ones that are good outside of exchanges.

yeah but I'd rather make 300 trades a year not 3000, and I structure all my trades to minimize tax exposure too.

any idea if binance would hand over shit to the IRS?

It's in chinkland. They aren't turning over shit.

However, good luck transfering it GDAX and then magically 100k comes into your bank account and the IRS wants to know how.

We going again? Let's go again!

true. ill figure it out when that time comes